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Out of ten adoptable creatures, more than half were made by the creator of the game. This should be expected. However, the four other creatures submitted were made by only two other people. One of the original ideas of Battling Dragons was to complete a bestiary with the help of other internet artists. This idea has not faired well. This does not please him. Therefore, Geirrek wants to do something interesting for his next creature....
If any member of Battling Dragons is able to create an approved Battling Dragons creature before Geirrek can make one, they will instantly be given the right to adopt it in addition to whatever other creatures they currently own. There are no runners-up in this competition. There are only winners.
Only artists who have not previously had a submitted creature approved may receive a new creature. Instead, they may take their pick of three relics.

Want to know more about submitting a creature? Read up and find out if you are up for this challenge. In fact, I shall even throw in an extra relic for making a new creature.... and a scroll. Yes, you will also receive the coveted Second Wind Scroll for the BD RPG. Now how's that for tempting?

When does this tournament end? Whenever I make the next new Battling Dragons creature. That is going to be the Bennu, by the way. Think that having a newcomer draw out a new creature entirely when a veteran has only the same task is unfair? It is. So let me sweeten the deal....
I also have to redraw the creature Hrimfaxi entirely before I can start work on the Bennu. I also have to draw adult forms for Behemoth and Hippocerf as well as add at least one other enemy in full. Aside from that, the tournament will end whenever the final, eleventh picture for the Bennu is added to Battling Dragons.

Began: October 3rd, 2003
Finished: June 6th, 2006
Only Winner: Zedd (with the Ryu)
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