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Chief among the Meta-Army is the dreaded Mace Knight. At least, I think he is chief; he does seem to be the biggest.

Wielding a weapon as large as himself overhead, Mace charges into battle wildly or just sends in his chain. Er, his link. In the games, he has about two sections of chain. Good ol' graphical laziness!

Role in the Games

Mace Knight in action

I only needed to make Mace Knight since he is one of two enemies who uses the Mace Weapon. That guy Squeaky Bogg makes quite a bit of use outta that thing, so either this guy or Masher would have to be added eventually.

Masher is large and cannot be eaten, so Mace Knight away!

He is so much more than just ability-fodder, tho'. Mace Knight is a soldier in the Meta-Army, and there aren't many enemies which fit that bill. These battles were specially coded so that they functioned just like the actual Dream Land games: multiple levels and many waves of armored adversaries runnin' out and runnin' the player down.

Unique to Kirbj

As a player, I think that Mace Knight is lacking. Anything he can do, Bogg can probably do. The mace is one of the least versatile weapons. It can be wound up, thrown, aimed, and retracted. That's it.

The only skill that comes to mind is the Pitcher Man, a mini-game friend from Dream Land 3. That's right, folks -- abilities can come from strange places in Kirbj. Mace would most likely learn a Gordo-tossing skill, which would be an arced, projectile version of his normal attack.

I suppose some sort of Needle or even a wrapping/grabbing Chain (sans spike) could be used as makeshift abilities for the mace wielder.

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