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Dream Land Java :: Development Logs :: Gooey Against Moogong

Gooey Against Moogong -- Goo X Moo for short -- is the accidental first game (or a joke, depending on how you look at it) released for the Dream Land Java project. It consists entirely of the titular hero's fight against the lone enemy in the game, Moogong.


When this idea was unfortunately dreamt up, there were a few things on my plate, and as such, my current Java project was suffering. At this point, it was entirely possible to create a playable game applet for Kirbj, but not necessarily make an enjoyable one, and unfortunately, that seems to be important to players. Greedy punks. They should be happy with just playability. Not like they're called "enjoyers".

Gooey flies over a charging Moogong.

I was trudging development out as there was little beyond imagery and sounds to implement. Typically, when I move into that area, I stop caring about a project. Media isn't fun. There is little thinking or innovating solutions; it is all libraries and static allocation to save memory. Feh.

So before Kirbj could take off, it needed a push out of the nest... on the side facing a cliff, given my motivation for doing these sorts of things. And what better way to motivate me, then, than the place that often makes me want to jump off a cliff -- Kirby's Rainbow Resort~!

Y'see, I'm a secret staff member over there. Been that way since the summer. And before you ask how it is secret if I'm spilling the beans here, then you really don't get why I hate that place so much. Blutty 'el, I could say "Hey, I'm a staff member~!" on their main page, and it'd still be a secret to them. Lotta dull knives in that drawer...

Pretty much, this entire effort was made to spite them. Ah, spite. That's probably the reason I get outta the bed in the morning. Those blokes really like their fan games, especially in their godforsaken forums. And while most are hocking their wares of nothing more than a title screen capture and looking for and receiving tons upon metric tons of praise, this little ditty is right under their noses.


The entire "game" is nothing more than second banana Gooey fighting against a made-up fan boss named Moogong, just as the title suggests. Although this isn't much... or anything, really... it does mark the first time that a Kirbj applet can be played from start to finish instead of just being a bunch of debugging stuff thrown together.

Now, some of you may not remember Gooey from Dream Land 3, but like the permanent 2P I am, he stuck in my memory quite a bit. In fact, all of his actions had already been coded into the Kirbj back when only Waddle Doo was playable; the only thing I had to add for him was growing the tongue graphic (as opposed to easily stretching a rectangle graphic placeholder), swallowing (which was next to nothing thanks to robust object orient programming), and actually drawing the little bugger.

Those drawings are one of the prime reasons he was picked as the protagonist. Without limbs, there are only so many things the guy can do, and that is many less than some of the other characters. Before Gooey, the only hand-drawn graphics were of Waddle Doo, and those were scrapped when I decided to make everything smaller. (Also, they sucked, but mostly the sizes.) I learned quite a bit about what would be useful from that ill-fated attempt, however. Besides, if I later decide that something needs redrawn, it is much better for it to be a nigh-detailless blob!

Gooey has a hero's feast... of Star Blocks~!

Moogong, on the other hand, represented a good chunk of the man-hours sunk into this project. Allegedly, this literal sea cow was the reason for even slapping this thing on KRR. Mostly awesome person Bimblesnaff was running a fan-created miniboss contest, and rather than describe it or draw a simple picture, I programmed this. It was quite the undertaking, too, as only simple enemies had existed in Kirbj prior to Moogong beaching itself on Dream Land's shores. And I mean simple enemies, too. Like, hop-in-place or suicide-charge simple. A new miniboss-specific AI system was the result.

It took me little more than a week (October 31st to November 8th) to go from colored squares hopping around the place to a boss battle.

Features Developed For This Game

  • Swallow actions
  • All sound and music handling
  • Enemies allowed to possess immunity to weak attacks
  • Corpse-leaving feature for minibosses to remain after death
  • Darkened aside to demonstrate newly copied ability

That last one is especially funny. There is absolutely no reason why I had to have a copy ability in this release; Moogong is the only enemy, so there is little left to freeze. But I did. Because I could.

Play Gooey Against Moogong now!

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MintMan, Nov 8, 2008 15:22

Who here likes Kirby?

Does anyone at RE at all like Kirby? Dragon Kirby excluded, obviously, and he is biased. Because his father was a vacuum cleaner, if his name is any indication. Which it obviously is.Arrow Reply

draggy1234, Nov 9, 2008 01:14

Re: Who here likes Kirby?

Can't really say too much for myself, since my only exposure to Kirby consists of a little casual conversation here and there, the first few episodes of a certain Kirby cartoon (can't remember the exact title), and the Super Smash Bros. series. So, I've never played Kirby's platforming series or that pinball game.

...Well, I guess I like Kirby, but in no way to the same extent like a devoted fan would.Arrow Reply

Dragon_Kirby, Nov 9, 2008 04:53

Re: Re: Who here likes Kirby?

Wait, there's a pinball game? Dude, I have to get that.Arrow Reply

MintMan, Nov 9, 2008 11:11

Second Ever!

Dude, Pinball Land was the second Kirby game ever! What were you, born after it came out or something? * checks * Ha! You were one at the time, so you have no excuse~!Arrow Reply

Dragon_Kirby, Nov 9, 2008 13:48

Re: Second Ever!

Agh! You're right! I had no idea I was so old!Arrow Reply

Camo, Nov 11, 2008 01:41

Re: Second Ever!

Is that the one on gameboy chunky? I remember renting it one year whilst on a holiday (for the drive) was awesome!Arrow Reply

MintMan, Nov 11, 2008 08:27

Re: Re: Second Ever!

Yes, it was so old that Gameboy Chunky was the only Gameboy in existence! Talk about showing your age. There are, like, twenty types out now, and that might be undersellin' things a bit...Arrow Reply

Dragon_Kirby, Nov 11, 2008 15:02

Re: Re: Re: Second Ever!

I found one of those once, had an old Mario game in it, was pretty fun.

Didn't fit in my pocket though. ;_;Arrow Reply

MintMan, Nov 11, 2008 15:41

Pockets in the early nineties were much larger than they are today. (n/t)

No text~!Arrow Reply

Lugiatrainer, Nov 18, 2008 10:16

Re: Pockets in the early nineties were much larger than they are today. (n/t)

Bah! I just put BOTH of my gameboy chunkies in a single pocket on my pants!Arrow Reply

MadGoblin, Nov 14, 2008 21:22


Actually, Adventure was the second game for the blobster. Pinball came third. That's why so many characters from Pinball are in Adventure. They just jumped the graphics over.Arrow Reply

VinnyD, Nov 9, 2008 12:26

Re: Who here likes Kirby?

Umm, I only played everything including the pinball game. I think. Superstar was one of the best snes gamesArrow Reply

Camo, Nov 9, 2008 04:46


Best game ever?Arrow Reply

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