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A lot of work goes into making Reality's End, and not all of it is my own. To show my appreciation for all the sites that help make The End and its games work, here are a few links back to them. I've also thrown in some other odds and ends to sites I have or have had something to do with.
Vaporeon Babble - Without contest, the absolute greatest comedic fanatic fiction of Pokémon ever! Written in a forum as an interactive story, it became quite a popular work for its sheer satire and lack of sense.
Favoured Sites:
The Greatest Comic - I was told to put up this link under the threat of a beating. Seriously, tho', this site has a hilarious comic that, unlike others on-line, is completely hand drawn -- no stock pictures! Some of my characters a featured in here, and I helped to make the cross-over comics. I must warn that due to this site's content, it is recommended for older visitors.
Lair of the Mad Goblin - This site has all sorts of stuff on it, also including a comic called Not Quite Heroes. The webmaster makes creatures for Battling Dragons and is also a high-ranking gym leader in the R.E. League, so I guess I have to give him props.
Mythology and Folklore Links:
Encyclopædia Mythica - Possibly the largest collection of the greatest variety of mythology on-line. You can find almost any fantastic monster, diety, or hero using their searchable database.
Medieval Bestiary - A great on-line bestiary more for animals than monsters, but great nonetheless.
Pokémon Links:
Necrosaro's Pokémon Page - As one of the first research sites around, Necrosaro is one of the first and foremost of data-ripping. With his data, the intricacies of the R.E. League were made possible.
Pokémon Australia - Every other forum now sucks, but this one is new, so it has not been ruined yet.
Metalloid Research - When R.E. League: Gemini was coming out, most of the other G/S research sites had been long dead. Luckily, JMan had done well in storing mass amounts of information for the Gold and Silver editions in a easily accessible fashion.
Marble Palace - One of the most recent Pokémon research sites and currently the best. Their community doesn't spawn incompetence, either, which is always a plus.
Azure Heights - This is one of the first Pokémon research sites ever. It covers the Red/Blue/Yellow games quite intensely. While the research in its field is unmatched, the forum has since fallen from grace and no updates have been made for quite some time.
Music Links:
VG Music - This is the site to get video game music from. It spans all systems, from the Nintendo Entertainment System to Playstation 2. Several varients of the same songs are stored, too, so you are bound to find one you like.
MIDI Database - Although it has MIDIs from several musical genres, I used this site to get most of my classic rock MIDIs.
Hosting Links:
Your-Site - This is where Reality's End is currently hosted. They have a pretty good plan at five dollars a month. I highly recommend them, especially since they've been around for a while, thus lessening their chance of the normal internet-business failure. If you sign-up, tell them that I sent ya.
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