Experimental HTML5 game. Sorry for the lazy debugging graphics some of you might recognize from Arena Terrae. Work is rather active, and I am finding bugs and idiosyncrasies in some canvas element handling for various browsers.

I still haven't tried this on IE. I am expecting failure, however. The only browser which seems to handle the game poorly is Epiphany, which 1) isn't designed for much more than page-viewing, and 2) only I use as a common web browser anyway, so I think I'm square.

The number in the corner is an FPS count. If you are seeing less than forty or so, then you might just have an old computer/browser.

Old Chromium (and I am assuming Chrome, too) seems to have trouble with the wipe in/out animation when transitioning scenes. Firefox was drawing all sorts of extra lines and keeping them there, so I had to add in code to reset the current path. Wacky. At least Mozilla has the decency to work for the zooming circle, unlike Google's browser effort.

The background is from Flickr. I wanted to get a random pic from the Free Use group, but so far, the Flickr API is being a jerk.

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