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For posterity's sake, here is a list of all games that fall under Kirbj's parasol: past, present, future, and alternate realities. Don't expect much outta that last one, tho', since this web site has a habit of destroying them. And now you know the origin of this site's name. Or that I'm a sociopathic liar.

Released Games

These few have been fortunate enough to see the light of day.

Impending Releases

Code for these has actually been started, and you can expect it to hit the shelves soon. I program all of my applets to hate grocery stores. Or maybe I just program them with just enough problems to hover below an actual release.

  • Next Knights - And this time, they are playable!

Future Titles

These are ideas I have my heart dead-set on. Everything else is just filler.

  • Just Doo It - JDI was supposed to be the initial release, and I still often refer to the codebase as JDI because of it. This one doesn't feature new stuff as much as it does a lot of stuff.
  • Waddle Doo and Pennyroyal - This is the big one, requiring not only a huge cast but every gameplay feature, too.

Long Shots, Vague Ideas, and Fuzzy Dreams

Remember what I said about filler? Well, these are "everything else". When making new characters and additions to the code, these will be the byproduct and possibly even guide or at least nudge development.

  • Dream Team: The Game - Why no, it can't stay dead. This will either be the animal friend or water milestone -- possibly both.
  • Doo Letzte Tag - Just 'cause I like metal.
  • Zombie Survival Horror - Dark Matter possesses everyone but the losers. Hilarity ensues.


If anything is ever scrapped, you'll see it here. And hopefully, you'll never see anything here.

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