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ThingMay, 2007
Thursday, the 31st
The very unique multiple signature feature of the forums got a handy interface much like the Spot system of the REWS. In fact, it was completely stolen from it!
Thursday, the 24th
Preview button added to the forum replies. FtRPG with confidence (if anyone still used that function... by which I mean the forums in general).
AmbulidApril, 2007
Monday, the 30th
After a very eventful month, I have added links on the forum pages which lead straight to the new replies made in a topic since a member's most recent visit.
Thursday, the 5th
Shadow Aura Release: Seogrim. Yeah, we still do these things.
ManawedeMarch, 2007
Saturday, the 31st
It would seem that members only began to care about the new version of Shadow Aura (originally scheduled for the Ides but never completed since no one showed the slightest interest) only after it was supposed to be released. Well, you'll be happy to know that work has resumed on it.
In the mean time, I put up a refresher of the last five posts in a topic whenever a reply is made. Yes, that feature was just now finally added. I guess Shadow Aura isn't the only part of this site that has fallen by the wayside due to overwhelming member apathy.
Thursday, the Ides
Well, today's the Ides, so here is what we were all waiting for: Unscur finally has decent images! What a three-year anniversary for Shadow Aura!
AmphisbaenaFebruary, 2007
Wednesday, the 21st
No, I did not forget the RE League anniversary. To commemorate the epic seventh year of this game, I have finally made good on a promise and put up shiny intro graphics on the REL main page to lead between games. Beats plain text any day.
Wednesday, Valentine's Day
After years of hoarding quotes and promising, I finally put up a randomizing script just for this day of the year, relating all sorts of whimsical and biting sayings about love at the top of every RE page!
JoogumJanuary, 2007
Friday, the 26th
Preferences were added to the REWS to help customize some things, and an Author Ranking and Writing High Council were established to support the talented and remove the harmful.
Sunday, the 21st
REWS discussion moderation changed to allow member edited and deleted posts as well. The REWS is also now featured on the Forum listing as far as updates to it go; the old Writing board has been renamed Authors and Artists.
Friday, the 19th
Anonymous discussion board posting was added to the REWS (which makes a lot of sense considering the rest of it is anonymous) as well as some basic moderating features to help keep the talk tidy.
Tuesday, the 16th
The REWS (yes, REWS again) has the Spot system implemented today, which allows for goals and reminders to be added for all authors to see.
Tuesday, the 2nd
They're comin' fast this year, aren't they? The REWS officially debuts today, and it brings with it post-by-post summaries! Too bad someone has to write all of those...
Monday, New Year's Day
There is a new discussion feature in the REWS called the Author Channel. For every story, there is a board which is accessible only by -- you guess it -- authors for that story. OOC text has also been hidden from view unless clicked, and members can even access their in-progress works on a scratch pad from their Control Panel.
DolfoolDecember, 2006
Sunday, New Year's Eve
The Hippogryph was finally released as a B-Monster, thereby finishing my Christmas giveaway monsters from last year.
Saturday, the 23rd
A new splash page is up (finally). Not much of an actual update, but the Writing section has never been more active (and slightly updated). Check it out!
Wednesday, the 6th
With the recent funcational increases in the BD Battle Board, I decided it was high time to give it a face lift, too. It is now compact, colorful, and sorted by level!
SpugNovember, 2006
Thursday, the 30th
In addition to a few tidied arrangements in the BD login, players now earn extra Bonus Points for purchasing relics and the like for participating in the RPeX/REWS.
Tuesday, the 14th
I started sorting troop listings in Shadow Aura by species, level, and score. Things started getting motley as troops were dying off.
Sunday, the 12th
In order to speed up challenges, if someone fails to respond to a BD challenge within two days, they are removed from the Battle Board.
RestlessOctober, 2006
Sunday, October 29th
Two Shadow Aura updates: Troops finally die of old age in addition to their current methods, and members can no longer retreat and instantly attack the same area. That was just sad and annoying, so now they are forced to have dignity and wait before being defeated again.
Thursday, October 19th
A new battle mode was made for END. Spirit walls are no longer randomized, and now dreamers have only ten, specific hits instead of the previous fifty until being defeated. The CPU opponent cannot be attacked to death, either. Only pushing to the other side will grant victory. Luckily, now shots in a battle come from the middle of the field, with a handy preview to boot.
Thursday, October 12th
Endless Night's Dream sees its third anniversary today. Sad, ain't it? Almost as sad as the fact that the previous splash page was up since the site's anniversary back in June. Well, a combination Halloween/END splash replaces it until I can sort out the better END updates for later this month.
TiamatSeptember, 2006
Wednesday, September 27th
Battling Dragons sees its fifteenth adoptable monster with the addition of Bimblesnaff's Peluda.
Friday, September 22nd
I have the Puzzle Dream Builder up for END (located in the log-in). People can even get their own custom high score boards now. Woulda had more, but my computer died. Ouch.
Thursday, September 7th
A new search feature was added to the RPeX. Spiffy!
BD Tuesday, September 5th
The Monster-Making Guide for BD finally wraps up, what with Tiamat being finished and all. Hooray!
Flop HopAugust, 2006
Thursday, August 31st
Tiamat is released, making it the first new adoptable in more than two years.
BD Tuesday, August 29th
The inked Tiamat images were put up in the monster tutorial. Oh yeah, and the RPeX is making its transition to the REWS with synopses and stuff.
BD Tuesday, August 22nd
More pencil sketches were released of the rest of Tiamat.
BD Tuesday, August 15th
Pencil work for the monster guide was put up on a brand new page.
Monday, August 14th
Another comic, plus some RPeX work, like indentation and a few other things you won't even notice.
BD Tuesday, August 8th
Another more comictude. I have begun to wonder if anyone even realizes that these things exist...
BD Tuesday, August 1st
More comictude. The recent heatwave has made it too hot to draw. Serves me right for having this hippy hair...
Patriot 'HoggJuly, 2006
BD Tuesday, the 25th
I tried to start up the BD Championship comic. It serves to flesh out the feuds that the titles will soon generate, which will be well documented thanks to this new feature.
END of the Week, the 23rd
Another END Journal post (there aren't much more), and BD Championship pages are up, plus a handy link to both Seasonal and Title winners on the BD main page.
BD Tuesday, the 18th
Another page to the Monster guide is up, this time concerning spells.
END of the Week, the 16th
More Dream Journal, more of me wanting to sleep.
Saturday, the 15th
Many years after LotGJ made its debut, it is finally the beginning of the end for this sequel. With work to finish up the RE League in progress, my plate is officially too full.
BD Tuesday, the 11th
Aside from a lot of debugging in the recently added championship belts (is it possible to have an RE debut without bugs?), a new page in the monster tutorial is up.
Sunday, the 9th
'Tis the BD Anniversary, and I was serious about those championship belts. Two of them are introduced into tournaments today. (They should have been won today, but there was some really poor planning on my part.)
END of the Week, the 8th
More journal entries. Don't worry; almost done with the back-story.
BD Tuesday, Independence Day
The Sirena makes its B-Monster debut.
END of the Week, the 2nd
The site submittal engine and directory was released for END today, featuring only Fan Sites and Graphics. To complement the graphical section, the first portion of the Dream Builder concentrating on making custom avatars for other members to use was released. Changing avatars can now be as simple as a click of the mouse instead of supplying the URLs in full.
Dream SpiritJune, 2006
BD Tuesday, the 27th
A guide on making monsters gets more additions, including the first glimpses of Tiamat (as tho' you cared).
END of the Week, the 25th
More journal updates.
BD Tuesday, the 20th
The good ol' Fenrisulf makes its BD Debut today.
Sunday, the 18th
A bit of a mismatched update today, but the Cock Fish made its B-Monster debut in BD, and I also put up a list of the Top Dreamers in END (after reading a two-year old forum post discussing that very things).
END of the Week, the 17th
All of the old journal entries have been replaced with newer versions.
BD Tuesday, the 13th
A few fixed pictures for the Bennu were put up, including the real Fledgling. Also, Animewatcher's Ammit has finally debuted, although only as a B-Monster.
END of the Week, the 10th
Another minimal journal entry update: Day and Prologue #2 again.
BD Tuesday, the 6th
Stick a fork in 'em; after two years, Bennu is finally finished, with the three spell images of the Pharaoh added today.
Saturday, the 3rd
The first END of the Week update (and really pushin' at the end, too) was made today with the redebut of the Dream Journal in its new style: big pictures, less text. Hopefully, it will be in everyone's favor, and the rest of the entries will be quick (which, when compared to the previous speed, anything would be).
Thursday, the 1st
It is a new year for Reality's End after seven long ones on the internet. A new splash picture is up to commemorate this time. It says it all.
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