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Forums :: Reality's End Classic :: Dear friends, the resort was cool.

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Jun 21, 2013 17:42
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  Whilst I write this, I realize that it could indeed be possible that the people that I am writing to are not here anymore. If so, I apologize to all other users for the inconvenience. On the off chance that a certain Bimblesnaff and Ometon ARE here, then I have something to say.
  I recently went on the Rainbow Resort, and almost drowned in a sea of good memories and good vibes. I remembered the days when i'd check up on the art, the guru pages, the mailbag, even those times when I entered the IF contests. I used to enter many applications for enemies, abilities and helpers, most being refused. I used to relish the comments and ratings my entrants got, usually being gutted when they lost. I'd put in a really subtle reference to some video game that someone like Diddgery would catch out immediately. I'd put in a reference to Pro Wrestling that both you guys'd get, and i'd feel all giddy when you mentioned it off-handedly. I also remember when that golden age came to an end. I felt like a little kid having some cool, older kid move away suddenly. Confused and wierded out. I soon stopped going to the site around the time of April Fools 2012, but the site always stayed with me somewhere. Now that i've found it again, I just wanted to see how you guys were doing. How are you?
  P.S I read everything Bimblesnaff says in CM Punk's voice.

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Jun 23, 2013 19:47
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  Aww, why does Gobbo get to be Punk? Who am I? Striker? Dude isn't even employed anymore! And does have the mighty unibrow of his dopplenamer Stryker!
  But, yeah, we're those guys. And we were both away on account of being twins and on simul-vacation.
  I am the member Mints who was (not all too secretly) the Ometon. Like I always said (and meant), you were my favorite Resorter for the puroresu -- or at least "sports entertainment" -- references, including that Shield one that never got to air but is sticking in the letter queue. That thing is a good read whenever someone gets depressed.
  Thing is, we didn't move away; the doucheholes there whined and complained until we were kicked out. Why? Have to you ever stepped into the chatroom at that joint? Entirely different world. Depending on the flavor of the month, they care more about Pok√©mon or Sonic than Kirby -- who, up until recently, wasn't getting new games.
  And then he did start getting new games, and they still didn't care.
  Anyhoozilydoozle, they finally got KindarSpirit (who always told me how much she hated them for their laziness -- go figure) to give them control at the site. What did they want it for? What they always wanted it for: undoing everything Gobbo and I did in our few-year tenure there on top. It is a hilarious read, especially considering how much of it was already done that they didn't even know about on account of never paying attention.
  And if they had known, they probably would have griped anyway. Oh, who am I kidding? They definitely would have. That's what they do.
  KRR is and, for as long as I have ever heard about it, always has been a clubhouse. It is a place where "staff" meant you were friends with the right people instead of actually doing work on the main site. Anyone who ever did do work on the main site was usually rallied against by the staff-in-name-only for reasons of pre-Mania-Punk only knows. I was hoping I could finally change that trend, but apparently, the "staff" would rather see the site die that succeed without them.
  Really, read some of the comments there now. (Not like there are many.) Anytime anyone drops by and says how great it used to and how it should be saved and how they are even willing to help the old guard pops by and tells them to let RR wither in peace. See, they have a Skype group have Always; they have everything they need except for whatever petty, perverse pleasure they get out of running a Kirby site into the ground. Why?
Man Mountain Rock

  I mean, Kindar handed over the site to a bunch of people who, multiple times prior, ran it into the ground with stagnation until someone else came by, whom they also eventually ran away. To make matters worse, their sole and declared goal was to undo all of those things which you (and many others) said was great about KRR.
  But they didn't do it, so they couldn't get praise for it, so they hated it. Of course, the old guard didn't do much of anything, so they couldn't get praise for much unless people worked thankless to implement everything they wanted without them lifting a finger, for which they could absorb endless praise.
  That's right; the RR old guard is middle management at a bloated company in financial deaththroes. The company also sells -- and is built out of -- 99% human feces.
  So I have gone on record as saying: KRR is hopeless. Kindar, the only powerhouse who actually matters, has demonstrated that she herself does not care about the site. She would rather hand it to people who penned a manifesto to tear down the site and with no demonstrated history of ever building anything on the site up ("Just go to the forums~! We promise we won't insult and badger you into leaving (just don't read the Epic Yarn topic [or several others] for demonstrated proof).") Even if all of the evil were banished, there would be no even slight promise that Kindar wouldn't just go heel GM and book entirely in favor of the newest stable of bad guys. If anything, there is evidence that that is exactly what she would do since she has done it every blutty time before.
  Unlike rasslin', we can't win infinity-to-one handicap lumberjack matches. The babyfaces lose, and the crowds lose interest and go home.
  Thus, I have been slowly putting all of the old Passport code into a new site, FYDaC, but I have recently been distracted a lot by Minecraft, and I am always distracted by, y'know, continued employment. I have been trying to find the right level of stagnation/frustration at RR so that FYDaC can actually start successfully instead of becoming another KirbyClub or WhispyWoods. I recently fixed the frontpage comments there so that people could complain. I think I did pretty good for April Fool's 2013, if I do say so myself.
  Another fun fact: the RR staff deleted every comment on the Cutenews. Just deleted. Because they weren't important. "Care about the main site" my arse! How much do you think they would flip out of any of the forum boards were deleted?
  A lot of the RR people eventually congealed on dA at Never SOFA (Ship Of Fools Alliance). Right now, we are in the middle of a huge collab-o-comic of Mailbag-esque proportions. You have one of those things/accounts, right?
  Good seein' ya, PC. It'll be funny seeing if you remember how to type in that crazy username to log-in againe.
"Ugh, no wonder no one likes women." ~ Louise, Bob's Burgers
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Jun 24, 2013 16:40
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  I'll take Cookie Monster over Strong Bad any day!
  For those unaware, PC Fan is a can-o-cool beans from, obviously, Rainbow Resort. In fact, he's way better than all you guys not reading this.
"Make sure you don't suck in anything you can't lift."
  "Words to live by, I'm sure."
  - Dr. Maston & Mr. Moloch, Project G.K.R.

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Jun 25, 2013 16:39
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  Man, it's nice to hear from you guys again. Especially nice that you still saw all those letters that didn't get to an actual mailbag.
  I once considered trying to fix KRR after you guys were ousted, but I eventually realized that I couldn't do much, so I left. It's a real tragic tale, that Rainbow Resort.
  Anyways, nice to meet you once more. I found your Minecraft server also. See you about the place.
  (Don't worry, Ometon, you can get to be Curtis Axel! That's good, right?)

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Jun 26, 2013 16:38
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  Hey, I don't think I ever saw that Google doc "to-do" list.
  I like the entry "Go through removing snark / sarcasm from the site because itís unprofessional and not what KRR is trying to be." I assume snark/sarcasm is code for "complaints against us".
  "Being able to talk about your problems is an important part of working together with others." Suddenly we're in a kid's show, and it is followed with "Be ni". Couldn't even finish that sentence, could they?

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Jun 26, 2013 21:45
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  "Being able to talk about your problems," yet they explicitly admitted to avoiding discussing anything with us ever. Dunno why I should even bring this up; they were hypocritical in every other fashion, so why not this, too?
  Hmmm, Curtis Axel. At least I get a shiny new way to hold up my pants~!
"I give up." ~ Virginia
  "The three sweetest words in the English language." ~ Ross, Raising Hope
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