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Daemon Dawn (Demo)Daemon Dawn
Genre:Fantasy / Adventure
Screenshots:Fire Seth on the Bridge
Information:Daemon Dawn is the graphical update to the old Killin' game I made a few years back. In addition to the sleeker look, it also ditched the joystick for keyboard controls. Plus, the code is just generally sleeker.

The game is currently incomplete and marked as a demo. Most bosses have been added (the final battle doesn't exist yet, and the Forest leader was only recently added to offline version). While most of the story exists, I cut it out to prevent confusion while playing the demo. Difficulty is currently largely untested, and I'm pretty sure it is way too difficult right now.
Download Instructions:The ZIP contains the source code, data files (which reduce the code's size), and a compiled executable if you don't have QBASIC, don't want it, but still want to play this game. Also included are the other files used to generate the resource files.
You can see how this stuff works in person, now, and even edit/add if you want.
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MintMan, Jun 16, 2008 12:43

Progress Report: Demo 2.2

Special moves (except for Air's) deal double damage to regular enemies.

Every boss but the Druid and final battle (which is just Scynscatha again and even harder) have been added.

Weapons are no longer comically sized (Happy, Gobbo?) since they do now use better collision detection and don't need to be the size of a character.

Story scenes now exist, but most have been reduced to "smack talk" to prevent confusion as the introduction is not yet finished.

The Nexus is now two screens wide (which I think makes it easier to navigate) and features graphics for the elementals.

All this, and more!Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Jun 18, 2008 00:16


But I just beat the old version! Are you telling me that now there are more powerful and thus more difficult bad guys in between those already grueling levels? And that there is only an even more more difficult boss bunch to come?

Thou art cruel, Ems. Thou art cruel.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jun 18, 2008 08:15

Easier difficulty to come! In your face!

Ha! Shows what you know! The new version actually features enemy item drops and newer tiny items, thus it is actually easier than the current download!

Now, you are going to beat this version (if that is even possible) and just have an easier time in the future release! Bwa-hahaha!... waitaminute....Arrow Reply

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