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Dream Land Java :: Development Logs :: Scarfy Bio

Scarfy is a cute li'l flying bugger... unless you tick him off! When inhaled or wounded -- but not defeated -- this flapping flabby fiend shows his true colors! Still a rusty orange, but an angry orange. That's bad citrus~!

The peeved pudge turns cycloptic (which is apparently the Dream Land universal symbol of evil) and chases around his offender for a bit before booming.

Role in the Games

As one of my favorite enemies of all time, it is very well possible that Scarfy only drifted down on my short list since he was not a helper in Super Star. Well, that's going to change in Kirbj since he's going to playable. Normally, characters in Kirbj will either be favorites who are always playable or sucky things I doubt anyone would want to be and thus always enemies. However, Scarfy finds himself in a unique position. For one, there ain't a whole lot he can do:

  • Fly
  • Go into a rage
  • Explode
  • Bite stuff

Flight is easily the most useful thing on this list. While normally nothing spectacular, species in Kirbj are not given the infinite hops seen in Super Star, so ground enemies are stuck there. Not only that, but Scarfy always flies, which puts him in a very select group.

Scarfy all wigged out!

The rage, while nice, only comes up when hurt (something you don't want to happen) or when inhaled (something that is rarely done by enemies). Moreover, when in the rage, all Scarfy can do is chomp away on stuff for a limited time. Invincible, sure, but until the time expires, he'll be chompin' away -- and nothing else. Surely annoying if you are trying to solve a puzzle or perform some other intricate task. And that is just how rage should be -- a double-edge.

Exploding and biting are very close distant means of attack. The bite was given just to liven the poor guy up a bit.

With such a lackluster moveset, it is easy to see why he won't be consummately playable like the star Waddle Doo or the Starman Jumpin' Dan. He also offers a unique feature as an enemy, which is a nice change of pace from the Dream Land norm of suicide-charges or stand-and-shoot-stuff.

Unique, but not terribly useful.

There is a reason I call this project a Dream Land fan game instead of a Kirby one: Kirby isn't in it. Thus, the whole uninhalable aspect of Scarfy is kinda pointless, and he loses a lot of value as a standard foe.

So Scarfy will probably never be the lead, but he will appear on one side of the battlefield or another.

Unique to Kirbj

Extra Evil As evidenced from his bio pic, Scarfy is going to be a lot more snarly and drooly than he ever was in any of the real games, complete with a lolling tongue. Because, y'know, I always draw stuff with dripping, lolling tongues.

Explode at Will The Scarfster doesn't need to wait until the end of his psychotic sessions to blow up in a literal since. One of his standard attacks sees him surround himself in the stock bomb blast.

Bonsai Bomb Without a ground game, Scarfy can't run. Since most players run just about everywhere, this makes the aerial expert one of the worst characters at getting around! At least he can bomb said ground with a quick downward ram, which is essentially Scarfy's version of the slide. Except, y'know, usable in the air.

Bite/Backdrop There is gonna be as much puroresu in this game as possible. Whether Scarfy will use his mouth or his flapping-dealies remains to be seen. Probably both.

Nail Spit I found a note written a while ago that I still like today, mostly because it gives someone a unique Needle ability. Scarfy unloads a barrage of nails, apparently in reference to a finishing move of Mileena's. I guess I saw some sort of a resemblance.

Beam Every cyclops can get Beam; Scarfy is no exception.

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