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Time is in a hole somewhere...
Posted Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 22:41

If you are wondering where I have been these past two?! months, just look back to the previous update. Where else does all time go, never to be heard from again? At least I've been getting back into making Minecraft Mods. However, this time around, I am focusing entirely on the server-side so that users won't have to alter their own client in any way.

  • Mob heads can be collected by using a Silk Touch Axe.
  • Very rarely, mobs can wear a mob head as a "helmet".
  • The last few lines of the chat buffer are sent to a player when they first sign-on (or when coming back from a connection interruption).

You might be able to tell that I don't want to change the fundamental concepts of the game in anyway; I still want Minecraft to be Minecraft. They are very inoffensive changes that could be applied to any server. Not quite sure how to distribute them, however. Could I set up a GitHub to distribute patches for patches?

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