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Challenge IssuedSun, Jun 28, 2009
Challenge AcceptedSun, Jun 28, 2009
Fight BeganTue, Jul 7, 2009
Fight EndedSun, Jul 12, 2009



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KilljoyKing, Jul 7, 2009 17:34

First Fight

'Tis the first fight, and I need to test out the comment-linkage on this thing! Here's hopin' it woiks!

Also, I'm pretty sure I've more than lost this match-up. Maybe I'll fair better in that BD tourney. Oh snap! That thing is goin' on, ain't it?Arrow Reply

Anonymous, Jul 8, 2009 17:11

Casting votes...

Is there any confirmation, because I'm getting nil.Arrow Reply

KilljoyKing, Jul 8, 2009 18:41

Re: Casting votes...

Y'know, I thought it was being funky on occasion.

The button will say "Hooray!" after going into an ellipsis, but even if it does not, chances are that the vote was cast. I don't have a non-AJAX version up yet, but an old browser doesn't seem to be the problem.

I don't know why it happens, but it only seems to happen with IE. Debugging JScript is a pain in that thing, too, since the error reporting is so touch-and-go. More often than not, tho', it seems to work fine.Arrow Reply

Anonymous, Jul 12, 2009 20:22

Re: Re: Casting votes...

So, you mean to tell me I could just pull and Idol and vote as many times as I want to stack the odds?

...I'm now taking bribes.Arrow Reply

KilljoyKing, Jul 12, 2009 20:31

Multiple Voting?!

Um, no... you can't. I don't know how you even got such a stupid, stupid idea.

The vote was cast. I said that. Even if it doesn't say so, you were being recorded. As such, you can't vote multiple times. I have the standard IP blocking (as well as standard user tracking, too).

If how you voted was being recorded well enough, why wouldn't who be as well?Arrow Reply

Rook, Jul 12, 2009 21:22

Re: Multiple Voting?!

Careful... Big Brother is watching...

Grafight...pretty awesome idea. Keep up the good work!Arrow Reply

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