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Forums :: Role Playing :: I put on my robe and wizard hat...

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Oct 28, 2011 3:01
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  (out of game)
  Figured I'd shake a little life out of these forums. We're gonna play a game here. Just for chuckles.
  The rules are simple. If you CAN use a FtRPG command, DO. When you make your first post, decide whether you'll be a Game Master or a Player Character. GMs are in charge of non-player characters and moving the plot along. PCs do character-ey things, as well as describe environments and fights from the character's eyes. Finally, mark out-of-game text as such. Fair enough? I'll be a GM. Alright, let's goooo....
  (/out of game)
  A haze fills the room, leaving it with the aromatic smell of pipe tobacco. However, the sour smell of cheap booze prevails. You're sitting in the bowels of the Sidequest Tavern. It's a small little getaway from the grind of daily life, that is, for most people. In reality, it's a meeting place for great adventurers. If you know the right people here, you can get set on your way to great adventure.
  A petite, nubile woman greets you with another pint. With a thick Irish accent she says, "Is tha anythin' else I ca' ge' fah ye?" Her bright red hair glitters in the candlelight. Being a regular, you know her to be Fiona, the owner's daughter. And despite her appearance, she's no one to be trifled with. What do you do?
"I can't stop peeing my pants. I'm out of urine, but I'm peeing my pants with blood now because of my body's biological need to pee my pants from the terror I'm experiencing."
  --Dr. McNinja
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