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Zedd, Jun 2, 2013 01:26

Huh, haven't played Minecraft for a long time. Will have to give it a shot. As a side note, you misspelled '' in the link on Reply

MintMan, Jun 2, 2013 09:23

Ohnos! The oft suggested spelling of my site -- Realty Send: your one stop shop for property-purchasing spam -- strikes againe!

Thanks for pointing it out. And for popping in and falling a lot. Also according to the logs, the server was getting overloaded by your presence. Huh, never noticed any gripes in the log like that for me. Could it be choking up waiting for the long-distant packets?

Oh, wait... I just read it better. Just the system time changing due to the hardware clock on the board being dumb. It thinks it suddenly fell back a coupla years. Everything's dandy!Arrow Reply

Zedd, Jun 2, 2013 17:46

Haha, falling is the way all the cool kids die these days. I was experimenting to see if I could jump into the water from some rainforest trees... And couldn't.

I did notice some lag, but not really any more than I'd expect based on the distances involved. It is pretty funny, though; one can fall, hit the ground, jump, then take the fall damage and die.Arrow Reply

Duth, Jun 3, 2013 04:17

The best things in life are free, after all! And some pretty great things are minimalistic, too.

Turns out I had been thinking of playing Minecraft again. Maybe now I have a reason to!

By the way I checked for some ridiculous reason that doesn't really exist, and it looks more like there's only been 3 anniversaries to have been introduced with "Did you know..."Arrow Reply

Camo, Jun 23, 2013 19:39

I haven't played Minecraft before. Does your version have Nidhoggs?Arrow Reply

MintMan, Jun 26, 2013 21:42

No... but it could~! (Prolly not, tho'.)Arrow Reply

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