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Oct 13, 2006 3:08
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  This is a day late, but I only now discovered that the anniversary of END happened yesterday (so let's just pretend it's still the twelfth, since it still is in certain parts of the world). In recognition of this seemingly overlooked and possibly underrated aspect of Reality's End, I present you with this, also known as the first submission to the END database that isn't a base RE page. It's crap, I know, but at least I'm doing something, right? So go ahead, check out my puzzle, tell me what sucks about it so I can make a better one in the future. And happy birthdaversary Endless Night's Dream.
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Oct 13, 2006 9:15
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  Turns are disabled since it isn't a square. You have a nine-by-ten puzzle; if turning were to be allowed, there would be one edge that would be really confused as to what it should do. Think about singular matrices; it is sort of the same thing.
  On another note, I see your this puzzle used to look different, if I remember correctly. That's when I first put my name on the high score board for it. If you go and change what the puzzle looks like, it does sorta invalidate the old scores for it (like your six). It is even possible to create an unattainable score. That's why I am supposed to add erasing.
  But then, there's a lot of stuff I'm supposed to add, none of which I actually have yet since you still are the only person who is caring about all this END stuff that's been trickling in over the last few months.
  END came in on the heels of the RE League, hoping to reclaim the success it had in its heyday. Unfortunately, the REL was already declining by that time. Not only did most people not care about personal web sites, but they also stopped caring about JavaScript games. If it isn't fully prettied-up with Flash, people just don't care about it. They even want Paper-Rock-Scissors to have crappy, useless, extreme graphics.
  Customizable games don't really work well with those sorts of technologies, which doesn't much matter as people don't even have places to put customizable games. Whereas five years ago, everyone and their brother had a personal web site, no one does anymore. They prefer generated pages and blogs, if anything, like CrapSpace, CrapBook, and CrapCrap (I'll let you figure out what that last one is). Since they don't allow JScript, they don't allow END.
  With the amount of time I put into END, it is not as neglected as one might think. It sure as Hel is neglected by the patrons of the site, but never by me. I'm constantly tweaking and stockpiling updates, hoping for that one big release that'll help it get over with RE.
  'Course, that'll never happen, but a guy can dream, can't he?
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