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What do I need for my birthday? Nothing, really. I mean, besides not being a twenty-year-old nerd webmaster who has the combined social life of a cow pie, there is very little else I could wish for. Everything fell into that same realm of impossibility.
That is no reason to let a birthday go to waste; I might not need anything, but my web site sure could use something. I might be turning twenty, but this site is still a cranky, raging toddler. That was the theme for this year. Participants had to give my web site a present, something that it could use. Strangely, less people joined this than last years turnout despite attracting lots of attention.

Original Declaration: For September 2nd, 2003
Winner: Writer77 with his Birthday MIDI (If your computer cannot play this, I pity you)
Runner-Up #1: Sailor Sassy Star (again) with her KeroHogg
Runner-Up #2: Lieutenant Eagle with his Flash Animation
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