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In a time too far from our present but not far enough in the past for them, the world as we know it changed. A large meteor, soon to be known as the Moon Stone, struck earth. It's impact disfigured land and its gravity changed our seas, but these were the least of the concerns. With it, it brought a strange radiation to earth. This not only interfered with most electronic devices, but also destroyed most technology. The world was practically plunged into another Dark Age.
It did not stop there. The energies brought by the meteor also affected life on earth. Most species died off, and any of those surviving plants and animals were changed by the radiations. They became like no creatures seen before. They possessed unusual strengths and abilities known only in tales before.
Amid this destruction, rioters and thieves became rampant. While the people salvaged what little they could to defend themselves, the bandits found a more effective weapon. The new monsters on earth aided them well when properly trained. Now the commoners had no defense against the brigands except to train, too, these new creatures.
Now this ravaged world thrived on with one concept -- monster battles. It was the only choice if one wished to live. Eventually, the concept grew. What once was self-defense became popularly used in friendly competition. They sought more and stronger beasts. As technology was salvaged, it was duplicated not to recreate the old world, but to further this new society. It was soon discovered that a creature's perculiar genetic code and radiation wave lengths allowed it to be stored. Capture devices were produced, and these battles became less for survival and more for pleasure. Although threats still lurk in this recovering time, an uneasy peace finally emerged because of these Pocket Monsters.

This is the R.E. League, a free on-line game made with JavaScript and Perl. It is based heavily on the Game Boy game, which I expect that you own at least one of to be playing this game. The R.E. League attempts to explain some areas that the actual Pokémon plot left out as well as add to it in a new way.
Pokémon is a very versitile idea. Other on-line RPGs often limit you to being an Ash-like trying to compete with Gary and catching all one hundered fifty-one Pokémon. Here, it is just you, your Pokémon, and an expanding world full of gyms, trainers, and wild Pokémon waiting to strengthen your team. You will have to explore through many towns created by leaders with different styles. Catch only the Pokémon you want. Train your team to be the best and defeat me, Kero Kato, and you might just get an R.E. League gym of your own. (Read the help file to find out more)

From Kero Kato, creator of the R.E. League

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