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Reality's End :: QBASIC :: Killin'
Genre:Fantasy / Adventure
System Requirements:Among other things, you must have Q-BASIC to play this game. If you don't have Q-BASIC, you might find it on your Windows CD-ROM under the folder old tools. You will also need a VGA moniter that supports 256 colors. If you got this from the internet, however, chances are that you more than meet those requirements.
Killin's phantasy/adventure style requires fast movement and good control; therefore, it can only be played with a joystick. There is no keyboard only version, so unless you have a two button joystick, you cannot play.
Download Instructions:When you download the ZIP file, be sure to place its contents inside of the same folder that you have your Q-BASIC program stored in. File writing and running procedures in Killin' requires such. You should see two files inside your Q-BASIC program's directory after unZIPping, killin.bat, which you can double click to run Killin', and the folder killin which contains a default joystick calibration file, this ReadMe file, and two BAS files, Act One and Act Two.
This game has been revised as Daemon Dawn.
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