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World Map - Using the Above Table

  • If an area is not controlled by any member, you may take it for your own instantly without any battle. This secures a higher spot on the ladder.
  • If an area is controlled by another member, you may march against it in an attempt to win it. When attacking, you will be able to recruit troops based on the location, any area you currently own, or you may bring troops you have previously recruited.
  • Area tells the name of a particular region in the Shadow Aura world.
  • Owner is the name of the current member who controls this area.
  • Rank determines who may challenge this area and who its current owner may challenge.
  • Terrain lists all of the types of the area, which restricts the monsters capable of marching here.
  • Action tells what if a particular area is avaible for battle. If the rank is too high, too low, or the owner is already in battle, this area cannot be attacked.
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