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Feb 22, 2005 17:45
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  As the Ghobling bounced to and fro the towers of glittering bounty, ahead of the rest, a cold, white hand of Gwyn ap Knudd detoured his approach each time, leading the group and log deeper into the heart of the treasury.
  "Be wary, friends," ominously spoke Gwyn, "and the like," he added, looking over to Bimblesnaff. "You mustn't touch this fey gold else be damned. You may only claim the prize you have earned."
  "That's not a legend," Rook whispered to the Ruler of the Otherworld, "is it?" The great, white figure only hushed the boy quickly.
  "Earned? Please, brothah," an annoyed goblin mocked. "Ya might as well handed ovah yer stash from the staht, seein' how we gave ya such a defeatin'."
  "I was nooot deeefeeeeeeeeeeated," angrily protested the Hunter of the Dead. Comically angrily. "I was merely testing you to see if you were worthy of the task at hand. A true defeat would be impossible." His finger quivered in the fiend's direction.
  "Please, brothah," the green skin repeated. "If ya dinna want to die from creation's end, ya'd hand ovah that crystal thin' no mattah what."
  "... You did not even fight me," revealed the Lord upon the fact's sudden realization. "How can thou even speak of waged combat against me? Perhaps I should test thy metal against mine own?"
  "I withdraw my comment," meekly squealed the goblin as he scampered off with his tail between his legs. Literally. The great hall was lined with wonders never seen by the travellers. Great woven patterns forming endless continuity, three faced figures, crosses beyond number, and women holding th- Well, now, that's just not right. At the core of these splendors, away from all else, laid an old, tattered, dull chest without lock. What little metal still remained of it was badly rusted.
  "Is... is it in there?" Ticu questioned from behind her brother's leg, afraid of the rotten looking box.
  "Why, of course," the Overlord stated. "The greatest of treasures had to be well hidden over these years. Past all of the others, open to the taking by thieves, I chose to hide the crystals so that it would not be disturbed." Eyeing the aged container irkishly, Rook propped open its top with the toe of his boot. The lid swung around not on its hinges, for they had broken from rusting, crashing to the ground with a dusty clatter. Expecting something more extravagant, the lad peered over into the vessel to only scarcely dodge a rising pillar of light. A most brilliant gem rode in this gleaming shaft, but the beam soon vanished into the faceted surface only to be ejected at the little girl.
  "What sorcery is this? You didn't say this would happen!" challenged Rook to the Dead's King as he helpless watched his sister be pierced by the light, growing brighter and brighter.
  "How am I to know?" the King coldly admitted. "The world hasn't exactly ended before. It could be empowering her, it could be teaching her, it could be learning her, it could be killing her. Annwn, it could be trying to hide itself in her posterior for all I know."
  "As much as I would enjoy discussin' the current topic," interrupted Bimblesnaff, "I think the'e mebbe a slight... problem."
  "Bogg," Rook mumbled through his hand, smacked straight to his face, "did you touch something?"
  "All I did was look at my reflection," the kobold defended himself, "in a... um, spilling... caldron."
  "Did you... say... caldron?" The towering god-like figure grew weak at his knees. "Not the caldron of life?"
  "I dunno," pondered the goblin. "Is that the one that makes-"
  "ZOMBIES!" screamed George, who had been abnormally silent recently.
  "Yep, that's the one," obviously told the green skin. "What were all those dead people doin' by a zombie pot, anywise?"
  "We're in the land of the bleedin' dead!" screamed Gwyn ap Knudd. "C'mon!"
  OOC: Shifting dialect is the fun!
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Feb 23, 2005 15:43
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  "Well, yeah... but," Bimblesnaff attempted to rationalize, "just because it is the land of the dead doesn't mean that it has to be the land of dead bodies, does it?"
  ".... Yes," furiously stated Gwyn, "yes it does."
  "Well, we should be fine," hoped 'Ticu, now huddling behind her brother. "I mean, they will pass right through us -- most of us, anyway -- right?"
  "You from the other side, aye," confirmed the hunter, "so long as they do not acquire the magick I had cast." Of course, no sooner than he had finished these words did one of the reanimated grasp ahold of his spear's tip, filling its eyes with the same mysterious glow. Soon, all of the corpses shone the same.
  "Meh, all the same to me," Rook said nonchalantly. "No matter, for you see...
  "You zombie-folk are really keen
  "With your smell that's rank and flesh that's green
  "And you only speak with one syllable."
  "But my friends and me gotta flee
adieu as we don Kunee
  "And we are now quite invisible."

  But of course, they were not. In the slightest.
  "Congratulations," ap Knudd flatly spoke. "Now, no one from that real world can see you."
  "Oh, right," mumbled Rook. "Well, at least I should be able to grab one of these useful artifacts to aid us in this battle." The boy lunged at a nearby heap and phased straight through it. "C'mon!"
  Sufficiently frustrated, he then spun up to his feet and drew his trusty blade Balmung. Rook pushed his sister back from the danger. "Don't worry, 'Ticu. We'll keep ya safe." He rushed forward with Koumori, each cleaving several zombies to shreds in a single swipe.
  The goblin joined the fray quickly, angered at how bad the zombies were making him look, which was ironically as bad as he actually was. After ripping through one of the fiends, he pivoted enough to see something behind him.
  "And where do you think you are going?" toyed the Ghobling.
  "Aw, please not again!" whined Flop-Hop.
  "Hmm... I'll take that into consideration," lied Bogg as he lifted up the small, yellow rabbit and hurled it, spiraling through a row of zombies.
  Balmung sped up from the ground and up through the torso and neck of another corpse, clearing the skull right from the body. He brandished the legendary blade proudly in the air.
  "Ha-ha! No one can stop the great sword Balmung!" he bragged. Just then, a certain cycloptic zombie rose up and struck the weapon, shattering the tip off of the blade. Rook stood, maintaining the same stance but nervously shifting his gaze from side to side. "Um, no one can stop the short sword Balmung?"
  "Hey, where did the tip of it go?" asked his familiar between crushing the chests of a few living dead. They did not have to search long to find the fragment. And George.
  "Ow! The irony!"
  "Wait, I kinda like this," informed the log. It spun itself into a frenzy, damaging many zombie shins with the metal bit that now protruded from its bark.
  With her brother preoccupied, no attention was paid to the girl or her young familiar. She had been slinking about the hoard, well beneath its height to remain from view. Although she had Gungnir at her side, she was far too small to wield it properly. Diamond was not too much more useful in a fight compared to Koumori and the others. So 'Ticu sat and waited for the clash to end.
  While waiting, something from the king's treasure caught the girl's attention. It was a beautifully woven, gilded robe draped over some sort of furniture piece. She became transfixed by the garment, and the more she stared, the more it seemed to change. Slowly, a black, swirling pattern rose from the bottom and glided up the smooth surface. It twirled about, leaving small, golden points shining in the dark.
  As the undead war raged on, something rose above the mounds of treasure. Garbed in a billowing robe as starry as the night sky, Articuno levitated, the mighty spear swinging in her grasp at her side. She hastened over to her brother, piercing a poised zombie and flinging it around into another group. Before they fell to the ground, her spear struck again, impaling and crumbling each of their ribs in a single thrust. She landed softly and approached the old chest, never bothering to answer the many questioning gazes.
  "We are leaving now," the girl told Gwyn ap Knudd as she retrieved her crystal which still hovered over the open chest.
  "Leaving? But what of the zombies?"
  "I'm sure you have a can of Zombie Spray lying someplace in this mess."
  "Oh, is that what that yummy stuff was?" remembered the goblin, luckily too quietly for the hunter to overhear.
  "And the robe? You are simply going to take it from my hoard?" posed Knudd. "The challenge was for the crystal -- nothing else."
  "You ripped my old one. I am entitled to it," she responded, uncharacteristically assertive. The king acquiesced. She turned and began to leave with her allies, who were now mostly finished with the zombies in their way.
  "Wow, the first crystal," praised Rook. "Do you wanna give that crystal Koumori for safe keeping?"
  "I've got it handled," 'Ticu informed. She lifted up her Dew Drop and set the crystal in its head... er, body. The gem slowly sunk down and was soon visible enough from within her pet to give homage to the pet's name.
  "So... where to now?" asked Rook, but 'Ticu already had Gungnir divining the direction. It simply pointed to the door. So 'Ticu walked. "Where are we going, sis?"
  "Wherever the spear tells us," she simply answered.
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Feb 26, 2005 19:22
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  "Great. Absolutely wonderful..." grumbled Rook leaving the home of Gwnn ap Knudd. " Let's see... my oh so mighty holy sword broke, That green... thing unleashed a horde of zombies--"
  "Hey! I take offense at that! I prefer the term 'freak'! And it's not my fault for trippin' over tha' damn pot! Besides, who leaves bodies lying around, anyways?"
  "Anyways... to top all that off, the little puffy dewdrop is carrying the dang crystal! I feel so secure..." continued Rook as they ventured on, still bickering. Soon, they found themselves back at George's home in the bog.
  "This is my stop!" said George, so they put him down, but not before Rook yanked Balmung's shard out of him. "Ow!"
  "I might be needin' this... maybe we can find a magic forge or somethin somewhere...
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Feb 26, 2005 19:35
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  "I hear there is a guy named Regin that can reforge it," told the goblin, oddly contributing to the group.
  "Yeah, the dwarven blacksmith," recalled 'Ticu. "He was the only one who could fix it the first time Balmung broke... isn't he dead?" Rook stood and stared out blankly.
  "... Dang," moaned Rook in despair. "Wait, we're in the land of the dead! That means we can find him!"
  "No... no," the goblin spoke. "Dwarves are Asutru. That means he's in Nifleheim."
  "... Dang."
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Feb 26, 2005 19:49
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  "So, um, don't you wanna know where we are going?" 'Ticu spoke up, holding Gungnir at its destination.
  "What the- Are you still here?" Rook exclaimed.
  "Well, we might wanna know whe'e we a'e goin'," the goblin pointed out. "I mean, it is somethin' we need to know to save the world."
  "Oh, right," accepted Rook. "Well, sis, where are we going to?" His sister pouted.
  "I don't remember now," she squeaked. "You were mean to me."
  "Yer spear is goin' east," pointed out Bimblesnaff. "So, dun that mean we go east?"
  "Yeah, but 'east' isn't too descriptive," the swordman mentioned. "Do you know how many cultures are in the east?" The others shrugged. "No, I'm asking you. Do you know how many their are? That crystal could be anywhere!"
  "Well, I know o' a few," the fiend proclaimed as he removed his hat, pulling out a stringed instrument. "And some tunes to go along with 'em."
  "What are you, a bard now?" Rook asked. "And didn't you just say that you didn't know how many there wer-" A strum interrupted the lad's speech as a hideous song began.
  Many lands, there are to search.
  The sun does rise in my weasel's home,
  Nippon, Japan, it's all the same.
  For the crystal, it's islands we'll comb.
  If we went across the sea,
  Then there's India, home of Ganesha.
  Here, I think we should skip.
  Head back to Japan to chill with geisha.
  Closer still, is the Tower of Babel,
  But all of them guys are dead.
  A thousand and one nights or tales,
  Simple makes tangles in my head,
  So I hope we ain't Arabia bound.
  Their neighbors have the pyramids,
  And not to bad of ladies, either.
  I wouldn't mind if we had some ki-

  "Bimblesnaff," Rook cut in. "Is there a point to this?"
  "... No, not really," the kobold admitted. "I just had the guitar is all..."
  "So, then, where are we going?" He only shrugged and pointed to 'Ticu.
"I'm going to special hell."
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Feb 27, 2005 9:46
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  They continued towards the shores of Annwn, talking of things to be done, places to go, whatever.
  "Hey, couldn't I get Balmung fixed by Waylon, Saxon god of blacksmithing? I mean, he made the thing, so he must be able to fix it! But then again, my logic has been impaired ever since I stepped onto this stupid place, what with monsters that souldn't be able to aatac me attacking me..." pondered Rook.
  "Proly not since you said it. Now it is eternally jinxed. Ha ha! You're sword is doomed!!" agreed 'Snaff. Eventually, they found themselfes at the shores of Annwn.
  "Now what?" asked Rook.
  "You're on a roll today! What with all these questions!" Bimblesnaff once again pointed out...
"Oh we're in big trouble now! I believe the human term is 'completely screwed'?" -Dan from "Without a Paddle" playing with a C-3PO action figure after falling over a waterfall, smashing the boat and losing all their supplies.
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Feb 28, 2005 17:00
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  "It's just," began Rook, "that it seems like I have the worst luck." The swordsman looked down at his recently shortened sword. "I wonder why that is." A small stone past his vision caught the boy's eye. He picked it up, testing its weight with a few bouncing tosses. He then launched it out past the shoreline, skipping the disc-like rock twice before it spun furiously back at the group. Rook just managed to duck it in time. "Y'see?"
  "Who said that?" questioned Rook. He thought that all of the party was in the clear, and indeed they were. "Who... who are you?" he asked, for the first time noticing a rather plain looking person.
  "Me?" the non-descript being asked back, rubbing his averagely bleeding head. "Why, I am your luck." Rook examined this man some more.
  "Huh, nothing looks that bad about you," posed Rook.
  "Are you kidding?" scoffed his Luck. "I'm dead! I'm in frickin' Cwn Annwn!"
  "Don't you mean Annwn?" corrected the goblin.
  "No... no, I do not." Just then, a rather bulbous Cwn Annwn phased in. Its entire stomach was stretched around Luck.
  "Hello," it greeted in a baritone voice and waved a paw before vanishing from site once more.
  "How... disturbing," murmured Rook. "So, I guess you are the cause of all my bad luck. I know what this means."
  "Yes," agreed Luck. "To will find the palace of th-"
  "It means that I shall have to kill you!" screamed Rook.
  "Yes... wait, no!" The swordsman brought his blade up and charged at his Luck, swinging wildly but of course falling short of his target. "Hey, what are you doing?" the shocked being exclaimed, unable to move very far from the blows as it was limited by its phantasmal captor.
  "Stupid Luck! Why don't the things I hate ever die?" In a frustrated attempt, he withdrew the splintered portion of the edge and hurled it into the Luck's face. The attack caught the being by surprise -- and caught its eye. With its head tilted back, Rook's target came into plain view. He whirled about with a vorpal strike.
  The party stared blankly at Rook, wrenching the fragment of Balmung from a loosed head.
  "What the blutty 'el is wrong with ya?" finally spoke up Bimblesnaff.
  "Huh?" a startled Rook spurted out. "Don't you get it? That guy was my luck -- my bad luck. Now that it's gone, I won't have bad luck anymore!"
  "Don't you get it?" 'Ticu pointed out. "Now that you don't have bad luck, you will have no luck."
  "... whoops." The boy thought for a moment. "Well, what's the worst that could happen that wouldn't happen to me before?"
  "Agh," grunted the goblin. "This guy is just askin' fer it!"
  Suddenly, the coastal waters began to boil. A writhing mess of tentacles rose up and fell onto the shore.
  "The Kraken?" Koumori growled. "I knew it would take more than one good hit to stop that thing!"
  "But I cut the Kraken in half!" sputtered Rook. "How can something I broke into parts with Balmung just suddenly become whole again without any explanation?" He then thought about his words. "Awwww." Rook returned his head from a shameful hang and continued:
  "Well, it matters not. This next battle against the Kraken shall prove to be one of the longest and most trying well, that was over fast," he said.
  "Yeah, how about that," spake the Ghobling. "And lookit, we're back on the mainland."
  "Meh, works for me," the swordsman admitted with a shrug. "Now we can get to wherever we need to be goin', so hows about it, sis?" Articuno was already divining the direction with Gungnir, but remained silent. "Sis?" he repeated. "C'mon! Why do you keep ignoring us whenever we ask for directions."
  "Well, you see," meekly mumbled 'Ticu. "I... don't know where the crystal is," she quietly and hastily said.
  "How can that be?" roared Rook. "You have Gungnir! Doesn't it tell you where the next crystal is."
  "Kinda..." she explained. "It can point to where we need to go, and it can show me an image of where the crystal is, but it cannot tell me where."
  "What do you see, 'Ticu?" asked Diamond.
  "A squiggly thing," the girl simply stated, "next to a not-so-squiggly thing."
  "Wait, then how did you know that the last image was of Annwn?" Bimblesnaff wondered. The girl's eyes drifted upward as she reminisced of her favorite picture book, Things of Morbid Death and Other Hellish Portals.
  "Tee-hee!" she giggled with joy. "Whirlwind of lust on the Second Layer of Hell."
  "Our parents are great," added Rook, proudly displaying a dopey smile. When he snapped back into reality, he confronted 'Ticu yet again. "So, we just have to follow wherever the spear points us and walk?" His sister simply shrugged. "Aww, no good can come out of this," he complained.
  And they trekked toward the East, blindly following the relics instruction. It was not too long into their journey that Rook characteristically tripped, seemingly over smooth ground.
  "Uh," he grunted, rolling himself over on the ground, "it is nice to see that I still have no... luck?" He looked down past his feet to see something sticking upward from the trail. The others thought it nothing more than some sort of rock, but he easily recognized it as a hilt.
  He immediately took to freeing it from the ground as the others walked on, not noticing his absence at first. As soon as enough was bear to get his hands around, Rook ripped the blade from the earth. Somehow, he was disappointed.
  "Awww, a sword?" he complained. "I thought it was going to be candy?"
  "Why would it be-" began the dumbfounded goblin, but he digressed. "Why are you complaining?" he screamed. "It is a new sword!"
  "Yeah, but I already have the Volsung blade," he responded.
  "You mean Balmung," said the surprisingly knowledgeable Bogg, "the blade that could only be freed by and wielded by the Volsungs... the race that died out with Sigurd... thus why he was called 'Last of the Volsungs.'"
  "That's the one," the boy answered. "Why? It's better than this one. What can this dirty ol' sword do? I mean, some loser named... At-il-la," Rook slowly mouthed, interpreting the engraved glyphs, "didn't want it. Plus it has this loser picture of a sheep on it."
  "You mean... that ram?"
  "It's a sheep with horns!" snapped Rook. "I'm sooo-o-o-o scared!" The other two gave up and continued to follow the mystically floating spear. The swordsman, out of habit, sheathed his new find and ran to catch up with them.
  OOC: FMC: Mars's/Attila's Sword: No one can look the wielder in the eye without flinching. Also, Wayland/Waylon is not really a Norse god. He is one of the rare Norse evolutions. It is really... a dwarf.... yeah. He sorta got his sinews cut, killed some princes, ravished a princess, had an ugly baby, and was never seen again.
  "Gods" did not really exist in Norse myth. They just had two races: Vanir and Æsir who had common access to Idunna's golden apples of youth. Since the Volsunga Saga is one of the oldest Norse stories around, Norse definition dwarf over the English god. This is a hard one, tho'; every on-line source I saw always called him an Anglo-Saxon god, too, even if also a dwarf. G'd ol' Internet! Leave it to them to mess with the one mythology that only has one written source!

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Mar 3, 2005 20:07
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  And so the group marched onwards to the East. Days went by, and it was a good thing the group had a lot of supplies to keep them going. However, everyone was inconvenienced by the lack of regulation of the area.
  “I still prefer Balmung over this,” Rook muttered after beheading with his new blade the 34th ruffian who had dared to threaten the group.
  The others in the group decided to keep silent on the issue, and they all pressed on.
  During the journey, Rook began getting the feeling that his sister was changing in some way. She didn’t act like the little girl she was as much. In fact, once when Rook was on guard duty for the group during a night he noticed that Articuno hadn’t been sleeping as much, but instead was staring at Gungnir along with Diamond more and more. Rook decided to dismiss the issue as Articuno maturing due to her quest.
  After at least a couple weeks of walking to the East, the group came upon a forest.
  “Are we actually going into that?” Rook asked, a bit unnerved by the dark outlook of the forest.
  “That is the direction Gungnir is pointing to,” Articuno replied. “That means we must go through it.”
  “What are you worrying about?” the Ghobling asked Rook. “It’s basically just a place full with big tall trees that simply block out sunlight.”
  The group then ventured into the forest. After a couple of hours, they emerged out of the other end.
  “See? Nothing big,” Bimblesnaff commented.
  “For you two,” Rook retorted, “You didn’t get branches swinging in your face.”
  “ ’Tis your fault for wanting to stay at the back,” Bimblesnaff replied.
  Rook groaned at his lack of luck while rubbing his sore face.
  Again the group walked to the East, following the direction of Gungnir. Thankfully, it was only a couple days after getting through the forest that Articuno spotted something in the horizon.
  “Hey, everybody!” she yelled out. “It looks like we’ve finally reached a village!”

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Mar 5, 2005 10:29
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  "Okay, gang," declared the goblin, "ya know the drill."
  "... no," corrected Rook, whiningly studying his two blades, "we don't. This is the first time we've all wondered into a village together."
  "Oh, right."
  "And what exactly is so important about a village, anywise?" Ticu questioned. "'Tis not like someone here will know what the line an' squiggly are, and, even if they did, we certainly cannot just ask every single person here for that information," she reasoned amazingly. "I mean, that'd just be very inconvenient to the residents here. I'm sure they are plenty busy toiling and suffering," she more expectedly tagged on.
  "Shaddap!" silenced Bimblesnaff. Recomposing himself, he continued... with... the sentence ... he did not start yet, "The drill is that ya guys do whatevah the hell ya want while I risk life an' limb to seek clues to world-peril saving tips in that seedy looking building," the green one explained, pointing over to an establishment which had many men constantly entering and leaving it tired. "And ya all bettah stay away from it," he menacingly added.
  "Like you have enough coin for that," muttered Rook, sheathing his two blades. "How about we just quickly pick up some supplies and be on our way? We're trying to save the world, here, so we don't exactly want to go looking for any-"
  "Trouble!" shrieked his sister, pointing ahead.
"I'm going to special hell."
  - Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly
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Mar 7, 2005 16:38
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  A green figure ran up the hill. "'Snaff???? But.... Ow! My logic!" said a thourogly confused Rook.
  "I'm right here!" said Bimblesnaff, standing right behind him.
  "DAMN CLONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed a Kamaitchi, followed by a Tatz', who srieked:
  "Git 'im!!!!" After a moment, Rook recognized them as KazeMusha and Schreken. KazeMusha darted up and slashed the copy, and he dissapeared in a puff of smoke.
  "There's another one!!!!!!!!" shouted the sickle weasel.
  "No! It's me!!!!" scremed the goblin. KazeMusha clipped him in the side, sending his sickly blood splattering on the ground.
  "Whoops..." groaned KazeMusha.
  "DAMN STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Bimblesnaff, who proceeded to beat the holy heck outta the weasel.
  "Go 'Snaff, go!" shouted a voice from Ticu's pack.
  "AWHAAAA?????" screamed Rook, again, startled by the talking pack. Then, a log popped out, with a deep scar from a blade. "George...? What are you..... Wha????????"
  "I decided to come with you after all! You see, as soon as you left, I remembered how dull t was in the swamp! And I kinda became the territory marker for a certain Cwn Annwn... Well, I rolled after you, and found myself rolling too fast to stop, right into the water where I bumped into this giant squid monster--"
  "--The Kracken?" asked Rook.
  "That's the one. Well, I bumped into it and it threw me into the air, and I hit Ticu in the head. I've been in her pack ever since. She talks to me alot, though, so I don't get bored."
  "Why haven't I known about this?" asked Rook.
  "I didn't think it was important," explained Ticu.
  "So this is why you haven't been talking, or running about? Of course this is important! We have to celebrate!" declared Rook.
  "To the seedy joint!!!" said 'Snaff, finished dealing out beatings. He started to run, but Rook grabbed him.
  "We haven't eaten anything real good lately, let's get a bite to eat at that McDonalds!" and they walked in the direction of a farm-themed restauraunt.
  "To the comic relief!!!" they cheered, holding up thier glasses.
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Mar 18, 2005 16:31
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  "Wait, didn't we have some actually important matter to attend to?" 'Ticu said.
  "I doubt so," told the recently rejoined log.
  "No, she's right for once," quibbed her brother. "Aren't we supposed to be saving the world or something?"
  "That's what you guys are doing?" exclaimed the goblin after taking a swallow of the brew he was careful not to waste. "Aw man, that thing is so screwed."
  "You mean the world?"
  "Are you visions getting any clearer yet, sis?" the swordsman asked, dismissing the non-sensical inhuman.
  "No... not yet. Squiggly is as clear as it is going to get," she despaired. "Maybe we should aks the locals for help!" Before she could be told not to bother anyone, she was already tugging on someone's... fur?
  "'Scuse me, mista," she began in a sing-song way, only to be returned with a monstrous grunt.
  "Holy-snap!" the Rook shouted. "This isn't a human village at all!" Suddenly, all of the monstrous patrons had their eyes (or an individual's one eye) turned to the out-of-place party. "How do you suppose we missed that?"
  "Speak for yourself, pinky," sneered the Ghobling. "I mean, booo! Humans! Kill and burn them! How dare humans steal our jobs and misshapen but attractive women!"

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Mar 19, 2005 21:08
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  "SHUT UP!!" roared Rook, clubbing the goblin in the head with the hilt of his blade, leaving him massaging his skull. He then took Gungnir from Ticu and charged in with Koumori, twirling it about. After a few moments, he shouted "Run! Before they wake! Grab George!"
  "Why you...!" growled 'Snaff once they were at a safe distance. "You attacked me!!!"
  "Do not cross me. We are a team now, I suppose. We have to watch each other's backs no matter what. If all you can think about is your personal needs, then you should leave," warned Rook, "Start being useful."
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Mar 27, 2005 23:58
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  The Ghobling was about to angrily retort to Rook’s warning when he thought better of it and decided to take a snap at him later. Meanwhile, Articuno was pondering.
  “What should we do now?” she asked. “We still need supplies, but…I don’t think we can just walk into that village again and ask for some.”
  “Especially after that pre-emptive attack,” George added, “the residents will probably be none too happy about it.”
  “What do you mean, pre-emptive?” Rook demanded.
  “You attacked,” the log replied, “without even knowing if they had hostile intentions or not.”
  “What should I have done, waited for them to attack us first?!” Rook retorted.
   “…Never mind.” George replied, seeing that arguing wouldn’t be the best decision at the time.
  The group thought for a while, and after 15 minutes Rook announced, “OK, I’ve got a plan! We’ll wait for nightfall, sneak back in and ‘buy’ what we need, and then get out of here.”
  “And you know the inhabitants aren’t nocturnal?” Bimblesnaff asked.
  Rook glared at Bimblesnaff, and then suddenly a crafty smile came on to his face.
  “Of course, we could always use your Kamaitachi—“
  “Hey, waitaminute!” the Ghobling reacted. “I’m not letting you use my familiar for your own good!”
  “It’s for OUR good,” Rook corrected, “and if you’re so worried then how about you come along with the rest of us and stop being a hindrance?”
  “You want me to go with you on such a dangerous trip?” the Ghobling asked. “No—“
  “I wonder if the village also has any good liquor.” Rook mused.
  That caught Bimblesnaff’s attention, just like he wanted. “Ooooo! Count me in!” he declared, licking his lips.
  So the group agreed upon Rook’s simple plan, and waited. Night soon came, and the group made their way back into the village without being noticed. They searched around, and eventually found a shop of some sort. Strangely, it was unlocked but nobody was inside.
  “Let’s see,” Rook said, “at least it seems like these ‘residents’ eat the same food as we do.”
  “So, are we just going to take what we need and leave money on the table?” Articuno asked, pointing to a nearby table.
  “…Do they even use money here?” Rook wondered, as he was not very keen on giving up money to non-humans. “Maybe—“
  “Uh-oh! Trouble’s coming!” Koumori, who was keeping watch outside, announced to the group.

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Jun 19, 2005 23:01
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  "Now there's something," Bimblesnaff spat out.
  "What is?" queried a curious Rook, ignoring the pleas of his familiar.
  "Well, it seems like we were just in this situation not some time ago," the Ghobling continued, "where 'Ticu said, 'Trouble!' an' a series o' events followed leading up to now."
  "It's really important," the Tatzelwurm tried to warn without success, "and really big."
  "Really?" Rook questioned. "I don't recall."
  "Oh, quite yes," confirmed the greenskin. "'Twas just a while back. You remember that one post?"
  "I know! What is with those!"
  "Guys, seriously," interrupted the bestial serpent. "If it was just a mob of a hundred monsters, we'd be better off, sadly."
  "Hey, now, hush," ordered the lunatic. "We grown ups art tryin' to talk 'ere. ... do ya hear heavy thuddin', like a giant monstrosity approaching us?"
  "They really are dumb, aren't they?" 'Ticu rhetorically asked her Dew Drop.
  "I see absolutely no way that they are gonna be getting out of this," Kaze Musha squeaked, peaking around the corner at the doom that came their way.
  "Dibs on their livers," Schrecken claimed, licking his lips.
  "Oh, seriously, now," Bogg dismissed. "Ya well know that mine vanished years ago." The pounding had reached its peak. From out the door of the raided building, they saw a shadowy mass. They tried to discern what the figure's identity was until they realized that it was only part of an entity, a very small part...
  "I still can't believe we got out of that," boasted Rook, gleefully filling himself with foodstuff as he paced onwards.
  "Please, that was five days ago," George the enchanted log reminded him. "Put it behind you already."
  "But it was just so wow!" he exclaimed. "Who would have thought the mayor of the monster village would have come to offer his apologies for his citizens behavior when we were the jerks... with food!"
  "We?" questioned the goblin. "I dun ever remember bein' a jerk ever in m' life." This statement came as he punted a nearby baby. "Damn Romans! Can't they find wolves anymore?"
  "And what's more amazing is that the big guy was able to recognize that squiggle-line," Rook continued to rant on. "I mean, what were the odds, serious?"
  "Well, it did come from his civilization," 'Ticu blatantly pointed out. "It would be like you identify the word 'dog' on a piece of paper."
  "Silly girl," her brother said, patting her on the head, "dogs can't be on paper." As they marched onward more in a bit of silence, Rook decided to speak up once more. "So... where are we heading again? ... Geez, guys, did you all trip over rocks at the same time? There's another unbelievable event! Wow! What a whimsical journey this has been." Staring down to his arm, he saw a Wizard Shackle stuck to it. "Are you still there?"
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