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After not really caring about this year's Birthday Challenge, it was demanded and thus rushed out with little to no planning. It was really only made again due to a joke from last year... but I still didn't get any pics plz. Oh well... there is always Christmas
If you don't know what these things are, Birthday Challenges take place every year on September 2nd, my birthday. Of course, there is never anything that I need, so instead, it is up to you, the loyal viewer, to get a present for Reality's End -- the site!

Pretty much, I have been without scanner for quite some time, so the site is in desperate need of a new splash page image. In order to win all sorts of undetermined RE prizes (as either first-place or one of the many runner-ups), all you need to do is make an entry page image using whatever means you can think of.
Now comes the joke portion: any lady-type members out there can instead send in pics of themselves. It doesn't matter what kind of picture it is: a photograph, self-portait, a webcam shot, some surreal abstraction, or whatever -- if any of these are sent in, an instant first place will be given (unless more than one female member submits).

Prizes will include a lot of stuff. I never wrote up what kind of stuff exactly, so I shall only promise more than any previous Birthday Challenge.

Since the prize list was made after the contest was over, I was able to custom-tailor it to the winner: GiftBox, two Wyrd Waters, three relics of the winner's choosing, a Tournament, and a bonus monster.

Sound good? Good. Send entries to the webmaster -- me -- at: or catch me on AIM as KeroKato

Original Declaration: For September 2nd, 2005 (entries allowed up until 11:59PM, Sep 2nd)

Winner: SailorSassyStar at long last wins with a super cuddly Nidhogg.
Runner-Up #1: Zedd intrigued everyone with his theater of obscure RE references.
Runner-Up #2: Boyachi made a pic way too big to be any splash.
Runner-Up #3: Battalon127 had a submission, too.
Honorable Mention: DoomStar is mixed up enough to think that hot chicks dig me!
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