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Q-BASIC (Quick Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instructional Code) was a version of the BASIC language put out by Microsoft long ago. What the language lacked in power, it more than made up for in ease to learn and use. Several people started their programming lives with it, including yours truly. Also, me too.

A few years ago, Microsoft put this compiler into the public domain, making its download off the internet entirely free and legal. It comes in two flavors: QBASIC 1.1, which is only an interpreter and cannot compile EXEs, and QuickBASIC 4.5, which can but is much more complicated. I recommend QB1.1, but that's just me.

Although the languge is primitive, it has a sentimental value to many programmers, and is capable of giving a throwback feel to software developed with it. It has a cult following online, where it is primarily used to make games. Check out just some of my exploits which haven't been lost to floppy disk corruption. (Yes, the kind that are actually floppy!)

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