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Vaporeon Babble II: The Fight For The Mist Stone

A Story Written on the Internet in the Azure Heights Forum by VotM, Jackdaw, KeroKato, et alias

It was five months after the "M&M Buzz Battle" incident. The Vaporeon of the Mist had finally finished her five week search for the seven Dragon Balls and had wished back all the Pokémon and people who had died. After that, all she wanted to do was snooze in the sun on Seafoam Island #1, but that was not to be. One day, Her friend and protector, Punishment, the Gyarados, swam up to the beach and bellowed,"Veeee! Git over here now!"
"I wish ya wouldn't call me that, Punishment," said the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Well I'm sick of saying your whole name! It wastes time!" screamed Punishment.
"So what do you want?" asked the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Your little cousin Sunny got kidnapped by Team Rocket and they are demanding the Mist Stone in return for her!" said Punishment without taking a breath.
"That stupid Eevee! You better send your colony of Gyarados to go save her" said Vaporeon of the Mist.
"I'll see what I can do!" said Punishment. Then he turned and swam off at full speed.
"Team Rocket are fools if they think they can contain the power of the Mist Stone for their own means," mumbled the Vaporeon of the Mist as she turned to her home in the dunes.....

In the Viridian City Gym/Team Rocket Headquarters, Giovanni was sitting on his "throne" petting his Persian. In front of him was a small cage.
"Veeee," said the Eevee in the cage.
"With the Mist Stone, I can evolve all of the lab rejects into even more powerful and rare Pokémon," said Giovanni with an evil grin.
"Vee," said the Eevee sadly.
"Maybe even stronger than Mewtwo..." chuckled Giovanni.
"Eeeev!?" cried the Eevee.
"Quiet, you fur ball!" growled Giovanni. Then he suddenly smiled at the Eevee. "Unlike the Mist Stone, the other element stones can only be used once, but the Mist Stone can be used over and over!" He pointed at the Eevee and said, "I'll test it on you first and see what we get!"
"Eeee!" cried the Eevee. Giovanni's laughter echoed in to the night....

Punishment plowed through the waves, followed by his strongest warriors: Rage, Storm, Wild Doom, Hyper-Hell, Blue Steel, a Gyarados with no name and Sea-Storm.
"I canít believe your going to bust up T.R. just to get that hyper little pest, Sunny!" said Rage.
"I would never do something so stupid!" howled Punishment. "I'm only doing this so Vee won't have to give the Mist Stone to Giovanni!"
"Yeah, remember the time Sunny got in to your X-speed emergency stash?" said Wild Doom. "Ya never seen an Eevee talk that long without taking a breath! And the time she got in to the Carbos? Hooo man! That was nuts!"
"Don't... re... mind... meeeeee!" boomed Punishment.
"I can see the shores of Pallet Town," reported Storm.
"Good. First we go across the land till we reach the Viridian Gym, then bust up the place!" cried Punishment with a big grin. They leaped out of the water, over the beach, and into the streets of Pallet Town....

"Giovanni is coming to inspect the newest Pokémon!" cried a scientist, putting down the phone he'd just been talking into.
"What?! He was just here last month!" gasped Dr. Fuji.
"He wants us to get as many Pokémon as we can ready for that Mist Stone he claims to have," said one of the men at the computers.
"Yes, with the Mist Stone we can evolve this super Pokémon we've created into even stronger Pokémon!" Dr. Fuji said as he walked over to the cages that held the Pokémon they had created: a Raticlaw, a gray Raticate with huge claws like a Sandslash, a Pikabud, Pikaflare, a Pikablu, a Charcolt, a twisted mixture of a Rapidash and Charizard, and too many others to name....

It was a warm sunny day in Viridian City. A helicopter rose from the roof of the Viridian Gym and headed to the sea. Two hours later...
"Hhhwwwwwaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" bellowed Punishment as he and his army of Gyarados raced through the streets of Viridian.
"Aiiiiieeeeee!" cried a lady who was walking her Nidorina.
"Save me grandpa!" cried a little boy who now needed some dry underwear.
"Whom do these Gyarados belong to?!" cried Officer Jenny.
"No one!!!" cried Rage, but to all the humans it came out as "Rrraaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaraaaaaagh!!!"
"Run away!!" screamed a Bug Catcher. Soon the Gyarados reached the Viridian Gym. Punishment carefully pulled the roof off with his mouth and tossed it all the way to Pewter City.
"There's Sunny!" said Rage. He picked up the cage with his mouth and held it in his teeth.
"Where's Giovanni? I want to show him what ya get when you try to black mail Punishment!"
"I think he bailed when he heard we were coming" said Sea-Storm as he crushed T.R. members under his tail.
"Well then, let's just get this little pest back to her cousin where she belongs!" said Punishment turning to the direction of the sea....

The Vaporeon of the Mist was sleeping on the beach of Seafoam Island #1 (as usual) when she awoke to a high pitched voice crying.
"Veeee Veeeee! I missed you!"
"Sunny! Youíve been saved!" said the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Uncle Punishment saved me from the shadow man! (Giovanni)" cried Sunny the Eevee.
"Don't call me 'Uncle!!!!'" raged Punishment as he slithered up the beach after Sunny.
"I'm sooo happy to have you back! I hope this will teach you not to go off with T.R. members just because they have rare candy," said the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Maybe" said Sunny with an evil smile. Punishment and Vaporeon of the Mist glared at her. "I'm joking!" cried Sunny.
"Did they do anything to you? Did you find out why Giovanni wants the Mist Stone?" Punishment asked Sunny.
"He said he was going to evolve lots of Pokémon I've never heard of, but first he said he was going to test it on me!" said Sunny.
"What new Pokémon?" asked Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Uhhhh.... Raticlaw... hmmm... a Char-something, and... a... lot of Pikachus?" Punishments eyes went wide open.
"He's trying to create... The False PokéGods! Just like that Mewtwo! He's cloning strong, strange Pokémon and wants to make them evolve into PokéGods with the Mist Stone!" gasped Punishment.
"Eeee! Mewtwo!" Sunny screeched and ran into Punishment's coils.
"Get out of there or I'll pop you like an over cooked hot dog!" yelled a very, very angry Punishment. While he howled at the crying Eevee, the Vaporeon of the Mist turned away and said to herself,"Giovanni really is a fool..."

"How could this happen!" cried Giovanni into the helicopter intercom. He had just found out that a herd of wild Gyarados had ripped the roof of his gym off, and it had been found on top of the Pewter City gym. Plus, the Eevee he had been holding hostage for the Mist Stone was gone. He knew it belonged to a trainer who knew where the Mist Stone was hidden. He had sent his spies to grab this Eevee and bring it back to him. "Those Gyarados must have eaten that Eevee," moaned Giovanni. "With out it I'll never get the Mist Stone."
"But sir," said the T.R. member on the other side of the intercom, "these Gyarados acted as if they had been trained by someone to do this! They didn't destroy anything in the whole town but that roof, and then they just left without any reason!"
"Of course!" laughed Giovanni. "The trainer with the Mist Stone must have sent those Gyarados to fetch the Eevee! This is a master trainer weíre dealing with, but I'll get that Stone, no matter what...."

It was a foggy day at sea. The waves were choppy but not too rough. The Vaporeon of the Mist swam through the waves like they were nothing. She was swimming to the only place on earth no human had ever set foot on or seen, the Lone Lapras Island. This island was more like a cliff jutting out of the sea than an island. There was no beach, only tall steep stone walls. This cliff was very wide, and the top of it was wild jungle that covered the whole cliff except the edge. On the island lived a great number of Lapras, the only free Lapras left in the world. There were at least 200 but that was a small number compared to the number of other endangered Pokémon like Farfetched and Kangashan. That was why this island was called the Lone Lapras Island, and why had no human ever seen this island. Because a great swarm of level 100 Gyarados (not Punishments colony) swam around the Island, guarding it from anything that might be human. Not even MasterBalls could hold these hellish beasts' power, but these Gyarados weren't just there to protect the Lapras. They also guarded it because in the middle of the island, hidden by the thick trees, was a great temple. On the outside of this temple stone carvings of every known Pokémon covered the walls of the temple like white on rice. Inside the temple all of the greatest treasures of the Pokémon world were kept: stone tablets of Pokémon knowledge, carvings of Gold and Silver Pokémon that were always being studied by wise psychic Pokémon, rooms filled with moon, leaf, water, fire and thunder stones, and in a chamber deep under the floor, deep in the core of the island, the Mist Stone stood. On a pillar of ice it lay, carved into the shape of an emerald.

But enough about that. The Vaporeon of the Mist reached the island and climbed up the cliff to the jungle. Then she ran all the way to the temple where she was greeted by the leader of the Island, Seafoam the Lapras.
" 'Ow er ya Mist kid?" she said. Since she was kind of old, she didn't talk right.
"Your grammar is terrible!" said Vaporeon of the Mist.
"It are?" asked Seafoam.
"Where's Zooky? I have to talk to him!" asked Vaporeon of the Mist. "Zooky... he..."
"What!?" asked Vaporeon of the Mist, sensing danger.
"He's... done it..." said Seafoam looking at her flippers.
"WHAT!" screeched Vaporeon of the Mist.
"He did it only because he wanted to be able to protect the Island... but he became-"
"How could you let that damn Hypno evolve with the Mist Stone!!??" cried Vaporeon of the Mist falling to her paws with shock. Then she looked up and asked, "What did he... become? Did he take the Mist Stone?"
"Yes," said Seafoam, "but he became..."
"Tell me!" sobbed Vaporeon of the Mist.
"...he called himself a 'Dooshite', and then did some sort of teleport and was gone," said Seafoam sadly. "Oh Zooky, he was only trying to help us...." said Seafoam as the Vaporeon of the Mist walked slowly into the temple to talk with the other best scientist, Shazam the Abra.

"Shazam?" asked the Vaporeon of the Mist. "You look bigger, have you evolved?"
"No," said the shadowy figure, "I haven't because I'm not your friend Shazam the Abra; I'm a human!" The figure turned around to face the Vaporeon of the Mist. It was Ash!!! He said to Vaporeon of the Mist, "I heard that Team Rocket has located this place and are going to come here, so I decided to come and help. Don't worry. I have great Pokémon. I will be able to help out. Also Goku, Misty, Brock, Tracy, and Gary are all coming to help. Oh yeah, the five Legendary Birds and three Legendary Dogs, as well as Mew and Mewtwo, are coming, too. Don't worry, with these numbers of Pokémon, we wonít lose to Team Rocket."
"I trust no humans! Especially not you. If you were here to help and did save the Mist Stone, all the humans of the world would come here to enslave the Pokémon of this island! I know you have Shazam in that PokéBall! Let 'em out!" cried the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"No way! I got it fair and square, and your next! Forget about the help!" Ash yelled as he threw one of his PokéBalls. Out came an Abra.
"Shazam! Use your Mind Melt attack on the human!" said the Vaporeon of the Mist before Ash could say any thing. Shazam had not been tamed by the PokéBall, so he used the attack on Ash.
"Gwaaa!" said Ash and fell on his face.
"He wonít remember anything about this island now. I'll have Seafoam take him back to the main land," said Shazam.
"Good" said Vaporeon of the Mist.

But when Shazam and the Vaporeon of the Mist walked outside, carrying the body of Ash, they saw that the other human helpers, Legendary Dogs, and Birds, Serebii, Houou, Lugia, Mewtwo, and Mew. They were all waiting outside of the temple. Then, suddenly (as usual), who should appear to vanquish the slew of losers and cheap Pokémon? No other than ...
"Don't worry, I know how to handle these guys so the interesting portion of the story can continue." At this, he tossed out a Pokéball from which a round, white object emerged. It was a Wigglytuff. "Go, Ramune. Sing for us!" A soothing lullaby subdued all the legendary and mystic Pokémon into a deep sleep.
Then, the Vaporeon of the Mist cried, "Oh, Hellfire!!" Instantly the strongest Gyarados of the Island, Hellfire, arose from the sea and hyper beamed all of the people and Pokémon that were with Ash, except for Jackdaw and his Pokémon because he knew they were good friends of the Vaporeon of the Mist. All that was left afterward was odd metal skeletons. "They were robots! Not the real things at all! I bet that human, Ash, that Seafoamís carrying is a robot too!" gasped the Vaporeon of the Mist. "Stone-Soul! Go find Seafoam and destroy the human she's got, now!" shouted Vaporeon of the Mist to a nearby Aerodactyl named Stone-Soul. He flapped his stone wings and flew off across the sea...

As Stone-Soul flew across the sea, something flew by him quickly in the direction of the Lone Lapras Island. "Itís probably a Dragonite," thought Stone-Soul. Many Pokémon came to the Island to seek refuge from Pokémon trainers. Stone-Soul continued on in his search for Seafoam.
Meanwhile, the shattered parts of robots were being cleaned up by Jackdaw and the Vaporeon of the Mist. "Uh, these robots are impossible to clean up, and these oil stains are the worst," Jackdaw said while on his hands and knees scrubbing up oil spills, wearing an apron that seemed to of come from nowhere.
"I hope Stone-Soul will be al. right..." Vaporeon of the Mist mumbled to herself. Suddenly, she spotted the reflection of a Rocket member in a mangled robot piece. Nearby, Stone-Soul spotted a Lapras, no other than Seafoam, with some one riding her back. He swooped down to carry out his orders.

The strange Pokémon that had flown by Stone-Soul finally reached the Lone Lapras Island. It flew over the island until it spotted the Vaporeon of the Mist and Jackdaw, surrounded by the Team Rocket members. "Finally! Youíre late!" said one of the T.R. members to the Pokémon.
"A Dragonite?" said Jackdaw.
"It is not Dragonite!" said the T.R. in a booming voice.
"A Charizard?" asked the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"No!" cried the Rockets. "Not Dragonite, not Charizard... it is Charginite!" It had the fire tail of Charizard but body and head of a Dragonite. The fire on its tail was different too. Instead of red color, it was white color. This showed that it was extremely hot. It started to walk up to the Vaporeon of the Mist. It suddenly spotted a polished piece of metal and began to admire itself.
"Hey stupid! Get back to work!" growled a Rocket. The Chaginite ignored him. Thinking quickly, the Vaporeon of the Mist Water Gunned the tail of the beast.
"Aaarrrggg!!!" it screamed and collapsed on the ground. It's flame was its life source, and without it, any Charizard cross breed perishes.
A Rocket strode up to Vaporeon of the Mist, and called out, "Listen here, you ugly mutt. Where's Giovanni's Mist stone? We want it now!" Vaporeon of the Mist stared at him blankly, and then let out an uproar of laughter. "Huh?" questioned the rocket. "Quit laughing, fool. We are the Rocket Gang. You will not laugh at us!! Get them!!" At that order, he flailed his hand toward Jackdaw and Vaporeon of the Mist, and the Rockets charged forward. The Vaporeon's eyes began glowing with an eerie blue aura. It grew into an azure blaze as she called out:


Vaporeon of the Mist was in a little hurry when she tried to call Articuno. She used the accent wrong, so instead of Articuno, a Psyduck came out.
"Psy, psyduck!" it screamed as the legion of Rockets trampled the stupid yellow bird. The members began to trip over each other and got caught in a giant tangled mess. Vaporeon and Jackdaw pushed the mass of losers off the edge of the cliff into the unforgiving surf.
"Thank you, Jackdaw," said the Vaporeon of the Mist. Then she turned to the tangled mess of Psyduck. "No reason to let fresh meat go to waste!" said the Vaporeon of the Mist licking her sharp little teeth. "I just love crispy duck!"
"Care to join me Jackdaw? I'll get my good friend Fire Fox to flame broil it!"
"Mmmm, who knew that summoning Articuno wrong would end up so delicious. Hey, let's get us some more tasty Psyduck!" said Jackdaw. Vaporeon of the Mist duplicated her mistake a multitude of times. After about ten full meals of flame broiled Psyduck, they began cleaning up some of the remaining Psy-Pstew, Jackdaw queried the Vaporeon of the Mist. "So, whatever happened to all of those freak Pokémon that evolved with the Mist Stone? There has got to be more of them, right? I mean, it can be used an infinite number of times, right?" Vaporeon of the Mist smacked her lips, finishing a nice tail.
"Yes that's true. It can be used over and over." She quenched her thirst on a long draught of water from a nearby spring. "It seems to me that now is the time for them to come." The sky darkened. Vaporeon of the Mist strained to stare at the space where once the sun had been . A great Serpent descended. She sat ready on her haunches as Jackdaw refused to relinquish his free Psyduck meal. Her eyes pierced through the dark shadow and eventually made out a form.
A Gyarados? she thought. It was none that she had seen before. The serpent hovered slowly to the ground, uttering not a single sound. In an eerie silence it towered over the two. It stood erect with its gaping maw, exuding a trickle of drool running down its neck. In itís sheer majesty it loomed over the island. They waited for it to speak.
"Hey, we were promised a freak Pokémon. What gives?" Jackdaw broke in. Vaporeon of the Mist was distrustful of this behemoth. She could sense something wrong with it. Waiting, they stood for seconds that seemed as an eternity.
What is it doing here? Then she noticed. Through the rays of the unyielding sun, which now shone unhindered, Vaporeon of the Mist perceived an object at the base of the giants' skull. It appeared to be some sort of mushroom. It was only then that she knew that it was, in fact, a Gyarados, which Vaporeon of the Mist recognized as Hell Fire, but Parasect Mushrooms had taken control of the him. "Now there's something you don't see everyday," Vaporeon of the Mist pointed out to Jackdaw.
"Really?" he retorted. "I see some down at Gus's everyday around 6 o' clock." Ignoring their inane babble, the beast dropped two objects from its mouth. It was Stone-Soul, the Aerodactyl (for those of you who remember, it went to find Seafoam, the Lapras) and Seafoam, the Lapras (who had the robot on its back). They weren't dead, but barely alive. The behemoth spoke in a mangled dialect, "We found this one attempting to injure Suck-Bot 500, aka: Ash Ketchum. This is the fate of all those who oppose Master Zooky."
"Yeah?" opposed Jackdaw. During the speech he had produced a Pokéball. "Well, I'm gonna show you the fate of those who oppose Master- MOOKY!!!!" At this, a great Charizard grew from the device. "FireBlast, aim at the 'shrooms," Jackdaw ordered. The Charizard let out a deafening roar. The sun seemed to grow dim as fire was channeled through the dragon's body. It leaped to the sky as the summoned flame formed an halo around it. Blazing white hellfires danced around it. It directed its arms towards the Gyaradosís head, where the mushrooms were positioned. The inferno was launched at itís target and met it head on. Jackdaw and Vaporeon quickly ducked for cover just in time to dodge the explosion. Fiery shockwaves were hurled in all directions as well as pieces of the Island and Parasect. Mooky crashed to the burnt ground in exhaustion, panting heavily. Vaporeon of the Mist and Jackdaw returned from their hiding place glancing at the scorched landscape where Hellfire, now back to his normal self, Seafoam and Stone-Soul lay, a little more burnt than before, but otherwise just fine.
"I knew this would happen. The Mist stone has driven Zooky mad, and all else who use it, as well," Vaporeon of the Mist said to herself.
"He even has a small army forming," Jackdaw stated while chewing on a now well-done portion of Psyduck.
"Hellfire," Vaporeon of the Mist began, "how did this happen to you?" Hellfire seemed weak from both mushrooms and recent inferno.
It attempted to rear its massive head and uttered, "Zooky... has gone mad.... He is collecting an army... using the mushrooms of Mycanasects (Mist-Stoned Parasects)... and plans to gather his troops... to use the Mist Stone on them.... I can't remember where Zooky went to... but someone else does know....." The leviathan fell in exhaustion. It's cold eyes opened as though even an act as simple as that brought great pain. It concentrated it's gaze to Seafoam, with the robot on it's back.
"Suck-Bot 500?" Jackdaw gasped. "Do we really want to mess with that thing? I mean, the end of the world isn't worth that."
"We must," stated the Vaporeon of the Mist. "We have to get Zooky back to normal." She turned and ordered to some Chansey's who were healing Seafoam, Stone-Soul, and Mooky, "Bring some Magnemites. They may know how to repair that thing." Then she added. "but tell them to be careful. It may have some wretched virus," she scowled.

Hours passed, and the Magnemites we able to tap into the memory of the robot (although one worked to close and became lame. It kept falling down and acting idiotic, so Jackdaw had Mooky melt it and cast its remains into the depths of the sea). It was now known that Zooky was hiding in Cinnabar. Vaporeon of the Mist slowly walked to the cliffs. Looking off the jagged edges of the island, she waited for the rest. It was a dangerous trip, so few were coming. Jackdaw came along to repay the Vaporeon of the Mist for the free Psyduck. Hellfire, now fully recovered, came for revenge. The Gyarados looked over the small party.
"This won't be enough to combat Zooky," Hellfire pointed out. The Eevee-kin simply stood with her fin and ears bending in the wind.
"We'll have some help." At that, she lept from the island.
"Did I ever mention that I can't swim?" said Jackdaw to Hellfire.
"Nowís a good time to learn!" said Hellfire as he whipped his tail toward Jackdaw, sending him screaming off the cliff. Hellfire followed. VotM's form glowed as the tide rose beneath her and the others. She howled a strange song, and the surface broke. A pillar of water rose to catch them. The watery wall met their fall then moved them on. Rushing atop this wave, Vaporeon of the Mist watched the horizon. A small dot soon became evident. It was the volcano of Cinnabar. They would be arriving any time....

But, of course, nothing can be this easy for them. Two bodies darted towards them from the sky, crashing into the water. As the splashes fell, the bodies where revealed as two Mist Pokémon, Locastod and Beepin, evolutions of Butterfree and Beedrill. The Locastod barely resembled its earlier stage, looking very fierce. The Beepin's stingers looked even bigger and sharper than a Beedrill's.
"We will not allow the likes of you to interfere with master Zooky's schemes. Prepare for battle," the raspy voice of the Beepin warned. Stepping forward on Hellfire's back to challenge them was Jackdaw. Boasting, he said, "Bah! You flunkies will fall before me." He pulled out two Pokéballs. "Go! Wrath and Lynn, prove your worthiness to me!" A Beedrill and Butterfree came out to battle their wrongful successors. Each went to their counterpart and began the fight. The Pokémon locked in a mortal combat. The Beepin launched forward a flurry of stingers. wrath only concentrated, gathering it's power. Locastod, warped by the Mist Stone's power, used it's sharp, dark wings to conjure a cyclone. Lynn attempted to hold its place in the heavens, but was swept up in the storm. From its wings were released toxic dusts. The powders flew on the winds and affected the Locastod, which grew tired and weary. Free from the tempest trap, Lynn summoned its own winds to smite its foe. Beepin came to aid his friend, but it was in vain. The Beedrill had completed its meditation, and all were lost to its fury. It's multiple eyes emitted a strange aura. It hovered in midair, only moving its left barb to the sky. The clouds parted; a silvery beam shot to Wrath. Focusing all of its energies, it released a blizzard of poisonous arrows. They fell true to their intention, piercing the Beepin and breaking the Locustod's armor. Each fell to the sea, and floated in the current.
"A bit of an over-kill, wasn't that?" spoke Vaporeon of the Mist.
"So what if I'm a little cruel?" Jackdaw replied while retracting his two Pokémon into their PokéBalls. Vaporeon of the Mist sighed.
"There will probably be more guards like this. We need a better way to get to Zooky."
"Well," said Jackdaw, "we could all dress up like girls for no apparent reason at all." Vaporeon of the Mist and HellFire stared blankly at Jackdaw. "They'd never expect us."
"Sure," the Vaporeon of the Mist answered. "I'm already a girl, so I wouldn't mind at all." Hellfire's unforgiving leer wordlessly told Jackdaw that he would soon devour him.

Our heroes continued onward (without dresses), but they traveled submerged instead of on the waves (which made the journey all the more difficult for Jackdaw, but no one could hear him complaining). They came upon the shore of Zooky's head quarters. They looked out for guards, but saw none. As they stepped on, the ground began to tremble. A drilling sound began to draw closer, and soon a large horn protruded from the ground. A very large dark purple creature covered in spines emerged from the earth followed by a dark blue creature of similar appearance. They were no other then Nidogod and Nidogoddess, and they weren't ready to let anyone through.
"This would have never happened if we would have worn dresses," Jackdaw was quick to say. Vaporeon of the Mist ignored him. She knew that these were some of the strongest spawn that the Mist Stone could produce. She was wary of attack. Just then, the Nidogod bellowed a mighty roar, releasing a black fog into the air. The cloud took the shape of a skull. This messenger-of-death plague mist sped toward HellFire. The mighty beast gasped desperately for air, but enveloped by the vapor, he fell to the ground. His blue scales now shone a dull gray. He had been poisoned, and little time remained until he would fall to the toxin.
"Hellfire!" Moaned VotM. Then she turned to the bloodthirsty Nidogods.
"Uh, aren't Nidokings and -Queens part ground?" Asked Jackdaw.
"Yes but these are -Gods!" said the Vaporeon of the Mist, "We don't know if their still part ground at all."
"Then maybe you should check," said Jackdaw with a wink.
"Fine" sighed the Vaporeon of the Mist as she took a deep breath, and then blew a bubble beam blast at the Nidogoddess. The beam blasted the Nidogoddess. It shrieked in pain as a thick coat of foam surrounded its body. It wailed in pain as its limbs flailed wildly. Jackdaw stared at it blankly.
He leaned over and whispered to the Vaporeon of the Mist, "I don't think it worked." She responded with a threatening stare, then unleashed a more devastating water attack. She called upon the ocean to wipe the Nidogods off the beach. A giant tidal wave rose from the coast and the surf crashed down upon the unsuspecting beasts, washing them away. The water also refreshed Hellfire, removing the poisons that devastated him. Jackdaw triumphantly placed his fists at his waist and declared, "Well, its a good thing I was here to save us."
"What are you talking about?" Vaporeon of the Mist said. "You didn't do a thing. Why should we thank you?"
His erect posture turned into a slump as he quietly mumbled, "I like being thanked..."
"Okay, okay, thank you. Now, let's just go into his base.... um... where's the door?" Hellfire was puzzled. The group walked around the castle and couldn't find one.
Finally, Jackdaw pulled out one of his PokéBalls and reassuringly stated, "Don't worry. If there's one Pokémon that can help us get in, it's Wrath, my awesome Beedrill!" As he said that, a Pink Elephant came around the corner and began to repeatedly ram itís head against the wall of the castle.
"Itís now official. I have been eating too many M&Mís, and theyíve killed all the brain cells in my brain that have a firm grasp on reality," said the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Hey! Iím the funny one here. Iíll make the cracks about losing my marbles," said Jackdaw crossing his arms across his chest.
"What everís good for you. Hey look! The Pink Elephant made a hole for us!" said the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"What elephant? The wall fell in on itself from the tidal wave. You're mad Vee," said Hellfire, thinking maybe the two had inhaled some of the smoke from the Nidogod's attack.
"The important thing is that it's there, Hellfire, not who or what made it. So letís go!" Said Vaporeon as she leapt through the hole. The group proceeded inward as the Pink Elephant who wasn't there suffered from a severe head concussion and fainted.

Vaporeon and the other's slowly walked inside and looked about in the darkness. Hellfire sniffed the air deeply, then fainted.
"Knockout gas!" cried Jackdaw before he fell on his face.
"Wha-" the Vaporeon of the Mist tried to say something, but it was too late. When she woke up she realized that she was hanging upside down from her tail, and her front and back paws were chained together. She looked to the side and saw that Jackdaw had his hands chained together also but was standing up. The Vaporeon of the Mist saw that the chains were attached to a hook on the ceiling, but Jackdaw was snoring loudly even though he was standing up.
"Where's Hellfire?" Said the Vaporeon of the Mist out loud.
"You want Hellfire?" Asked an odd voice from the shadows. It was no other than Giovanni. He approached the bold crusaders laughing.
"Giovanni? What are you doing here?" queried Vaporeon of the Mist.
"As you know, I need the Mist Stone. I need it to create an army of super Pokémon," he retorted, "and you're going to help me." He flashed an evil grin.
"Us help you? You must be mad!" screamed Vaporeon.
"Ha ha ha ha ha! Well, if you want to see your precious Hellfire again, you'll have to help me." He let out another demonic cackle. Vaporeon of the Mist hated the idea of assisting pure evil.
"What if we refuse?" she questioned him.
"Then you, and your friends become Zooky's next test subjects for the Mist Stone, including Hellfire," he answered.
"Wait, what do I care if the Mist Stone is used on me? I'm not a Pokémon," Jackdaw abruptly inserted into the conversation. "I wouldn't evolve into anything."
"You're correct," Giovanni assured him. "You would probably just go through a slow, painful death." His words were bluntly spoken.
"But I wouldn't change, right?" Jackdaw questioned. Vaporeon of the Mist smacked him over the head the best she could upside down. "Oww, what was that for?"
Ignoring the bickering, Giovanni asked again, "Are you going to help me or not?"
Vaporeon of the Mist let out a deep sigh, and finally said, "We would die before we help you." Giovanni smirked as though he expected that to be the answer.
"And you will," he declared. He slowly approaches the group, and unbinded them all. They fell to the floor hard, but Giovanni seemed unconcerned. Though they should flee, each seemed unknowing as to why Giovanni had freed them. Slinking back to the shadows, he cried out with a diabolical grin, "Escaping! Escaping! The prisoners are escaping!" He then disappeared into the dark. The group looked at one another. They knew that there was limited time before the guards would be there. Heading to the door as fast as they could, it was a futile effort. In the hall outside they are already met by a Sappasaur, Rainer, Charcolt, and Doomsday.
"Ramune! Bogg! Wrath!" Jackdaw exclaimed while throwing three PokéBalls to the ground. From each came out a Wigglytuff, a Raichu, and a Beedrill. Jackdaw clenched his fist and said, "Let's get ready for some football!!" Vaporeon of the Mist curiously looked at him.
"What are you talking about?"
"I dunno. I just couldn't think of anything better to say," he shrugged.
"Sometimes I wonder if you can even think at all," Vaporeon of the Mist sighed. Wrath approached the Sappasaur, spinning in a furious rage. Ramune squared off with the Doomsday, beginning its soothing lullaby as the ghost countered with hypnotic waves. Vaporeon of the Mist lifted a shroud of fog over herself as the Charcolt readied its razor claws. Bogg concentrated, splitting its image in two, as the Rainer launched its four hydro-cannons blindly at the mouse.

At the same time this battle was going on, Punishment the Gyarados was stuck baby sitting Sunny the Eevee and cousin of Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Where's Vee? I want Vee! She's been gone for at least twenty-four hours!" cried the hyper little fur ball as she ran circles around Punishment who was coiled up in the sand.
"Nineteen hours," corrected Punishment who was seriously considering hyper beaming the little pest into dust.
"I'm bored! I'm thirsty! Letís go somewhere! Pleeeaase Unc-"
"I'm not your Uncle!!!!!!!" roared Punishment, raising his head high.
"Can we go some where... sir?" asked Sunny carefully.
"Sir?" This surprised Pushiment. "Well... since ya asked so nicely... we'll go find your cousin!" said Punishment with a big but frightening smile.
"Vvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvveee!" yelled the Eevee with joy.
"Shut up or we won't go anywhere!" said Punishment.
"'Kay" said Sunny, shrinking back. Punishment slithered to the water and started to swim off.
"Wait!" cried Sunny.
"Come on!" yelled Punishment.
"I canít swim that far!" moaned Sunny.
"Fine, ya can ride on my head... but stay still!" sighed Punishment. He lowered his head to the sand and after four tries, Sunny was able to climb up between the three horns that are on all Gyarados' heads. Then they sailed off. Punishment picked up the scent of the Vaporeon of the Mist on the wind and swam toward Cinnabar Island.

Back at Cinnabar Island, an angry Rainer appeared. The Rainerís quadra-blasts shattered the illusions of the elusive Raichu. As image after image was broken, the true Bogg came up from behind the giant tortoise and delivered a massive power surge. Even though the shock could power a town, the beast still stood. It aimed its cannons at the true Raichu and fired. As the Beedrill danced, an eerie hum and glow was emitting from its stingers. It fluttered its wings to shoot high up to avoid the Sappasaurís wild vines. Coming down like a topaz bullet, it sank its two needles deep into the behemoth's back. The vines quickly ensnared Wrath as light began to gather in the massive overgrowth on its back. Vaporeon of the Mist, shrouded in a thick mist, launched rapid spurts of water at the Charcolt, but the beams evaporated before they could even strike the wicked dragon's skin. It invoked a great flame, in the shape of Hi, the symbol of fire, and unleashed its power. All at once, the false PokéGods attacked, and Vaporeon of the Mist, Bogg, and Wrath dodged. The Solar Beam struck the Rainer moments after its Hydro Pumps were fired at Bogg. It leaped out of the way, and the water jets brought down the Charcolt. Its summoned flame still continued on its path to Vaporeon. She melted into a puddle, causing the flames to slip by, burning down the Sappasaur. This left Wigglytuff with Doomsday and Punishment and Sunny approaching rapidly...

The Doomsday wickedly shaped a spell with its free-floating hands, chanting some unknown tongue. The light grew as all the shadows gathered to the apparition. It finally released beams of darkness, striking all-remaining in the hall. Each fell in a mixture of pain and paralysis, expect for Ramune and Jackdaw.
"Sing, my roly poly Ramune powderpuff!" ordered Jackdaw. Ramune lulled its serene song that echoed throughout the entire castle. "No no, not that one," said Jackdaw. "C'mon, how about this one." He cleared his throat, "Ahem, 'Shiny shiny people, oh- ow!" Wigglytuff beat him across the back of the head. He fell to the floor, snoring and drooling, babbling something about beef jerky. Ignoring its owner's incompetence, Ramune continued entrancing its foe with its somatic voice. Even the false god was no match for this cherubs' hymn. It sank into sleep, falling through the floor. After a quick breath for air and a little victory jig, Ramune's dance was cut short when it realized that everyone else was still paralyzed, and Jackdaw was still knocked out (although she considered that a good thing). Plopping down with a slight bounce, the cream puff rubbed its flipper against is head, trying to think of someway to fix the dilemma. It was then her round eyes grew wide as she saw something coming in the distance. It was Punishment! He swam swiftly through the waves towards the Wigglytuff and the snoozing pile of Pokémon and Jackdaw. When Punishment saw this, he instantly screamed at the Wigglytuff.
"How could you?! You've killed them all!"
"It killed Vee? Waaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaaa! Veeeee!" sobbed the small Eevee on top of Punishment's head. The terrified Wigglytuff tried to explain.
"Wiggly! Tuff tuff wig...Wigglytuff!"
"Don't give me that 'they're just sleeping' crap!" roared Punishment as he began to gather energy for a hyper beam.
"Wait... Pun... Punishment!" gasped a voice from the pile of bodies.
"Vee?" asked Punishment. He stopped powering up and began to dig through the pile with his nose.
"Veee!" sang Sunny as she leapt off of Punishment's head and onto the Wigglytuff's soft noggin. Punishment shoved aside a snoring Jackdaw to find the Vaporeon of the Mist looking weakly up at him.
"What happened, Vee?!" bellowed Punishment as he tried to fight his happiness.
"Hellfire... you must... find him.... He's still in there somewhere.... Please save him!" said the gasping Vaporeon.
"But Hellfire is the strongest Gyarados in the world! If he was captured, then how could I save him? I'm only at level 52, Vee!" said Punishment.
"But... it was Giovanni who captured him... Giovanni... Punishment." said Vaporeon of the Mist. She knew Punishment hated Giovanni with a passion beyond reason.
"Giovanni!!!!" howled Punishment with wild animal rage in his voice. "Die!!!" he screeched and plowed into the small hole that the others had entered before. "If I'm going to get Giovanni this time," Punishment said to himself, "then I'm going to need some practice killing humans." His savage eyes darted at Jackdaw. "Ah! A human!!!", he yelled while charging up a hyper beam. Meanwhile, Jackdaw was awakened by the rachet and sat up only to find a Gyarados aiming a hyper beam directly at his head.
"Aahh-" The beamed was thrust out with a deafening blast and completely covered Jackdaw.
"Punishment, he's with us, not them!" Vaporeon attempted to explain, but only too late. Punishment quickly ceased the death ray.
"He is? Oh, sorry about that," the serpent apologized to the extra crispy Jackdaw. He was still in the same position as he was before the dragon blasted him. "P," he said as a puff of smoke floated out of his lips and slowly drifted away. His eyes rolled into his head as he fell flat on is back unconscious. Ramune and his other Pokémon ran to his side hastily.
"Oh, well. We'll leave them here with you as I go to find Hellfire," Punishment ordered Sunny.
"No," a weak voice sounded. "I'm... going... with... you..." Vaporeon weakly said as she tried to stand up, but struggled severely.
"You're in no condition to battle, Vee," Punishment reminded her.
"Save me... your... sympathy... I'm going... with you..." she forced herself up on all fours.
"Fine, but we'll split up. Sunny, go with Vee. I'll sniff out Giovanni myself." Punishment let out a demonic roar and slithered away, breaking through walls as if paper. Vaporeon of the Mist and Sunny slowly hobbled down a hallway together (Well actually, VotM was the one hobbling. Sunny was racing forward, then coming back.). This left Jackdaw unconscious on the floor alone. As Punishment broke through the fortress wall, he caught a familiar scent of someone, one which could only be the smell of... Hellfire.

He had a scent that even its minute presence sent terror down one's spine. Raging through the walls as if they didn't exist, he finally came upon a large chamber. It was a vast area with all sorts of technological oddities that confused Punishment's animal mind. The only thing that he recognized was Hellfire, in the center of the rooms within a large, clear containment. The massive creature dwarfed everything around him, yet his glassy prison seemed rather lacking in defense. No guards were about no surveillance of any kind. Slowly, Punishment hovered to his giant kin. He studied Hellfire's facade closely. The eyes were shut tightly and his mouth hung half open, as though in some painful dream. Drawing nearer yet, Punishment spat a shattering blast force, destroying his brethren's grass barrier. There he stared for quite some time, until he saw the reason for this suspending slumber. Mushrooms were set at the base of it's skull.
Mycanasects! he thought. Just then, Hellfire's eyes opened, revealing the blank, lifeless orbs beneath. It undid its coil, rising to its full majesty. Its soulless stare entranced the lesser Gyarados, as it remained too fearful to move. Punishment knew just one attack would kill him. He fought in his mind whether to wait and be destroyed or to try and escape only to meet the same fate. Before he could reach a decision, Hellfire reared his head as though it were pulled by a thread. It launched waves of greenish blaze that sped toward Punishment rapidly. He quickly dove away, only catching half of the flames' force. Too afraid to look up, he only saw the monolithic shadow of the hellish spawn loom over him. Punishment heard the low rumble of its roar, knowing it was preparing for the kill. He closed his eyes as though it would spare him his impending doom, when suddenly Punishment heard a loud cry.
"Rrrrrrrrraaaaaaiiiii!!!!!" followed by the crackle of electricity. Hellfire slowly turned his head to see what the sound was but was instantly hit by a wild jagged wave of thunderbolts. Hellfire howled in a mix of pain and anger. He began to lash about in fury, shattering the machines around him starting fires and knocking walls down, but the steady stream of thunder continued to hit his body. He could not ignore the fact that Gyarados's are part water and flying, both easy prey to electric types. This soon brought the mighty serpent to the floor in pain. Punishment was shocked. He had seen many Pokémon zap Hellfire with their greatest electric attacks but not faze him one bit. Not even The god of thunder, Zapados, had taken down the great Hellfire.
"Who are you?" Punishment asked softly (at least he thought so).
"Rai! Raichu!" said the Raichu coming out of the shadows.
"A Raichu?! What are you doing here?" asked punishment.
"Rai!" it said with a stupid grin on its face.
"You most be a trainers Pokémon... but who's Raichu are you?" said Punishment.

The faint, distant voice of a man beckoned the chubby monster back.
"Rai," it squeaked as it gave a mighty bound back into the shadows. Stupefied by the mouse's appearance, he carried on the task of removing and destroying the mushrooms which plagued Hellfire. Still unconscious from the Raichu's Thunder, he lay still. When all of the mushrooms were destroyed, Vaporeon limped into the room.
"Hellfire!" she cried and forced herself into a run. "Is he all right?" she questioned.
"I think so," Punishment replied.
"What could of done this to him? Nothing has ever knocked him out before," she puzzled.
"It was the strangest thing actually, a Ra-" his words cut short by Vaporeon's sudden screech.
"Where's Sunny?"
"Sunny was with you," he reminded her.
"Oh, no..." they both uttered simultaneously.
"Looking for something?" a voice began. All turned to the door. As the smoke from the crashed rubble cleared, the shadowy figure became evident. They recognized the silhouette. It was Giovanni. In his hands was a ball of fur, no other than Sunny, bound and gagged. "You were willing to sacrifice your lives, but are you willing to sacrifice its life?" he queried in an especially devious tone. "The Mist Stone. Will you help me?" Vaporeon of the Mist growled at his question. "... Will you allow your precious fuzzy friend to perish?" As her mouth moved to form an answer, she stopped. All looked upon her, puzzled by the abrupt stop. They grew curiouser yet as she started laughing maniacally."What are you doing?" Giovanni asked, not knowing whether to be afraid or know that she had gone mad. It was then the room began to quiver. Her eyes began to glow a gentle blue. Even curiouser yet.

"Vee," Punishment inquired, "what are you doing?" She slowly turned to battle battered ally. The aura began to intensify. As the light beamed brighter, her grin grew steadily wider. "I am doing nothing at all," she replied with a wicked smile. She knew exactly what was going on. She addressed her unconscious comrade, "Hellfire, it looks like that help I told you about has finally come." Pokémon are mortal beings, just as any other creature in the world. Some, however, attack with such ferocity that their mortal frames could never produce such power. Not even the Pokémon gods, such as the Legendary Birds, are capable of generating such force.
These attacks are not done by the Pokémon, but rather through them. They act as channels of divine energies. So powerful are these that they must pray to the human gods. It is often that the prayer fails in the heat of battle, failing utterly, but when answered, the Pokémon loses control over its own form and becomes a vessel for a god. The quaking in the rooms grew even more violent. The rubble of the decimated machinery bounced down the floor. It was then, her eyes fully beamed with energy. Their brilliance grew to such intensity that those in the room turned from its blinding force.
"I feel it," she said. She closed her radiating eyes and turned her head upward, aiming her finned ears downward to listen to the growing sound of running waters. "Ocean itself is near. Such is its power that it unable to be contained in one, and flows freely to any whom accept its energies." The serpents, too, began displaying the presence of the mighty river with their eyes. "This is nothing other than Hydro Pump." The center floor burst open in a rush of rising tide and debris. The floor stones were carried away with the current. A central spout rose from the eye of the destruction, reaching the ceiling and crumbing most of it. The sun shone down freely upon the room amidst this biblical destruction. As the roof collapsed, all ran to the edges to avoid the death from above. The serpents and Vaporeon found it easy to evade the waters, but Giovanni was forced to hold on to a rather large wooden beam, that fell from overhead. New geysers now formed all over. Some blew threw the walls; others rose from areas not already occupied by the lifting waters. So harsh did the surface become that Vaporeon of the Mist had difficulty swimming, and even the Gyarados were taxed with the new elevating waves. Giovanni was no longer able to grasp the driftwood. He was swept into the depths as Sunny struggled away. The central geyser pulsated more, expelling most of its mass.

It vanished into the pit from which it came in a fierce maelstrom. Only a thin stream surrounded by a slight fog remained. Slowly, the remnant spout lowered. The tides washed away, and many things were cast and thrown upon the floor. Bits of machinery and brick floated to and fro, and Giovanni was cast into a far corner. The group was able to set foot upon solid footing once more. A lone creature hovered in the center of the room where the rising river once was. It was an ball with bulging, round, blank, eyes emitting the same strange aura as Vaporeon's, only magnified greatly, with thin arms and legs. Across is white belly it bore its insignia, a single, black spiral. It looked to the sky as though in some sort of trance. It descended to the central floor and rolled over as though not under its own power. The beaming left its eyes, leaving them black and faded. in appearance. Seeing that its strengths had returned, the Poliwhirl faced Giovanni's direction and only responded to Vaporeon by holding back its glove flicking up his thumb.
"Sorry I'm late. Kero's hard to get away from."
"Your a god?!" asked Punishment in disbelief. Still not bothering to turn to the group, the amphibian avatar answered.
"No, I merely summoned the Lord of the Sea, ∆gir, into my mortal frame. Most Pokémon can do so, but only after attaining many battles in experience." He concentrated his uneasing gaze to Giovanni, huddled in the corner. "Now, Giovanni, is your judgment.
"You have tried to use the Mist Stone to your own twisted purposes, and even threatened to destroy this poor Eevee."
"That's-right-that's-right-that's-right!" Sunny rambled on in a blur of hyperactivity.
"Maybe that wouldn't have been so bad," Poliwhirl muttered under his breath. Speaking in audible tone again, "How do you respond to these accusations?"
"I wished to have the most powerful Pokémon," Giovanni answered, and then broke into a laughing fit. "How was I to know my ambitions would not create such a creature for me, but one against me?"
"Who do you mean?" VotM asked.

Just then Giovanni was struck with agony. His screams echoed off what few walls remained. He fell, unknown whether he was unconscious or dead. There, stood what could vaguely be recognized as a Hypno. It was Master Zooky, and along side of him were all of the Mist spawn.
"Zooky!" cried Sunny. She instantly began to race towards the Dooshite. Punishment quickly snatched the Eevee in his mouth.
"Zooky, what do you want?" asked the Vaporeon of the Mist.
"Your demise," the raspy voice boomed throughout the room. "For too long, I have lived in your shadow. You were the greatest one at Seafoam, but now I am more powerful than even you. My vengence shall be satisfied."
Punishment whispered to VotM, "since when was Zooky jealous of you?"
"that's the mist stone," she quietly responded. "it twists your thoughts and personifies any of your desires. he felt slight envy to me, but it grew to new level when he evolved."
"Go my Mist spawn. Attack, but leave me the Vaporeon..." The wave of Mist Pokémon surged forward to VotM, Punishment, Hellfire, Sunny and the Poliwhirl. VotM stood in a battle stance, bit was surprised when the Mist Pokémon simply ran past her and attacked the others. A Mothra, the Mist evolution of Venomoth began to let loose spores of poison on Punishment, but Punishment couldn't do any thing about that because he was being attacked by three other Pokémon: Femorak, Marowak's evolution, Kappa, Golduck's evolution, and Macrack, Machamp's evolution with six arms!

Systematically, the Mist spawn took down their regular Pokémon. The Macrack slammed Poliwhirl into the hard floor. He held him there steadfast until the tadpole's swirl began to move. The Macrack slipped from consciousness, but Poliwhirl was still severely weakened. The Mothra spread its dark wings, releasing lethal pollens into the air. The group could not avoid these as they were already fending off the rapid blow of the Ferowak's club and the psychic onslaught of Kappa. All now subdued, only Vaporeon stood. Zooky slowly drew nearer, treasuring every moment that led him to his victory.
"They're too strong," VotM muttered to herself. "The Mist stone made them powerful and mad enough to use that power. How could we ever hope to defeat them with the Mist stone on their side?"
"How pathetic," Zooky began. "Not even the mighty Vaporeon of the Mist could save her friends," he rasped on. "I would have pity on you after your pathetic display, but I wish to witness your demise all too greatly."
"Vaporeon," a weak voice muttered. It was Maelstrom, the Poliwhirl, lying in a near crippled state that the Mist spawn figured too weak to guard. "The Mist stone isn't like an ordinary evolution stone. It's powers may be unleashed infinite times since the affects aren't as long lasting."
"You mean we can turn them back? But how?", VotM eagerly asked. Maelstrom choked for the word, struggling even to make one breath. "Haze."
Of course, she thought. Haze removes all powers unnatural on a Pokémon. The Mist Stone's effects can easily be rid of with one Haze. Enraged by the Poliwhirl's words, he raced at VotM, but was too late. She let out a mighty howl. Her eyes lost all shine and turned to a deep, shadowy black. A circle of fog traced around her, then spun out into a cyclone of dark mist. It grew in both size and ferocity, enveloping all within the room. The paralysis was removed from the Gyarados's, and the Macrack arose from his slumber. Then, the Mist spawn joined Vaporeon's cry. It seemed as though their very flesh was being torn from their bodies. The winding fog wall shredded all newly gained features from the spawn, carrying them away in the gaseous funnel. Finally, the calm came. The wall of fog lifted away, and the former Mist spawn lie unconscious from the trauma. Vaporeon collapsed from exertion, breathing the air she was unaccustomed to in heavily. She slowly opened her eyes, now regaining their original luster, only to find Zooky still standing in all of his Mist Stoned magnificence. Vaporeon rose, despite her exhaustion. He bellowed a malicious, almost mocking laugh.
"But how?!" she asked the only remaining spawn. He then answered.
"I am the bearer of the Mist Stone," he explained revealing the stone embedded in his chest. It glew bright and strong. "As long as it is with me, I shall be more powerful than any other creature spawned by it, and my power shall never fade. Bwahahahaha! The time has come for you to die!" With this, he prepared to lunge at VotM, but something stopped him.

A blazing crimson streak bolted to VotM as gargantuan shards of ice fell from the sky. The streak snatched up Vaporeon just in time to save her from the freezing arrows. The ice encased Zooky's body fully, but this would only be temporary...
"What?!? Who are you?" Vaporeon questioned gazing at the now familiar figure. It was Cinder.
"Yeah, baby. What? You think we forgot about you?" the Flareon jested.
"'We?'" she asked. "That means..." Cinder nodded reassuringly as the silhouette of a man crept forward from the shadows with a Dewgong. Posing his fingers in a 'V' shape.
"I'm back!" Jackdaw said. "And it looks like we were just in time. Let's get this Mist Stone flunky, and maybe we'll make it back home before dinner. I haven't ate a thing all day."
Staring at him with the usually annoyed stare, Hellfire confirmed, "Yep, that's Jackdaw alright." The ice began to give way.
"Get ready, everyone!"

Slowly the ice began to melt away, forming a puddle of water at the base. Every one stared silently at the Dooshite as he slowly destroyed his prison inch by inch, except for VotM who was gazing dreamily at Cinder with hearts in her eye's.
"Make her stop looking at me like that!" Cinder begged Jackdaw.
"Aww, why?" asked Jackdaw in an incompetent tone as usual. "I think it's cute."
"Uh, but she's watery," said Cinder. "That wouldn't quite work out, 'cause, you know, she'd probably accidentally kill me."
"Hey, you know, I'm water," Maelstrom spoke moments before being knocked down by telekinetic force.
"Fools," Zooky laughed, "at least pay attention so that I may enjoy myself while taking your lives." Hellfire growled. Already, his eyes began to fade. A small ball of energy began to form at his mouth. The light waned as this sphere waxed into a massive orb of radiance. With a horrific howl, it beamed forth, decimating the floor that it wildly struck. The serpent fell, drained of his vigor, but despite his efforts, Zooky still remained, unmoved from his stance.
"Alright, guys," Jackdaw said, "we have to concentrate all of our attacks into one final blow to get this guy!" For once as long as VotM had know him, Jackdaw made sense. "Mooky! Poppy! Ramune! Wrath! Come out!" ordered he while throwing their Pokéballs to the ground. The Charizard, Vileplume, Wigglytuff, and Beedrill took ranks with the Dewgong and Flareon. Maelstrom and Hellfire where still out of it, so they didn't join in the attack, but Vaporeon, Punishment, and even Sunny took their places. Each then saved up for their most powerful attack. The fiery ones drew up their brand while Poppy gathered the sunlight from above. Wrath focused his concentration, Punishment charged up, the Dewgong collected freezing energies, Vaporeon called the waters, and Sunny and Ramune both prepared a charge. Right before the attack ripened, they all stopped. Zooky stood with his hand extended and fist clenched tight.
"Ah, I didn't expect this from you," the baku said "If I knew that you were going to do something like this, I would have killed you all long ago..." He continued, "Now, all of your minds are locked, and you are at my mercy!" He began into a maniacal laughter until he noticed something; the Poliwhirl still moved. "How can this be?" Zooky, perplexed, stated while aiming more psychic attacks at the amphibian. Then, it rose its head.

Maelstrom's eyes glew with an eerie aura. They were washed of all color and life. His body rose unnaturally, as though being controlled like a puppet. From the open sky above, a single ray found its way past the cloudy sky and struck his forehead. For a spell, the tadpole hovered in midair, while the blazing luminescence surrounded his entire form. It was then Zooky realized what it was.
Maelstrom had displaced his mind from his body. Not only did this prevent much of Zooky's mind warping attacks, but it also raised the amphibian's threshold of pain, allowing him to use attacks with greater ferocity, unaware of the severe pain that it would cause to his corporeal body. Slowly, the Poliwhirl lowered to the ground. It landed and turned its dead eyes to Zooky. He held out his glove, and beckoned the Dooshite.
"Let's do it," Maelstrom's voice croaked in an ominous tone. Moving in an eerie gait, the Poliwhirl walked around with Zooky, each waiting for the other's attack. He knew well that telepathy had lost its effect on Maelstrom, but telekinesis would still have all of its effect. Waving his dark hand, a wall of invisible force rammed Maelstrom. He rose, almost as though taking nothing from the blow, and leapt high into the air. The Dooshite peered high into the sky attempting to find his target, but blinded by the sun above, he was unprepared for Poliwhirl's descending slam, pressing Zooky hard against the floor. With a stinging pain coursing throughout his body, Zooky managed to rise. Maelstrom was already a few yards away, in a stance provoking the Dooshite's attack.

Enraged, Zooky charged at Maelstrom full force, spearing him with his head. The Poliwhirl flew far from this massive blow, finding it difficult to regain his footing. While his foe was knocked down, Zooky meditated. He could feel his energies coursing through every part of his body. When he opened his eyes from his deep concentration, he found Maelstrom, eyes still aflame, with his gloved hand pulled back far. Zooky barely had time to react, but still managed to dodge the punch. Again and again, the Poliwhirl advanced, swinging its white fists away. Finally a blow landed, creating a water spout that swept up Zooky. He traveled far up it, and Maelstrom jumped to his level, pummeling Zooky moreso. Wearying of this punishment, Zooky blinked and was gone. He reappeared across the room to a safe location. Dispelling his hurricane, Maelstrom landed once more and faced Zooky. Almost simultaneously, the two attempted to put the other asleep. Zooky worked his hands, emitting hypnotic waves while Maelstrom attempted to resist the rest and spun his swirl.

There, the two stood for quite some time. Each tried to withstand the other as they lulled him to sleep. Neither seemed to be gaining any advantage until Maelstrom fell to his knees. Zooky grinned wide at this little defeat. Knowing that he could not defeat Zooky by hypnosis, he tried something else, and hoped that it worked.
"Well, Maelstrom," Zooky mocked, "your friends are useless, you are weakened, and most importantly, I have the Mist Stone on my side." His smile grew even wider and more devious. "Check. It's your turn." Poliwhirl paid no attention to his words. Instead, he prayed.

The glow from the Poliwhirl became even more vibrant. It beamed with such brilliance that Zooky stepped back as it grew into a great pillar. The Poliwhirl lifted into to air, spinning and levitating slowly. The clouds gathered, casting dark shadows below. The tides rose, flooding the structure in which they stood. From his lofty position, Maelstrom raised his arms. The seas lept to him. It seemed as though behind him was ∆gir, commanding the ocean. The giant moved his cool, scaled arm summoning the wrath of his domain. The aquatic mountain ascended, collecting in an orb in Maelstrom's grasp. Bullets of rain began to fall, striking the sphere and adding to its already enormous mass. Still the surf raced into the room, draining from the surrounding waters. The sea level around Cinnabar actually dropped. The flood within the room continued winding through the air, joining the arsenal Poliwhirl collected in his hands. It had grown to such a size that it was now larger than castle itself. Then, it stopped. The surface of the lake below now calmed into a glassy smooth, save the few ripples from remnant rain that pierced the tranquil. Such peace would not last long. Zooky waded in the floor, knee deep in water. He looked to Maelstrom, holding a sea in his hands larger than could be seen in a single gaze. He hovered like this for some time, grasping the watery orb. Finally, he turned and slung the ball to the island.

Quickly, it raced to the ground. It sped true to its mark in Zooky, who only waited, anticipating the blow. It crashed into the surface, breaking the still, unleashing a furious storm of waves relentlessly beating the last standing walls. They succumbed to the walls of water, breaking every last piece and carrying it away in the tide. The devastation went on, as a whirlpool formed, carrying with it the deathly siren song of the daughter's of Ran. The impact continued, spiraling high into the air, even above Maelstrom. The waters welled once more, releasing their strengths, driving deep into earth.

Only the fog could be seen after this destruction. Vaporeon of the Mist set upon her haunches. She looked around her, seeing only mist and a barren landscape. The land seemed foreign to her, or at least what she could see. The dirt was moist, and a few of her friends surrounded her. They were passed out, lying in the mud. As the veil lifted, she could see Maelstrom, entirely drained of energy. He lie still, barely even breathing. Vaporeon knew not what had transpired, as Zooky had her mind under his control. She looked around as yet more of the fog cleared, seeing only a vast expanse. Stones once composing the castle's great frame speckled the ground. All around, an earthy ridge surrounded. She then knew that she was actually where the castle once stood, but deep within where once earth was. There she sat, studying this crater, not knowing how it had formed. She dwelled not on this mystery, but rather the once questioning Zooky's whereabouts. She had not seen him. Was this over, or was he still alive?

Jackdaw rose to his knees.
"Uhh... What happened? Oh, no! Where are they," he screamed while checking his belt. "They're gone!"
"You mean you lost your PokéBalls, Jackdaw?" VotM questioned. "No, I had some Twinkies with me, and now they're lost, lost forever. Curse you, Zooky! How could fate be this cruel!" he yelled out loud into the air shaking his hands to the sky violently. Vaporeon shook her head in disgust while sighing.
"Is... Zooky defeated?" Sunny asked, and for once calmed down. No one knew the answer for sure. Vaporeon stared into the parting mist.
"What do you think, Vee?" Hellfire asked her, but his question was interrupted by her gasp. They looked at what startled her so. In the parting mist, a lone figure stood. Wearily, it limped forward.
"i am not through with you yet," said the once booming voice of Zooky, now withered and weak. "i still have the mist stone, i cannot be defeated."
"What, you mean this?" Jackdaw revealed the glistening stone he had concealed in his palm. In disbelief, Zooky peered at the now empty depression on his chest. "This means," he explained, "you're no longer as powerful. Let's get this wacked out lunatic guy!"
"Hey! You're holding the Mist Stone and you're not dead! Giovanni was wrong!" said VotM to Jackdaw.
"Hey, maybe he was," answered Jackdaw. "After all, there is only a deathly burning sensation in my hand and a severe dizzying..." The idiot fell to the ground and the Mist Stone rolled from out his hand. Master Zooky limped toward it, but VotM leapt in the way.
"Not so fast," she said. Zooky would of made some retort, but he was too weak. He simply collapsed on the ground.
"Did he just die?" one of them questioned.
"Let's poke him with a stick to find out," Maelstrom suggested. Punishment grasp a stick from the ground and poked.
"Ow! Why did you do that?" Jackdaw complained.
"Yep, he's alive," Punishment declared to everyone, and then under his own breathe, he whispered, "unfortunately..."
"No, you idiot. I meant for you to poke Zooky. We could all care less about Jackdaw," the Poliwhirl pointed out.
"I knew it," Jackdaw said as he buried his face in his hands crying.
"Hey Vee," Sunny said, "Zooky and the Mist Stone disappeared while you were playing with sticks."
"Oh great! Now we have to find out where he went, and if we ever do find Zooky, he'll probably of evolved more Pokémon to protect him, and he'll be even stronger," yelled VotM.
"I'm tired, Vee. Can we go home?" asked Sunny, who was on the verge of fainting.
"We may all be killed if we try to go back to Seafoam! Of course we can't go home, Sunny," VotM told the furball.
"Well, this all could be worse," said Jackdaw. "At least those robots have all disappeared."
"Robots?" asked Maelstrom. Just then, a hand burst from the ground. The mud slowly slid off its smooth surface as it remained still. The group stood completely petrified, staring at the arm. Well, not all of the group...
"Hey, a hand," Jackdaw started up in his normal incompetent tone. He gingerly walked over to it, and it grasped his leg. "Oh, that bone's going to take a while to heal." It began to pull Jackdaw down as it rose from its earthen confines. When the robot was able to free its other limb, it lifted itself from out its prison and collapsed to the ground. It's head suffered from spasms, and sparks were thrown from out of it.
"must... seek.... reprogramming... setting... coordinates... for the... master of suck..." it's monotone voice unit spoke. It plowed through the sea of mud to the north.
"Follow that SuckBot!" Poliwhirl ordered.
"Hey, you weren't here when we fought one of those things before," VotM pointed out. "How do you know what it is?"
"Everyone knows of the SuckBots. They are manufactured in an arctic facility north of Indigo," answered the tadpole. "They follow their grim master to their joyous death."
"Zooky will be there if he's making those things," said Punishment.
"Yes, he should be their," replied Maelstrom, "but he doesn't make them. He is obviously in cahoots with their creator; however, if you have faced them recently..." He stopped, as though fearing his next words.
"Who is it?" Vaporeon whispered hardly audible through her quivering. With a heavy sigh and large gulp, Poliwhirl finally answered.
"The Master of All That Sucks, Hay Cheng..."
"Hay Cheng?" Jackdaw asked as he pulled a piece of burnt Psyduck from his coat pocket. "Why does that sound familiar?" he said while finishing up the roasted bird. "Oh well, we better get on our way. I can get us there fast." In the blink of an eye, they were all at the doors of the Suck Bot Manufacturing Facility.
"Jackdaw, how did you do that?" a bewildered Vaporeon questioned.
"Do what?" he replied confused.
"Get us here."
"I did?"
She paused and retorted, "You know what: never mind. Let's just go inside."

As the group walked inside they were shocked at what they saw: a huge stadium like room, filled with big vibrating machines, and stuff like that (I'm getting a bit lazy with details).
"Oooooh!" said Sunny looking at the shiny moving parts.
"Will someone please hold Sunny so she doesn't get taken hostage again?" asked VotM. No one said anything but just looked at Punishment.
"Fine!" groaned Punishment as he snatched Sunny by the tail and swung her up onto his head.
"What's that?" asked Jackdaw pointing to a shiny object by the wall.
"It may not be safe," VotM said, "and we all know what that means." Hellfire charged Jackdaw, ramming him toward the wall. The idiot flew far and fell before the wall.
"Ow," complained Jackdaw. "I lost a lot of skin. Hey, what's this? Oooh, shiny," the entranced Jackdaw said. The unknown thing turned to Jackdaw. While he lie prostate, it jumped onto him repeatedly. "Ow, my bones are being broken."
"What is it?" asked VotM.
"Uh, I think its a SuckBot, but I can't tell because of the blinding pain I'm in. That, and I have lost so much blood that I can barely see anymore."
"I guess it's not safe," Hellfire stated.
"You're right, let's go." At that the Pokémon departed from their crippled human companion.
"Hey! You guys aren't going to just leave me here," Jackdaw screamed despite his collapsed lungs, "are you?"
"I think he's right," Maelstrom said. "It may be dangerous letting a SuckBot live." He ran up to the evil being, jumping and smashing the creature against the floor, which contained Jackdaw.
"Aw, I have chunks of metal in me now."
"Shut up, Jackdaw. C'mon, there has got to be either Zooky or Hay Cheng around here somewhere."
"Hay Cheng?" VotM inquired. "I thought we came here for Zooky and the Mist Stone?" she said while looking over Jackdaws wounds.
"Eh, he's just as bad to have around," spoke Poliwhirl. Just then, he was struck to the ground. The assailant was hidden in the shadows, but when it emerged, all could see that it was clearly, the Suck Bot version of Ash!
"Oh the horror!" Jackdaw screamed. "I thought we disassembled that thing for good?"
"Darr!," it awkwardly interrupted. "I want to be a Pokémon master!" it said repeatedly as it fell to the floor many times. "Gya!"
"Watch out, its out of control. We have to put it down," Maelstrom suggested.
"No problem." The Gyarados lunged forward, crushing the annoyance, but it still got up again to continue sucking. "It can't be!"
"Duh, what's that?" the robot asked its Pokédex.
It answered, "That is Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokémon. You've only seen it a dozen times before and should know what it is by now, you moron. I give up-" At that, the handheld information unit self-destructed. The explosion sent the SuckBot, and Jackdaw, away in pieces.
"Well, its about time he's gone," Punishment said sounding relieved.
"I know. I thought the Ash robot would never be defeated," Vaporeon said quickly as she ran over to Jackdaw.
"Robot? I meant Jackdaw," he corrected.
"Hellfire!" cried VotM. "How can you be so cruel? Jackdaw's saved our lives millions of times, in fact we wouldn't even of gotten this far if it weren't for him!" she began to sob, which caused Sunny to cry loudly which began to make Hellfire howl in agony because the Eevee was right by his ear.
"Owwwww... my ears..." moaned what was left of Jackdaw.
"What's that?" asked Maelstrom. "It looks like a robot of Nurse Joy that's been programmed to operate on humans who have been injured by Pokémon. What a coincidence," said the Poliwhirl, rolling his eye's.
"Yay!" cried VotM and Sunny. After the robot had done major surgery on Jackdaw and then given him a balloon for being a good boy, the Vaporeon of the Mist and the others went on through the factory in search for Zooky and/or Hay Cheng.
"Balloon? What the Hell?" Jackdaw stated, confused.
"It looks like fun can I play with it can I can I can I huh huh huh huh huh?" the over active Sunny begged.
"Uh, just be careful," Jackdaw warned. "You can choke on this thing... you know what, don't be careful." The little Eevee pounced onto the balloon. Digging her paws deep into its airy flesh, it bounced out of her reach and away from the group. The small Sunny joyfully chased it.
"Sunny! Don't run off," VotM commanded.
"What's the worst that could happen?" Maelstrom said. Jackdaw, Hellfire, Punishment, and the Poliwhirl all let out a dreamy sigh at the same time.
"Guys," Vaporeon scolded, "we have to go after it." VotM took off. The rest of the group lagged behind.
"Look at that," Punishment pointed out. "This machinery is made of metal." The remaining group acted an awe over the shiny colors.

Still in pursuit of her new toy, Sunny rolled the balloon down a dark corridor, but seemed not the least concerned. Then, a dark foot stepped on the balloon. The pressure popped it, releasing a sound that caused Sunny to halt her little game. She looked up to the face of her foe in fear...

Vaporeon of the Mist continued down the corridor. She came upon remnants of rubber lying in the hall. When the rest eventually showed up, Maelstrom let out a cry.
"I know," said VotM, "Sunny's gone."
"Sunny? No! The balloon!" stated Maelstrom. "What kind of monster would destroy an innocent balloon? Oh, and kidnap a defenseless Eevee, yada yada yada." VotM scowled at him. Then, a menacing laughter pierced the still air.
"Looking for something?" the eerily evil yet somewhat curious voice mocked. In the sayer's grim hands was a fettered Sunny.
"Sunny!" exclaimed VotM.
"Fools!" The speaker came from out the cloak of shadows. "It is I, the Master of Suck himself, Hay Cheng!" Lightning cracked in the distance.
"Uh, aren't we indoors?" Punishment asked.
"Quiet you," Cheng quietly retorted. "Little do you realize that only I hold the key!" He produced a small switch from his dark robe. "Yes, only with this key will all of the robots self-destruct, and the diabolical factory machine's fall! Bwahahahahaha!" They looked at each other puzzled.
"We weren't looking for a key to destroy this place," responded Maelstrom. "We're trying to find Zooky and the Mist Stone."
"Oh, well, I'll just put this away then and bid that you forget what I told you. Now, go my legion of Suck Bots! Series.... Gazillion."
"That's not a number," added the Poliwhirl.
"Minions! Attack the tadpole first," commanded the Master of Maximum Suckage.
"Little do you know, series Gazillion is modeled after the worst and most terrifying being of them all!" the Master of Suck told them. Thundering footsteps slowly advanced towards. The group stood petrified in fear, trying to phathom what horrible things would walk from the shadows. It was worst than any of them could have thought.
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher," the Robots all said, never stopping.
"Oh, the terror! How could you produce something of this much evil!" Jackdaw yelled while pointing at their maker. "I can't stand it anymore!"
"Hi, my name's Tracey. I'm a Pokémon Watcher."
Jackdaw ran at the Legion of Robots.
"Eat this!" cried Jackdaw, going in to a frenzy. He began to punch and kick and bite all at once. Five seconds later the robots were on the floor in pieces. "Wow!" said Jackdaw to himself.
"Curses!" cried Hay Cheng.
"Hay Cheng," a voice echoed. "You suck. I know not why I even worked with you in the first place."
"Do you know who that is?" VotM gasped.
"Uh, is it some sort of faerie," Jackdaw asked, "here to bring us magic gloves?"
"Why do I even bother," she murmured. "No, Jackdaw, that's not who it is."
"Oh, I guess it isn't Zooky then." Vaporeon collapsed from his ignorance. From the shadows the withered and weakened Dooshite came.
"You're not looking your prime, Zooky," Punishment pointed out.
"Ay," he wisped, "reinserting the Mist Stone seemed to have its negative effects. Nonetheless, I am still more powerful that any of you."
"But not combined," Hellfire spoke.
"That, too, is true," Zooky stated, "however, I shall just have to take you on one at a time." At that he signaled to Hay Cheng. The idiot pressed a small button, causing a variety of trap doors to open beneath the group. Each fell into a different chute, sliding into the darkness. The only sounds they hear were the rushing air and their own screams; all they saw was the pitch surrounding them.

Maelstrom attempted to grasp the sides of the chute to prevent his falling. His gloves protected him from much of the friction, but the plummet was too great; he could not stop his descent. He fell into a small dank room. Rubbing his round head for a while, he was finally greeted.
"'Bout time you got here." He looked up. Punishment was hovering in front of him, and Hellfire, Jackdaw, and the rest were all in the little cell.
"Bwahahaha," a laugh grew more evident. Finally, Zooky emerged from the door, and his fancy turned to dismay. "Oh, I really should have made sure that those chute's led to different rooms."
"I'm just surprised that you knew exactly where to place each trap door," Maelstrom said.
"Hay Cheng will pay dearly for this blunder," Zooky angrily spoke. Then, a menacing laughter pierced the cold, still air. "Hay Cheng?"
"Yes, 'tis I, the Master of Suck! Foolish Zooky, I have played you, like some chess piece that people play, and you will find your fate with my enemies!"
"But why, Hay Cheng?" Vaporeon asked.
"*sniff* You made fun of my inserts in Vaporeon Babble," he replied.
"But they sucked... bad," Jackdaw answered. "Now my vengeance will be reaped. Behold, my instrument of your destruction! This!" He quickly produced a spoon.
"Watch out, he's got a spoon!" Jackdaw screamed as he leapt at VotM knocking on the ground as if to shield her.
"Oops, wrong pocket. Here we go," Hay Cheng then revealed a piece of paper.
"That's it," Vaporeon said while kicking Jackdaw off from atop her. "All that is is a few sheets of paper."
"Ut ut, the pen is mightier than the sword, and my pen receives power from my mind and imagination, my sucky imagination!" he explained.
"Oh, no! It's not, is it?"
"Yes, old posts I left earlier in this topic. Bwahahahahahahaha!" He slowly began reading. Everyone in the cell began to cringe in pain, even the Dooshite. Finally, when he could take no more, Zooky lunged at Hay Cheng in a fit of rage.
"Nooo moooore!" he screamed with glowing eyes. His jaw locked around Hay Cheng's head as he sucked his very mind from his body. The vegetablized body collapsed on the ground.
"Wow, we owe you an apology, Zooky. You saved us all," Jackdaw said.
"I feel ill," Zooky softly said. "No! When I absorbed his mind, I, well absorbed it. Suck and all! No!!! What's happening to me," he yelled out in pain.
"A Hypno, empowered with the Mist Stone, and fed on the very fabric of suck," Vaporeon stated while she gazed at Zooky's body transforming. "He's going to become some great abomination."

His body slowly changed, and soon it was a twisted mass of hair and muscles.
"I-am-Nappy!" cried the huge mass of yellow muscle.
"Oh, no! The plot's wearing thin!" Maelstrom exclaimed. "What by the bloody blue eye of Odin is Nappy?"
"Beats me," responded Jackdaw, "but this spoon will defeat it."
"Uh, no it won't," informed Hellfire. "It's just a spoon."
"Not just a spoon. A salad spoon." The group decided to ignore Jackdaw's ignorance and turn their attentions to the new threat.
"Nappy!" the creature uttered.
"Watch out! It sucks! The vile energies of Hay Cheng run through its viens," said VotM. "Our only choice is to destroy it and burn its corpse before it can spread its suck."
"Nappy Suck Wave Attack!" it cried. Pikachus, Ashes, Mewtwos, Psyducks, and all of the other loser Pokémon rained forth.
"It's terrible!" Jackdaw said. "Never before has something this bad ever taken place!"
"Yes it did," retorted Vaporeon. "It just happened earlier in this story."
"I think I would remember what happened to me. You always say that I forget stuff. It's just like the time you said Hellfire killed me with a Hyper Beam. Yeah, I'm sure that that happened."
"We need something with such awesome power and coolness that this Legion of Losers will be destroyed in its holy lights," Punishment stated, once again not minding Jackdaw.

Then, all turned to the distance. Through a window, the last beams of day dwindled away. Riding the skyline like Skinfaxi with all of the Sun's majesty behind, a small speck grew. Nothing dare move; no sound made present if awe of the oncoming. They felt no tremble of earth, but rather of their bones. The end was coming for all who suck.

Closer and closer yet it grew. With a hurrying swiftness, it reached the facility quickly. Through the glass the sphere came. It shattered the pane and ignored the shards which now stuck from out its form. It now revealed its hidden identity. Slowly the fog lifted from about it. The smoke left its body, revealing its blank stare and all mighty dopey smile.
"Koffin'!" it uttered in its royal bellow. All creatures fell before it, submitting to its divine will. Each perished before the god orb. All minions of suck were now lain to rest, except Zooky. "Koffin'!" It cried again as it jetted to Zooky, or Nappy. It collided with its chest.
"Argh, Nappy!" it yelped in pain, then changed its hand into a loud speaker. Puzzled, all watched in terror. It pulled out a mass of boy-band cds, and began to play them at random. The stream of sound from its hand obliterated all in its path. It direct the beam at Koffing and knocked it backwards. Then turning to Jackdaw, something happened.
"Ah!" He threw up his arms as shields. "... Wait, I'm not dead," he obviously could say. He gazed at his spoon, which was reflecting the sound. "Ha! I told you guys!" he braggingly said. He aimed the spoon to rebound the beam back at Nappy, which broke his hand. "This guy's tough. Looks like I'm going to have to risk it all to save us. Come, Koffing, to me!" The comical sphere plopped in his arms as he dashed to Nappy. He leapt in the air, holding Koffing high above him, and brought it down with his descent. "Now, Koffing! Explosion!"
"Kkooofffffiiiinnnn'!" The mighty explosion was detonated right on top of Nappy, blowing him into smithereens as far as they could tell. The entire island was leveled and the group blown far away. Koffing's drained body fell from the sky along with them back on Sea Foam. That was not all that came with them, though.
"Jackdaw!" VotM cried. "Why did you do that... Jackdaw.... Jackdaw?... Ewww."
"What is it, Vap?" Hellfire questioned until he saw the corpse of Jackdaw laying on the shore. "Oh, is he really dead this time?" He tossed the body around, and it soon got impaled on some jagged rocks. "Well, he is now."
"Hellfire! Respect the dead. We should have funeral for him."

After the preparations were made, Jackdaw lie in a casket next to his burial place. They came up, one by one, to pay there respects.
"Well, you were really annoying," Hellfire went on, "and I didn't like you. But I always wanted the be the one who killed you. It shouldn't of been like this."
"Oh, yes, Hellfire, that was beautiful," VotM said in a flat sarcastic tone.
"I never got to know you, but you saved us may times, and - Ooo! A butterfly." Sunny spotted one and ran off. Maelstrom walked up to the casket and flicked up his thumb. Afterward, when the coast was clear, he swiped Jackdaw's watch.
"Good bye, Jackdaw," VotM said, holding back her tears. "Thank you for everything you did." She ran off to hide her crying.
"He was too beautiful to die. Why did this have to happen? Why?" Jackdaw said while pounding on the coffin.
"Jackdaw!?!?!? But, you're dead?"
"I am?"
"Yes, you're in the casket... with your watch," Maelstrom said quickly concealing his theft, shifting his eyes side to side. He lifted the lid and peered inside at his corpse.
"Well, I'll be. You're right," he admitted.
"How can you be looking at your corpse and still be alive at the same time?" VotM questioned.
"Oh, that! Well, you see -"

The End