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Dream Land Java :: Development Logs :: Squeaky Bogg Bio

The mean, green, suplex machine known as Squeaky Bogg is the brainchild and Dream Land persona of one Bimblesnaff, known variously throughout these parts. Although originally intended to be a secret character, his Backdrop power and small size tail-sprung him into the spotlight!

Despite his inherently evil nature, Squeaky Bogg is a perennial playable character in the Dream Land Java project and is one of a very small number of original characters even considered to be so.


Squeaky Bogg

I do think the man himself could explain Bogg's history better than I. Essentially, he is a green glob with two eyes, two shoes, and two horns. Several people mistake him for some sort of liquid or wisp or fire, but these same people consider a differently colored Kirby to be an "original" character. Feh! Blokes wouldn't know originality if it bit 'em in the bum, and Bogg's lookin' fer ya, too, so watch out~!

Because he is old school, Squeaky's complementary color is a poisonous purple. It is either that or orange, folks. Just ask the Spider-Man rogue's gallery. Thems the rules.

His abilities include the acidic and acrid as well as adeptness with a spiked chain. Pretty much, all the stuff the more humanly Bimblesnaff does, including the Acrid Blazer -- a FtRPG tech for one, a Crash equivalent for the other.

Of course, his main offense (other than always bringing that Bimblesnaff guy around) is a puroresu prowess. The Backdrop/Suplex power got some pretty big ups with the Super Star title, and it was something that was undermined with Ultra. Being a huge mark myself, I have made Puroresu an actual element of sorts in Kirbj. And without any other users in the series yet, this goblinoid grappler is the standard bearer for the ability.

Inclusion in the Series

I had always intended on including Squeaky Bogg as a character in Kirbj -- a secret character. He is a fan creation, after all. However, there are not a lot of Backdrop users to make playable. One is Jukiddo, who is so uninteresting that he is not even a consideration for playability. Then, of course, you have the Backdrop bad boy, Bugzzy, who has a set of problems: he's big, he's slated to be a boss in Just Doo It, and he's the only source of suplex powers! That is, unless I add Jukiddo.... I... I'm not adding Jukiddo.

So ya see, Bogg just sorta defaulted himself into the game. He's a smaller-than-miniboss average size, he has a natural Backdrop, and while he's fan-made, he's as good as canon to most fans with the way he's worked through Rainbow Resort. Really, I don't think they would give this guy a second look for being in the game. Plus, his playability is very varied. Unfortunately, it may be a bit too different from the norm. For one thing, a lot of his moves are weak. They have additional effects, sure, but this is an action game -- not a tactical RPG.

Another oddity was that Bimblesnaff wasn't sure how he used his Backdrop power. Originally, Kirby just opened his mouth and inhaled; Gobbo wasn't gonna be so uninspired as to do what any creampuff knockoff would do. Later in the Dream Land series, Suplex was given a Dash Capture -- a move largely panned by Bimblesnaff. So just what would he do? And how would he do it? I used his mouth, which I thought seemed obvious. Bimblesnaff suggested his feet. Old notes indicated that he actually had hands which were normally hidden.

Yikes. I'ma stickin' with the mouth.

I originally gave him a very small-ranged inhale, which simulated him biting a very near opponent. I figured I could switch it up to something like Rick in Dream Land 3 in which the fatness just wandered into enemies with its mouth open. Instead of a weak inhale, however, I opted for a weak dash. It still requires a great deal of proximity to latch onto a foe but is much more usable than opening wide and hoping for the best.

Although most pictures I make of Bogg are growly and mean, 'tis the cute, rounded Squeaky Bogg which is used for the game sprites.

Game Play

Tail Sweep (Press Action when Ducking) Squeaky Bogg hits the area in front and below with an attack that pushes foes away.

Inflate (Press Up when airborne) Bogg can't fly, but he sure can try! When puffed up, his downward journey will be slowed, and continuing to hold Up will bring his descent to a virtual stop.

Vile Plume (Press Action when Inflated) This putrid, purple plume may be small and weak, but it sure does pack a punch! This speedy, far-reaching Bogg-bullet will knock enemies back a large amount.

Diving Headbutt (Fall a great distance) Crash down into your foes, dealing big damage.

Tail Spring (Press Down when falling) Bogg bounces off block, the floor, and foes! This is not only a devastating attack to those above and below, but it is also a great way for Squeaky Bogg to reach new heights!

Backdrop (Base Action) Bogg lunges forward with his mouth agape. Any unlucky enough to meet his maw are about to go for a ride!

  • Torture Rack Backbreaker (Press Up)
  • Sunset Flip Powerbomb (Press Forward)
  • German Suplex (Press Backward)
  • DDT (Press Down)

Mace (Copy Ability) Bash your enemies with trust Ball and Chain

  • Mace Spit (Press Action button when Mace is not equipped, when Bogg is Airborne, or Press Action quickly)
  • Guide (Press Up and Down while throwing Mace)
  • Overhead Spin (Hold Action Button down when standing)
  • Mace Walk (Press Left or Right while spinning Mace)

Future Expansion

Since Squeaky Bogg does not possess a Copy Move, I need to think of a lot of different things for him to level up. I know I want the German Suplex to level into Chaos Theory and the Sunset Flip Powerbomb to become The Dream Land Destroyer, but that is really about it for his Backdropping.

Although he has Backdrop, Bogg lacks arms and thusly cannot utilize the normal Puroresu Crash ability, Lariatooooo~! Instead, Bogg will possess the Acrid Blazer, which only affects a part of the screen but can be saved up for multiple uses, probably two or three.

Bogg will also possess some way to make his Mace ability persistent, even after death. How, I do not know. Prolly the Kirbj norm of killin' a lot of the stuff.

Other than that, Bogg will pretty much have whatever Bimblesnaff tells me he should. I think a Wall Spring was mentioned. At a time, this could sorta be accomplished by just using the Backdrop Dash against a wall repeated, but slight changes to his bounce-back have since rid of this secret.

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