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One ill-fated day under the most cursed star of Virgo some eighteen years before the coming of the second millenium, our world endured a terrible, terrible fate. Kero Kato, was born.
To attone for such a crime against all humanity, decency, and manatees, he took it upon himself to make this day for some better purpose. In the normal exchange of gifts, he himself would give to the givers. The rules were simple -- its Kero's birthday, so give him something. Obviously, this pertained to only on-line things.
The entries were many and varied, from artwork to recited verse. In the end, there was only one victor!... and two runners-up!.... yeah.

Original Declaration: For September 2nd, 2002
Winner: Mad Goblin with his Splash Page
Runner-Up #1: Sailor Sassy Star with her BD Group Picture
Runner-Up #2: Camo with his picture of a robot (no image available)
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