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Since Kirby's Adventure, Bugzzy has become a beloved boss and purveyor of the Backdrop ability. In each of his appearances, he's also brought along two nameless insects he sics against the player. While minor roles -- even boss ammo -- usually gets some sort of title in the Dream Land games, this duo does not.

I call them the Fightning Bugs.

Role in the Games

The one called the Fightning Bug

The Fightning Bugs appear to be five-spotted ladybird beetles with two shoe-ed feet at the end of spindly, noodle-legs. Their faces are dark and round while their eyes are light and ovular. Their appearance has changed little as they crawled from eight to thirty-two bits, and every time, they merit only two frames of animation: wings flapping, and wings not flapping.

These are not normal enemies, but rather minions of the miniboss Bugzzy, the 'sectoid suplexer. He will take a moment to pause and produce the pair, which fly out and seek the player. They can be inhaled and regurgitated back at Bugzzy. The beetles are lightweights and cannot block player shots; star bullets pass straight through the Fightning Bugs.

What's in a Name

Without any name of its own -- even in Japanese sources -- I opted to go with Fightning Bug, 'cause puns are win. Or maybe it is just a pun to a regional boy like myself since we call fireflies "lightning bugs."

In reality, if these beetles have an official name, it would be a simple, single word like Redy, Bug, or Beetle.

Unique to Kirbj

While Fightning Bug is a playable character in the Tuesday Knight Titans, it will more commonly make a serviceable regular puroresu enemy in future releases instead.

Turning an obscure, nothing "character" from the official games into a playable (or at least more prominent) role is one of the main purposes of Kirbj. Other than flight, I pretty much have free-reign on what to make this guy do -- even what his name is! The only real requirement is that it only use its legs. Since ol' Bug is another Backdrop enemy, this could get interesting... like a Matt Sydal/Evan Bourne match.

Game Play

Flight (Press Up when airborne) Fightning Bug has perfect flight and will not drift or sink when in mid-air.

Rolling Liger Kick (Press Action while Ducking) Hits up, forward, and down with one continuous move.

Hurracanrana (Fall a great distance/Press Down when falling) Fighting Bug will instantly execute a headscissor takedown on any enemy he comes into contact with.

Dash Capture (Base Action) Fightning Bug launches forward, readily to fasten his feet around a foe for one of the following maneuvers:

  • Dragon Whip (Press Up) Spins around and kicks the prone foe right in the mug!
  • C4 Exploder Suplex (Press Back) Hurtles his enemy far behind him.
  • Pile Driver (Press Down) Slams foe straight into the ground!
  • Somersault Powerbomb (Press Forward) Leaps up and over a great distance to slam the held foe!

Future Expansion

There are a number of things which the Fightning Bug could add to his arsenal, but all of them are more throws and suplexes. There isn't much ol' Bug can do other than more types of them and from different positions.

  • Drop Toehold (Done to a charging opponent?)
  • Monkey Flip (A throw alternative to the Hurracanrana?)
  • 450° Splash (A damaging alternative to the Hurracanrana akin to the normal plummet attacks)
  • Leg Lariatooooooooooo~! (For certain, this will be Fightning Bug's Crash)

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