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RSSThe Dream Land Java Project is my fan-game venture into the world of Nintendo's oft-neglected creampuff, Kirby, and all of his round, detailless friends!

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GooeyDream Land Java Dev Log (Jan 15, 2011 24:20)
Linux Sound (ALSA) and Java:      If you look around this great big Internets of ours, you can find endless stories of people complaining about the ill-suited combination of Java, Linux, and sound. I originally set out to fix just my applets, but I think I came up with a way to get ALSA to play nice with all Java I run -- and you can, too~!
     I have done (or had done by others) testing on a plethora of platforms: Windows, Debian, Red ...

Games List

Tuesday Knight Titans
Status: New Release

It is Armor vs Arm Drags when the puroresu pair of Bogg and Fightning Bug take on a slew of mostly new Meta-Knights. Play Now!

Save The Day
Status: Stable

Months of development have lead to this, and it really isn't much. What was meant as a demonstration of Kirbj possessing more than just miniboss battles just ended up as this. Play Now!

Gooey Against Moogong (Codename: Goo X Moo)
Status: Stable

Help Kirby's best friend made of dark matter battle the new evil mini-boss Moogong and... well, that's all! What else were you expecting from the first Kirbj release? Play Now!

Useful Stuff

  • Kirbj Development Log - Find out what's going on, what's going to go on, and what has already gotten on!
  • Java - If you don't have it, you should have it. Or maybe you should just have it updated.
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