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I have probably programmed more in JavaScript than any other language. I have used it to make games and other little, useful effects on this site. I am sometimes asked how I made these things, and I tell people the same thing -- I do not have the code section on my site anymore. It was really unpopular when I first had it, but enough people asked, so I brought it back.

Music Randomizer - Music on a website is fine so long as you do not have to listen to the same song over and over as some unfortunately do. Randomization makes short work of that. Moreover, this MIDI player will switch tracks if the same song has been playing too long.

You should go through the script and change the script to meet your specialized needs. Just look for the conveniently placed CHANGE comments located in the script; there are only two of them, one at the bottom and one in the song list.
The entire thing is one large JavaScript, so it will easily fit into one imported script. If your song list ever becomes large, I recommend using it as an imported script for the sake of load speed.

Color Picker - In the AD&D Story Book, I allow users to pick the color of the text they read. This comes in handy for any large text block; why should you decide what is most comfortable to read? You do not have your readers' eyes, and if you did, it would be very creepy and quite criminal.
The code works simply enough. All you need to do is display some buttons:

All you need for this script to be complete is a DIV or some other HTML element with the ID of coltext, like so:
<div id="coltext">Hey, this text will change color!</div>
You can change the color values to whatever you fancy and arrange the buttons however you wish.

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