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Forums :: R.E. League :: Legend of the Gilded Jewel-pretty much stuck.

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Mar 8, 2009 17:39
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  Ok,the whole gilded Jewel thing is confusing me,first,I got two statues,but when i got to the top of that mountain it said I was holding the electric one too,what?then when i got to the Rocket Base,there was no options to use,so I had to go back and do it all over again,except the legendary Beast fight,except this time,it says the Rocket Lair secret entrance is just an empty cave,so I cant go anywhere,can anyone explain that?
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Mar 8, 2009 18:41
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  You should try reading better; you got the Yellow Statue first. You picked it up when you were in the scene with all three of them. Only two fly away and must be recovered; one of them is a freebie. That easily enough explains that, no?
  As for not being able to get past the Rocket Base, that's been covered before. The notice used to be at the front of the Walkaround, which was updated a while ago to the new version and left the notice without a place to be posted.
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