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Rex Wonders...
You know the drill -- every year, I happen to have a birthday. As amazing as this fact is, it is more amazing that I give out gifts in a very hobbit-like fashion.

So everybody has been wondering: what will the contest involve this year? The answer: that is the contest!

Ya see, the entire point of these things is that there is nothing I want nor need, so a present instead should be given to RE. However, thus far, the presents given are of very little use to RE other than for show. Well, there may be nothing I want, but there is certainly something I think this web site needs. In fact, I've been quite vocal on it for years -- so vocal, that I really shouldn't have to say what it is!

And I shan't. You have to figure it out. This isn't a race to find it or anything; anybody and everybody can win -- no runner-ups this year. It's win or lose, do or die, yea or nay, to be or not to be, chocolate or vanilla, Coke or Pepsi, first-place or runner-up... well, not that last one... or most of that list, actually.

I shall not tell anyone when they have discovered what the gift is, and simply knowing it won't be worth anything, either -- you actually have to give it to RE.
No, it isn't a new Battling Dragons monster, and no, it isn't any sort of artwork for that matter. It is something very well in the capabilities of any idiot. Hey, any idiot -- that sounds just like you! You're on top of things already!

End Date: September 2nd, 2007

  • New, limited-edition relic: Blue Moon!
  • New, quasi-B-Monster: Chang Nahm!
  • Custom END Avatar
  • Elemental Shadow Aura General
  • Mix-N-Match Three Relics!
  • Some Masterballs, why not?
  • Blank Tokens -- everybody loves those!
  • Uhh.... Gym Funds?
  • A Funny Hat (FtRPG Item)

So just what was the contest?
Make a good REWS addition. That was it.
Now, normally, a "good" REWS addition is any non-deleted post made on a story the author didn't create. Normally. However, a certain IAS by the name of "Birthday Tourney" was made by last year's winner, draggy1234. Wellsir, in addition to just being a poorer version of what he won with last year, it was just a poorer version of High Time. Throw in some Pokémon-esque battle scenes, and that is pretty much what the story in a nutshell.
I took liberties in changing what I defined as "good" simply to exclude this.

  • Mad Goblin: Writing for Orb of Ilusci
  • Zedd: Writing for Apocalypse Revisited
This is also most likely the last Birthday Contest ever due to their increasingly poor reception and somehow their increasingly misunderstood purpose, despite being restated every year. Members seem to think they are doing me a favor by going along with these contests instead of it just being an excuse for me to hand out prizes
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