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SalamanderMay, 2005
Friday, the 13th
Apologies up front for not having a better update for this day, but the Shadora battle-status (including troops used and defeated) has been added to every battle screen. End dates are now shown, and end dates can now change! Trying to sneak in the last action will no longer work; the end date can be bumped up to allow for reaction.
Wednesday, the 11th
After a much needed month-long break from Shadow Aura, work has resumed with a much friendly movement interface telling you upfront if a monster cannot naturally travel into a terrain (at the expense of some other displayed info).
The new Black&White had its after-voting navigation eased, and ratings are no longer displayed on the posts.
Null SpiritApril, 2005
Wednesday, the 27th
Although it came out earlier this week (and was programmed more than a year ago), Black and White makes its debut today. It is one of the few non-game aspects of Reality's End -- it is an Interactive Story writer! Check it out!
Shadow Aura Releases: Inferigna.
Saturday, the 16th
The Battling Dragons challenge data is finally up on every potential battler. Two numbers are displayed: the reliability of the member responding based on recorded history and the raw percentage of challenges responded to. These along with the date on which a member was last active will keep challenges going to those two deserve it.
Shadow Aura Releases: Mykanid.
Sunday, the 3rd
John Paul II, the Pontiff, passed away yesterday. Over the mourning period, Reality's End will go black for the second time in its history.
UnscurMarch, 2005
Thursday, the 31st
I made good on my promise to greatly increase TSC's loading speeds, and I also added a dandy new system to identify battle elements, including where attack grids are going and who's getting hit with some nice layered-like imagery (and no more Paint-made crossbones dead icon).
Shadow Aura Releases: Orndia, Petoskolki, Ygrolith, Ukabaton, Algoardor, and Divinira.
Tuesday, the 22nd
I tried to tidy up the Library pages for each monster. Viewing an area now also displays a small clipping of the continent map for further navigatability. I am also trying to find ways to cut down on the new game's bandwidth consumption. I don't think it will be an issue; I just don't want it to be one, either.
Shadow Aura Releases: Kymplemist and Tragkrios.
Sunday, the 20th
This is a first: I made an update early in the day, but didn't post it here on time! Usually, I'm scrambling around at midnight to get updates made.
Anyhow, The Shadora Collections seems to be a success of sorts. I expanded the map to several times its initial size and starting making navigation for it a bit easier.
Shadow Aura Release: Pagnakros.
Tuesday, the Ides
Lemme see... what did I do today? Oh, right! I made a new board in the forums for Shadow Aura.
Now why did I do that again? Now I remember! The new Shadow Aura game -- Collections -- was released today. That seems worth noting.
Shadow Aura Releases: Unscur, Dokutoge, Ardranipuls, and Bithed.
Thursday, the 3rd
New splash page uploaded today, and since it is now March and this is Reality's End, the pic is all about The Ides, the date on which things classically go down on this site.
Then, Unscur was picked to represent this month's updates. Gee, I wonder why?
M&GFebruary, 2005
Monday, the 28th
The first elimination tournament went fairly well. It was small and rushed, but Camo and Ripper Nomercy have become the first to gain a BD Title: King of Wintertime! Anyone who challenges them will now gain an additional point of valor! Maybe some other stuff, too, when I feel like adding it.
Monday, the 21st
Sorta sad for the end of the fifth REL anniversary celebration, but... promotions were done? I also added in a dead-link reporter not so that they can be found out easier (I had a script for that), but rather to make it easier to sort through the endless complaints I get.
Friday, the 18th
Well this is sad. Not only is the REL anni almost over, but the month as well! A lot of problems this shortest of months, including a short down-time for the site itself. Mini-Geirrek was picked as the representation since it sure wasn't The League.
I did get Rare battles up for normal gym leaders, too; no longer just Maelstrom City can have big, strong monsters to catch.
?January, 2005
Monday, the 31st
Well, I think I can finally say that the second style of BD tournament pairings -- Elimination -- is up. It comes after a lot of reworking on the tourney creation page, including a bottom-of-page guide and changing the restrictions to radio-type buttons, which should have alleviated confusion about whether a monster had to meet just one requirement of a tournament or all of them in order to join.
Sunday, the 23rd
Yeesh, has it really been that long? Lousy college... well, the RE League anni is looking around, so that not only means a new splash page, but lots of REL-centric updates to come!
Friday, the 7th
First update of the month! Of the year, in fact, and we're bringing it in with... something! From a half-planned out game idea I had. The li'l guy up there has no name, but I did note that since it cannot be hugged, it is always sad.
On a more important note, the BD Tournament FAQ page is up. There is much room to be improved for the veteran, but the average newcomer will find it quite helpful... I think.
LunarcitDecember, 2004
Friday, New Year's Eve
An update I hate to make, a memorial splash page has been erected for the actor Jerry Orbach, who died this Tuesday.
I also finally put up the image for this month's updates.
Wednesday, the 29th
A new function was implemented to create multiple tourneys with similar parameters at a time, something I commonly did for Battling Dragons but with much more complexity. Members will not be able to use this function, however, when making their own tournaments, which as of today is allowed by the Tournament Point Spender. Relics and all sorts of other goodies can also be purchased by spending hard-earned tourney points.
On the subject of points, I finally re-added them to the ranking page for BD. I really had to in order to get an idea of how much different items needed to cost.
Friday, Christmas Eve
Today's prize -- the best -- for the Twelve Days was the introduction of Bonus Monsters to Battling Dragons, special familiars that can only fight in tournaments. Coolies thing about them is that they are picked from usually unattainable species, like Behemoth, Hippocerf, and Sea Dog.
Wednesday, the 15th
Do you know what might go well with Christmas? A Christmas splash page. Who else should it feature than Candyman from Aftermath: the Prologue, which was added to the RP Extracts today!
Sunday, the 12th
New relics added, and it has been a while: Draconce, Kunee, and Ophiuchus. Now, they are easier than ever to add; I even have a good pile up of other ones to add once I think of an effect for them.
I also reopened the Christmas Give-Away -- come and get 'em!
Dress-upNovember, 2004
Tuesday, the 30th
I think a monthly update image adds a little something to the news, don't you? I guess these thing should have more effort put into them than Turkey Suit 'Faxi and Pilgrim To-Po, but that is good enough to wrap up this month.
I also rigged up some sort of reward function into FtRPG for the authors of completed stories. Now I just have to get unlazy enough to use it...
Tuesday, the 23rd
If you are reading this, then you undoubtably know what the update was -- new main page! Even the welcoming text has changed for the first time in R.E. history! It is sleek and image-filled with links now placed at the side rather than in the updates themselves to be outdated and broken in the future.
You will notice that these main page images also appear in the News Box, now active in every page's side bar under To-Po.
Monday, the 15th
It is about time I replaced that Halloween splash, and with the Rex Ranarum in his debut splash at that. The side bar finally has the heading image for the Site section as well.
Saturday, the 6th
I did not want to have to do this, but a lock feature has been added to the forums, along with a shiny lock icon for locking. Too many opinionated people want to debate, and back in the hey-days of intelligent members like Ryuujin, that was okay, but not any more. This is a gaming site, people!
Wednesday, the 3rd
Good bye, old layout! No more starry background, no more Phantasy and Poliwhirl sections, no more music! All of this was done for the sake of download times.
Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
An FtRPG update? That is right! Today, the Cross token was introduced, much to the delight of all those tired of constantly relearning Combine. Much hassle was also eliminated with the introduction of the second short-cut system to the forums, the bang system -- by preceding the name of an item with an exclaimation point, it can be fabricated on the fly.

Thursday, October 21st, 2004
I wanted this out sooner, but working without scanning software is quite the bugger. I was still able to get out a Hallowe'en splash pic of Nalez of the newest generation of Shadora monsters. Yes, that concept is still around and worked on. I also added in Master Mode to END.

Thursday, October 14th, 2004
Couldn't stop the on-the-week updates; tournaments buggered something awful and required quite a bit of debugging, especially in the win and prize department. In addition to that, I did get some, of all things, END work done for the anniversary... which turns out to have been two days ago and not next week. Oops... Chamelon and Backlash Trick Shots were introduced. The management script for it was also done, so expect your bad dreamer titles and trick shots to be changed as well as obtaining a new sort of description I have yet to find use for.

Thursday, October 7th, 2004
Another late-night on-the-week update! I really got to stop this cycle. Anyway, tournaments received the final nail in the coffin: functional timing scripts. Aside from the win determination and auto-cancelling features, tournaments now use the exact same script as any other battle instead of a seperate one, so outcomes in tournaments are typical of normal web battles.

Thursday, September 30th, 2004
Hooray! Tournaments are back up to join, and this time, as an integrated part of Battling Dragons instead of a diddy side-feature. You can now access tournament information from your account log-in. There is a lot made that has not been put up, too, including a Tournament Creation page that is now user-friendly enough for members to use to create tournaments (at what cost is still to be determined...).
Because of new NDR functionality, I had to make a system in which to set Grid and AI for a creature's upcoming tournaments, remaining tournament matches, and the current match. Achem! That's a lot of stuff to set.

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
It has always been one of my greatest aspirations... Three years ago, I set out to make a forum better than any other because I had a vision... and today, that vision came true.... Random Signatures! No longer is anyone cursed to having only one sig; you can now enter many and have them randomly displayed with every post!
Relics were finalized, and tournament viewing and sign-up was added, but without all of the other basic tournament functions (such as creating them), those serve little use right now.
RoR Square Rooted was added to the Forum Extractions as well, which was added to the Stuff page.

Thursday, September 16th, 2004
Okay, in keeping with getting BD back up to its old speed, Relics were reintroduced today.... sorta? I mean, they are there, but they lack a lot of explanation... and all of the new ones cannot even be obtained what without tourneys being around yet.

Thursday, September 9th, 2004
I just got my connection back today what with all the misbegosh of moving, so I had to hurry out an update, but what an update it is! The Battling Dragons Ranking page can now sort by level, wins, and total battles as well as show listings for individual or groups of species. Who needs the search page now?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
Another sucky birthday, and a really sucky birthday contest. Oh well. Battling Dragons v4.0 did fairly well for its first week. A huge FAQ was written for it, the Battle Board was brought back with new functionality to ensure it is always full, and at long last.... Skills are in BD!

Thursday, August 26th, 2004
Oy, the proper properization of the new Battling Dragons took some time, and it will take a bit more to get some old favorites like relics and tourneys back in it, but you can fight now, at least.

Thursday, August 19th, 2004
Well, it took a series of days for everything to quite get wiped properly, but the fourh version of Battling Dragons was released... late. Challenges will still require some time to gel properly, but you can... get boosts and learn techs.

Thursday, August 12th, 2004
Hey, I got back home, which is why absolutely no work has been done. I just recently got the virus-ridden computer here working enough to finish work on NDR... problem now is that I have to start the challenge cancellations all over again.
Battling Dragons.... Fourth Version.... Sunday morning.... that's it.

Thursday, August 5th, 2004
Well, a very unpleasant update indeed. Obviously, BD did not make its release. It was due to disk corruption for the most part. Finals pushed it back more, so now, everything is crazy. Now that its release prepping is shot, I cannot just throw it out again.
So, I have instead added some more MIDIs -- the true lazy update -- from Ultima: Exodus. I am also going to announce my Deviant Art page that new artwork will terrorize.

Thursday, July 29th, 2004
I have been prepping Battling Dragons for the switch to version 4.0b coming up this weekend. Hopefully, everything will be in place by then. I have been hard at work getting the final/all changes made for it.
I also finally got around to adding Paint It Black to all music sections of this site, not just splash page.

Friday, July 23rd, 2004
I did a lot of debugging on FtRPG today with the creation of an action parser script, which allows me fix things like Forge, Bio, and Trap much faster. I also have improved the RP extraction script to include more RPs and better extractions, full with color-choosing options, and no signatures.

Friday, July 16th, 2004
I have finally implemented the Master Account viewing page on account of someone finally making an RP tech with a confusing name. This new page, of course, displays what the components of any RP techs are. A sword and upside down smile icon were also added in addition to the remaining Bennu Egg pictures.

Friday, July 9th, 2004
For a very happy fifth anniversary for Battling Dragons, a requisite splash page to replace the sucky site anniversary splash page was put up featuring a happy sixteen monsters. Today also marked the release of two more monsters to Battling Dragons, Zedd's Ryu in full and my Bennu much less complete, but adoptable nonetheless.

Monday, July 5th, 2004
The curiosity of Battling Dragons monster comparison was added today. You can use it in the normal View Account page to see two monsters side by side rather than in two seperate windows. It should also be noted that since this is the first week in July, the very popular although very deceptive NDR promo was released.

Monday, June 28th, 2004
Hey, who doesn't like more monsters? If you in fact do not, then you will be very angry that the Sea Dog has been added as an enemy -- in full -- and Mad Goblin has drawn up the new adoptable Miraj, the yellow bunny of doom!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
Well, it is about blutty time! Hrimfaxi has been redrawn in full with its final Chariot pics being made today. With these closes a dark chapter in BD history of ugly, ugly pictures and begins a new one of slightly more tolerable images.

Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
More Hrimfaxi pictures were added today, this time of the Colt variety. In a rather different change of pace, two monsters were added to the Bestiary to vote on, Barguest and Falak.

Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
As is due to any time after a new monster is released (or remade in this case), more Hrimfaxi pictures were added. In order to fill up the rest of this update text box, I also threw in all of the unmentioned splash pages to the Artwork.

Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
And a happy fifth birthday to Reality's End... sorta. Lots of problems with the Hrimfaxi remake, including my pen borking. Ack. At least I got its two other form pictures up, and 'Faxi is finally a true horse of the night now, complete with non-confusing spells. Of course, a new splash page was put up for the anniversary.

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