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Dream Land Java :: Development Logs :: Mission Statement

It is not enough for the Dream Land Java project to feature code written from scratch and graphics that weren't ripped from a decade-and-a-half old system. Kirbj also seeks to be a role model for makers of fan games -- of any amateur games -- in ways conducive of Reality's End's goal to inspire creativity and original thinking.

The Dream Land Java project...

  • features game applets playable within any Java-enabled web browser -- safely, securely, and for free.
  • requires no executable downloads and no registration.
  • uses all-original code and the native Java libraries only.
  • emphasizes the lesser-used or little-respected characters.
  • parallels the Dream Land game physics as much as possible whenever possible.
  • only introduces new characters or abilities in the spirit of the Dream Land series.
  • downplays the overuse and overpowering of fan-made characters.


As a project with plans for user-designed levels and games, a number of guidelines rule over the content of Kirbj games and are even adhered to by its creator. These guidelines are out of respect to Kirby's owners, HAL Laboratory and Nintendo, and to avoid overused and oft horrible devices seen in many fan works:

  1. HAL and Nintendo make Kirby games; we make Dream Land games. Kirby is never to be the main protagonist. It is time for the rest of the cast to shine.
  2. No humans. This is the one thing Sakurai did right with the cartoon. Speaking of...
  3. Nothing from the anime. The one exception: comedy. It is always the exception.
  4. Don't create history. For a game where a typical plot is someone stole somethin', get it back, people sure do come up with plots involving ancient alien civilizations at war a lot. Ancient aliens at war? Yeah, when I saw that, Dream Land was the first thing to pop into my mind, too~!
  5. No one is related to or having a relationship with anyone else. Hot puffball action? That is clearly what the games were missing. Or not. Unless it is in the games, it ain't in here.
  6. Meta Knight may never be shown unmasked. I know what he looks like underneath. You know what he looks like underneath, but when you parade his face around, it weakens the alleged secret and mystery of the character.

In addition to the above, I shall also impose upon my own works -- and recommend to others -- the following guidelines:

  1. Neither Kirby nor Meta Knight are main characters. If they are to be playable, it is only as a secret.
  2. Meta Knight never appears or is even mentioned. Only two distinct entities known as Old School and Senor Noodle Arms make appearances, filling either his good pre-fan-girl fodder role or his post-fan-girl abuse-absorbing duties, respectively.
  3. No stronger strongests or badder baddests. In the vein of low key design, there are no super-ultimate final weapons or overlording, primordial evils. For the most part, Squeak Squad is a good measure of how epic the end game should be.
  4. The role of fan-created protagonists is limited. And with all due respect, that fan character probably sucks, anyway.
  5. Members of Dream Land species do not have names. A Waddle Dee is always just called Waddle Dee, even if it is wearing a bandanna.

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