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What is Grafight?

Grafight is an artistic dueling system. Pretty much, you challenge another member to draw or otherwise render an image. Said images are voted upon by other users and visitors, and a winner is determined.

The general idea for a battle is a comic of some sort that is geared against your opponent. Whether action or comedy is your sort of thing, you can really do whatever you think will earn you the votes.

How do I battle in Grafight?

  • Get a Grafight account.
  • Find a member on the standings or wait for one to challenge you.
  • (Wait for an opponent to accept the battle -- within five days.)
  • Make your comic against your opponent and upload it to Grafight.
  • Do a funky dance purely for my own amusement.
  • Once your opponent's comic is up, too, the voting will run for five days.

Are there any rules in Grafight?

  1. Comics must be in JPEG, PNG, or GIF format. If you are using anything else online, you probably hate bandwidth.
  2. Comics can be no larger than 375 pixels in width; they gotta be to fit side-by-side on a web page.
  3. Comics must be smaller than 500KB in size. The idea is to upload black-and-white sketches with a small palette and memory consumption.
  4. The only restrictions on content are no racism and no nudity; other than that, use as much violence and vulgarity as you'd like!

And remember, people, I will screen a battle before it gets put up on the main page, so don't go uploading anything illegal, especially you teenage girls out there! You certainly will not instantly win your battle or gain other sorts of perks for uploading self-pics of yourself straight to this site. Not even, so don't even think about it!

How long should I make a Grafight?

As long as you'd like / As long as it is under 500KB.

Both single-panel and vertical strips work, depending on their content. You can keep drawing as long as you can make it amusing and stave off the sloth. That big scary one that is standing right behind you.

What should I put in a Grafight?

Satirizing your opponent or their web site is always a good one. If you can make them cry, you get extra points.

Less comedy-oriented people may just upload a kick-awesome battle featuring the foe beaten bloody.

Pretty much, put whatever you want in the comic that you think will earn you the most votes. The only thing you shouldn't put in the comic is something nice or friendly. We aren't trying to be buddy-buddy here; be cruel and malevolent.

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