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Challenge IssuedWed, Aug 11, 2010
Challenge AcceptedThu, Aug 12, 2010
Fight BeganThu, Aug 19, 2010
Fight EndedTue, Aug 24, 2010



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1 Votes

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Afiag, Aug 18, 2010 08:46

Turns out my scanner is awful, who'd have thunk it?Arrow Reply

Bimblesnaff, Aug 19, 2010 05:38

(A Subject)

All scanners are awful, really. You just gotta know how to tinker with them.

Additionally, selling your soul doesn't hurt. Heh heh. The devil got so cheated in that bargain.

Aviator gear? Man, that's a change since black-clad, bandanna neck-wrapped gun-toter from the last RE group pic. ... wait, that was probably five years ago. I think everything's changed.Arrow Reply

KilljoyKing, Aug 19, 2010 18:36

FtRPG reference FTW

Also, I think this battle experienced some wonkiness due to the cron still not being in place for this thing (what on account of how little testing this anniversary second battle has given). I kinda thought Afiag didn't even make the deadline for the upload, but then again, I've been one day off all week long.

What, Thursday? Blutty 'el...Arrow Reply

Afiag, Aug 20, 2010 15:24

Re: FtRPG reference FTW

I DIDN'T make the deadline actually, I was about 43 minutes late. Been really busy lately, had I not made it I would have just redone the challenge though. Thanks for being a day off, it was convenient.Arrow Reply

KilljoyKing, Aug 20, 2010 17:30


Oh, phew, I thought there was simply more wrong with the code than I had remembered. Yeah, submitting into a battle that is overdue (and unkilled by non-cron) would be a surefire recipe for buggerin'.Arrow Reply

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