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Dec 16, 2004 19:40
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  "Holy moly!" Lt. Eagle screamed in the presense of the magma gigas.
  "Yes, it is quite holy," agreed the molten man, putting away his herbs, "but that is not really of importance."
  "Yeah, you're right," concurred the flesh man. "Me prolly not dying is more important. Well, that, and getting my revenge..."
  "Revenge? Why would you want that?" the giant questioned. "Nothing is wrong enough to need revenge."
  Eagle quickly thought up, "What about confusing lava with magma?"
  "Hmm, yes," it stated in ponderment. "That is pretty bad, but-"
  "What about thinking that lave is better than magma?" he interrupted the smoking hulk, who now fumed even more.
  "That dastards!" it cried. "I shall slay them with my bare hands!"
  "Is that really too meaningful in your case?" asked Eagle. "I mean, they are giant... and made of magma." The molten giant had no time to listen, however, as he grabbed the tiny man and rode an erupting turrent to the surface. Amazingly, they broke right where the D-Knight, mole rider, and goblin were presently.
  "You shall suffer, vile ones!" roared the roaring roar... I mean, giant.
  "What the monkey?" quasi-cursed the green skin.
  "Onoz! Its... some guy... with a threatening yet comical looking magma monster? Do you know what this means?"
  "Indeed!" The illusionist lept from the monstrous mole, throwing a finger forward. "Monstaruuu Bataruuu!"
  OOC: yes, there was originally another post here. I killed it. Killed it dead.
"You look good for someone who was hit by a car."
  "Thus being the only time ever that it can said that I 'look good'."
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