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BennuMay, 2006
Wednesday, the 31st
END of the Month: New shaded shots and real pictures for the explosions were added. Battle Mode is playable and possibly enjoyable now that shots cost no energy to use (just trick shots and spirit walls do). Finally, a few rare bugs in trick shots were fixed.
BD Tuesday, the 30th
Finally, a Pharaoh for the Bennu! All of the spells are inked, but as of yet uncolored.
BD Tuesday, the 23rd
The Bennu Fledgling finally sees some spell pictures -- all of them, to be exact!
BD Tuesday, the 16th
The filler Bennu image for the past year (which was simply a red Bmola) was replaced with an image of the actual Bennu. This finally allowed me to redesign the sign-up page to feature images of every monster that rotate through all of the forms and spells. Spiffy!
Tuesday, the 9th
Starting things off right with the first installment of BD Tuesdays! Both Behemoth and Hippocerf received their adult form pictures today.
END?April, 2006
Sunday, the 30th
Two sweeping BD changes occured today, bringing the came closer to statistical perfection. The hit formula was made utterly perfect, which largely means evasion has been reduced to a normal value instead of the wrongly enjoyed high it has been. Degeneration is now not only resisted by both Defense and Virtue, but its formulae have been adjusted as well.
END of the Month: A second tutorial was put up for Trick Shots. I am not used to having the expanded text box, so I shall see what I can do about making it more verbose.
Tuesday, the 18th
At the behest (i.e. complaining) of some members, the BD tag tourney AI now displays as the actual moves instead of the vague indicator "tag". See, complaining can get you places
Tuesday, the 11th
The Battling Dragons Battle Board gets some recognition today; whenever someone does not respond to a challenge, they are removed from it. Seems like that should have been there before, but it was not. I also made a script to move BW stories to the new and improved RPeX, as though that would get people to acknowledge them.
IrishMarch, 2006
Friday, the 31st
END of the Month: General clean-up was done: links added to the public profile, battle layout changed, several images made transparent, and the Null Spirit's appearance changed to how I have thought it looked for at least a year now...
Saturday, the 18th
As with any new feature, the RPeX had a lot of tweaks and improvements made to it, most noteworthy being the print page and comment boards built into every story and post. They aren't bad for one night's work.
Friday, the 10th
This site sees its first new feature in about a year: the RPeX. It is a specially designed writing board for RPs and IASes, something many of the forum members have taken.
My ValentineFebruary, 2006
Tuesday, the 28th
Those new monthly and seasonal BD earnings have been made automatic, and can also be something that is not Wyrd Water, so you may be seeing different prizes to strive for on a monthly basis.
END of the Month: The viewer for a dreamer's halo is up on their account pages. It really is not all that impressive with only three totems to fill it up right now.
Tuesday, the 21st
Images for Gwen, Wolfgang, Kenneth, and Kero were added to LotGJ as well as the splash page. Don't worry; the anniversary may be over, but I still have some REL updates to make (to make up for my month-long absence).
Thursday, the 2nd
There is now a cap on how much damage can be healed in a Battling Dragons match. I also added some detailed messages on healing so that members know just how much life their Hydrae aren't recovering.
BasiliskJanuary, 2006
Tuesday, the 31st
For those of you who don't remember (and I am sure there are a lot), the final leg of the Christmas giveaway was picking a new B-Monster to come out for each month of this year. While I am supposed to go in order, two people requested the Wyvern, so it bumped out the first requested monster to debut today! Since pickers also get a free adoption of the monster, I had to make an system through which the lucky members could adopt again while restricting the choice.
END of the Month: I am still trying to get the quirks out of battle mode. I put up a qualifying puzzle when modifying a spirit wall, which proved harder than expected...
Monday, the 23rd
It's that time of year again! The RE League turns six years old today, so I'm making a splash page image that will grow with characters throughout the month-long celebration!
Thursday, the 12th
The monthly/seasonal standings information (which have been collected since version four debuted) have finally been posted. Since these things are supposed to be accompanied by prizes, I've back-logged all one hundred and twenty-eight Wyrd Water's due to the various top-scoring members! Things such as levels up, victories, and tourneys won are ranked, so try to do a lot of them all the time.
To-PoDecember, 2005
Saturday, New Year's Eve
END of the Month: Two new stock avatars were added to be as different from the current ones as possible: the Claw Dreamer and Wild Dreamer.
Friday, the 30th
Now that Tag Team tourneys seem to have gotten all the bugs out, I have allowed anyone with a level five familiar or higher to adopt a Bonus Monster -- no contests needed!
Shadora Release: Visanmi (from the Christmas Giveaway)
Sunday, the 18th
An enormous, eighteen-monster update, a year in the making, was made to the bestiary today -- all Bonus-Monsters. A B-Monster section was also added to the FAQ. Gee, I wonder what could be happening later today...
Sunday, the 11th
New holiday splash is up, plus a link for the new Christmas contest. I have also been adding heaps of new techs to all of the BD monsters recently.
BennuNovember, 2005
Wednesday, the 30th
Christmas comes early for some of you dragon battlers; second familiars are now available when your first is raised to level fifteen, no longer twenty.
END of the Month: Spirit Walls are in. You can make them, and you can use them. That's about it.
Sunday, the 27th
Tag-team tournaments are back in BD, and hopefully in a good, improved way. While I was adding the new command controls, I also added a much-requested Undo button for setting (or unsetting) AI.
Sunday, the 20th
I always believed that I would be able to keep smart enough members in my forums as to never require something like a Move feature. Surprisingly, they have met that standard, but a bunch of BW topics (made before BW had its own forum) have polluted various other boards for too long, so I finally cracked and made a topic Moving function.
I am also going to experiment with a condensed FtRPG console on the forum main page. Plus, today marked the first public viewing of WWW.RE.
Tuesday, the 15th
A new (frog)splash page was made for another hard update, commemorating Eddie Guerrero. Viva la raza!
Sunday, the 6th
The Nightmare and Dream Totems were added to END. They are in the same puzzle as the Spirit Totem. Also, actual images were made for them instead of the generic crystal.
NightmareOctober, 2005
Monday, Halloween
Well, the first END of the Month update almost didn't happen, and even tho' it happened, it still barely did. Crystal Survival was released, but more importantly, special blocks, the BakuJar, power level depletion, and the gaining of Dream Halo and Big Shots was all added in spirit, even if you can't do much (or anything, in some cases) with the stuff yet.
Monday, the 24th
A small update was made for Board Writing -- previewing, saving, and screening was added to the capabilities of the posting page. Huzzah!
Sunday, the 23rd
END gets a splash page (although it is also a holiday splash -- for Halloween), and it is the first new splash since more than half a year ago! Endless Night's Dream also sees the introduction of Battle Mode, but there isn't much for it to do than be random practice right now since some more frills are needed for it to do anything neat.
Wednesday, the 12th
For the first time ever, Endless Night's Dream's birthday was remembered! I've been working very hard on it all month, and shall continue to, starting with the biggest update for it ever -- Netscape compatibility! Now what's your excuse for not playing?
LynxSeptember, 2005
Friday, the 30th
Finishing off this problematic month's updates is Board Writing gaining its very own forum board and a new rules feature to eliminate any future OOC waste.
The Shadow Aura Bull's-Eye Board was also put up. It lists the top players in the game so that up-and-comers know just whom to attack.
Thursday, the 15th
A bit late for a first update of the month, but whatcha gonna do? I finally made Domum Beluae -- or House Monsters -- to beef up BD tourneys, as well as fixed up some summoning stuff since the first tag team tourney began.
Shadora Release: Lunarcit
MisikinubikAugust, 2005
Wednesday, the 31st
I had to make at least one more update this month, so I quickly coded up the long awaited Tag Team battles in BD. Of course, any actual use of them is still quite far away since they only exist for tournaments and those things take a while to come around...
Wednesday, the 24th
With a working scanner at last, I've made up for some lost time by putting up every missing month's update image, put up the new top-bar navigation, and declared the fourth annual Birthday Contest on the main site. Whew!
Sunday, the 7th
The recently resurrected BD RPG got some much needed work done today, including death handling, recovery timing fixes, dispelling and curation, a non-blank FAQ section, and even some more to do!
MishipishiwJuly, 2005
Thursday, the 28th
That good guy Mad Goblin has been making so many new monsters that they deserve an update all their own! I also added a new Game Preferences option to Shadora with a load of new features to make your lazy life even easier and lazier, controlling how you receive and handle message.
Shadora Releases: Kokinora, Palsos, Terygrothia, Diablama, and Nygultro!
Saturday, the 16th
More Board Writing! The Author Control Panel (or ACP for short) went up today, containing a lot of useful information including vote tallies for all your posts. It can also manage e-mail subscriptions to stories, so as you can imagine, the other update I made was e-mail subscriptions to any time a story is added to.
Monday, the 11th
Another anniversary missed -- this time BD. Without scanner, I can't make/finish creatures as I normally do, so no real big loss. I did plan on re-releasing the BD RPG at long last, but I zonked out due to blood loss. So instead, I got it working well (rare for new features around here) and got it out today! Boo-yah!
Mokele-MbembeJune, 2005
Thursday, the 30th
The month unspectacular ends with Shadora finally getting the basic e-mail, site, and password changing functionality enjoyed by everything else on this site and the web. Continuing with Shadora updates, battles now have an information option to see the library page of any enemy troop in battle, which is especially useful for newcomers.
Shadora Release: Astrynam.
Saturday, the 25th
A few odd jobs were done for TSC. Safe areas were taken on the Uncontrolled Lands list, the Library option was added for viewing in the log-in, and troops may be swapped between two neighboring areas under similar control. Also, I added a way to stop battles for a little while if you go on vacation. I refuse to automate this sort of feature, so you gotta e-mail me if you want to use it.
Shadora Release?! We still do those? Apparently, 'cause Brongoron debuted.
Thursday, the 16th
The Board Writing feature of this site had its voting system improved. Now members can vote on an entire page at as time. Maybe this will make 'em vote more. Also, it is being called Board Writing, at least for the time being. Maybe this will actually clue people in to what it is. If not, I can always go back to the old name, or another from the list of names I made with the initials "BW".
Saturday, the 11th
The anniversary curse hits harder than ever! On this sixth year of Reality's End, I was marooned without my own connection for a whole freakin' month! This sorta makes all of the previous yearly strokes of bad luck look tame...
The top-bar navigation expanded a bit. I had all sorts of stuff planned for the layout on the anniversary, but not only did I lack a connection -- my scanner is also broken. Score two for the curse.
My return brings a lot of B&W work. Most notably, there now exists full directory listing of all stories -- current and dead -- and a way to read the posts that got killed. Trust me, you want to read them.
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