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The Dream On Project: Endless Night's Dream is a work long in the making, and just as long to finish. On April 12th, 2003, after watching some DVD episodes of Mega Man, I decided it would be cool to make a game where you ran around, taking other people's powers and beating up things. However, I did not want to make a blatant rip-off; I just wanted the power idea. Somehow, that idea wound up being in the form of a puzzle game. It did not turn into what we now know as Endless Night's Dream for quite some time.
The idea was there, however. The first thing I did was open a notebook and title the page with the only concept I had yet thought of for the game -- "Dream On". Immediately after, I added what would be the first character to many, the Gale Dreamer.
After an alpha-test Q-BASIC game was made, I knew that this never-used before puzzle system worked -- a curious mix of Lolo's Adventure and Bust-A-Move but unlike either. The notes and cast grew in size. Less than a month after I had thought up the game, I was ready to program it.... unfortunately, that was also the same time as finals. I had come up with the idea that END would be tied to the original day it had been born on -- the twelfth -- and it had to come out on the same day.
It did not take long to program a better JavaScript version. Things were good on the programming front, but the plot was very much lacking. I held back on releasing it so that I could further develop the plot and the animation Java applet which would be used to display portions of it (an applet which will go unused in END as I soon got hooked on Flash instead).
Summer went on, and so did the bad luck. General health concerns allowed me to make the needed plot, but prevented me from doing much of anything else, especially draw. Up until now, all graphics were freehanded scribbles made on Paint.
With a record low in classes the coming semester, I thought I would have all the time in the world to get END made; however, it seems that though few, each of these classes could contribute consecutive projects and tests which should have kept me from working on Endless Night's Dream at all.
Should, but didn't.
The worst of programming fates quickly followed. An unbeknownst addition to cookie security call P3P forced me to look toward new methods of storing member names. I could have easily used log-ins as my other games use, but I wished for this game to reflect the halcyon days of the original R.E. League. Luckily, I found a way to use authentification files to control log-ins.
One problem was gone, but much more took its place. Scripts erred for apparently no reason. Computer labs reached record low speeds and noisy capacities. The method previously procured and tested for making game graphics suddenly failed to work on any of the new pictures. With the deadline of the six month already present, only one thing was left to do....
Huge programming project or END. For me, the choice was clear. I spent every hour of my weekend trying to get this game out. It was to be the first game in all of Reality's End's history to be released fully finished. I should have known better than Luck to favour me so. Now, there is no choice but to spin out little by little what remains of this game. Fortunately, game elements have already been made; only pictures, plot, and shots need to be made, and because of how END works, this is something that will always be true.

Dream On
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