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Duth, May 8, 2014 17:42

Hooray for sponges. Would you be able to change sponges so they would have a use--maybe as a potion ingredient? Making a potion of absorption or a potion of resistance... or a potion of nausea, I dunno.Arrow Reply

MintMan, May 8, 2014 20:40

Hmm, that is actually a good use for them. (Although as rare as they are, maybe not the best of ideas?)

Unfortunately, recipes -- while they can work on the server only -- don't actually tell the client what was just made. That's how it works for crafting tables, at least: it says nothing, but if you click the blank spot, you get A Something. Maybe potions would be different? I never tried, actually.Arrow Reply

boyachi, Sep 10, 2014 19:48

Hey, it's Candy Man! Spongebob never stood a chance.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Sep 11, 2014 18:50

Hey, it's boyachi! Apparently, he still comes around here, apparently.

Yes, both those apparentlies were necessary.Arrow Reply

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