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Dream Land Java :: Development Logs :: Introduction

The Dream Land Java project is an effort on Reality's End to create a fully featured, fan-created, online version of the Kirby's Dream Land series, and to do so with code and graphics made from scratch.

As opposed to a single game, the Dream Land Java Project (often shortened as Kirbj) is represented by a series of adventures related to one another only in the fact that they all use the same code. Each release contains more features and possible characters than the previous, snowballing into the ultimate goal of an online Dream Land game designer for fans of the fan game to use.

Kirbj also seeks to be a good role model for the online fangame community. It is not only trailblazing the way with its original stock, but it also adheres to a number of moral standards and respectfully uses the Dream Land cast of characters.


For the last several years, I have been working on a Java applet game. What that game was, exactly, has kept changing, but my work has remained constant. The most recent idea that stuck was a Kirby fan game. Even its genre changed a bit -- from classic platformer to a tactical RPG -- but eventually, I re-settled for good ol' platformin', just like the actual Dream Land series.

Of course, it would be pointless and foolish to recreate these games without some good reason, some gimmick. Kirby's games tend to have one. The first game itself was based on the gimmick of inhaling and launching out foes as a weapon, and the gimmick expanded with the introduction of Copy Abilities. Since then, there have been animal friends, enemy helpers, and ability mixing appearing in the titles. Separate titles.

Me? I think I'll do 'em all. At the same time.

Helpers riding pets, expanding the playable rogues gallery, and copy abilities across the board. I shall not be happy until Gabon pokes his head out of Kine's mouth and hurls an fiery femur.

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