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The first (and really, the only) fan-submitted character to appear in Kirbj is Ripsaw Knight, created by Capsule J3.


Ripsaw was the last of two fan knights submitted by Capsule J3 for one of KRR's Interactive Fandom contest, this particular one being Round Knight Recruitment. It was originally described as follows:

Ripsaw knight looks somewhat similar to a Togezo, with a purple "Shell" (Really armor) with two eyes underneath, yellow shoes, a floating pair of hands and two Ripsaws protruding out of his armor. Ripsaw is about the same size as Kirby.

Ripsaw... or close enough

Ripsaw will use three attacks:

1. He flips over on his back, and drives like a Wheelie towards the player. If the player is about to be hit, Ripsaw knight will flip over and cut him with his ripsaws.

2. He jumps up and attempts to land on the player with his ripsaws a-buzzing.

3. As a last-minute move (if he has not been defeated by 15-30 seconds) he will fire the ripsaws out of his back. After this, he is completely invulnerable. The ripsaws will do damage if inhaled.

Ripsaw is quite hard to beat, as trying to inhale him while his saws are intact will only damage you instead. You will either have to attack him with a ability, a star, or swallowing him when he does not have any ripsaws on his back. (See attack three)

Ripsaw will rarely move, as he usually moves with his attacks and small steps. Ripsaw can also hop, which usually leads to attack #2.

I don't know if Ripsaw would have made the cut (although I do admit that I enjoy fighting it), but it was literally the only submission received. See, for the contest, I threw out my own creation, Sceptre Knight, complete with a short non-game. The ending included my email address in order for users to get their own creations in the next Kirbj installment.

And after a wave of apathetic babies, you can understand why it has been so many months between the last installment and Tuesday Knight Titans.

Role in the Games

Since Capsule J3 submitted his Knight -- and was pretty much the only one -- Ripsaw is one of few non-canon Knights to appear in Tuesday Knight Titans.

Ripsaw's actions were incredibly altered from their original set, at the allowance of Capsule J3. Bimblesnaff, the IF contest curator, had been harsh on a number of entries for reasons similar to Ripsaw's original description.

For one, no damage is done based on any inhaling or eating. Kirby can eat a lot of stuff: sharp stuff, pointy stuff, flaming stuff. None of it hurts him, tho', unless it is poisonous. Saws shouldn't be any different.

The timed attack is also removed. Nothing in Kirby that I can think of is based on a timer. Some bosses and mini-bosses follow sequences, but that isn't based solely on time. Thus, a simple buzzsaw-shot usable on occasion replaces it.

Finally -- perhaps the most simplistic change -- when Ripsaw Knight charges a player, instead of flipping up at the last second, it simply, um, continues charging. 'Cause, y'know... that's already an attack.


His appearance was changed to be much less Togezo-like and much more Knight-like.

Since the top saws are used as wheels, they have to stick above the top "shell" of Ripsaw. If its body were round, these saws would have to be nearly impossible to fit and rise above its top mound. Instead, some sort of flattened half-cylinder was settled upon.

Because Ripsaw flips over and upside down for many of its moves, it was given a Juno-type body -- the same coming or going. Its "eye" pattern is supposed to continue all around its hollow section (and be reminiscent of a non-circular ripsaw, which I really failed to capture here).

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