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Nov 20, 2006 23:47
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  Well, with the release of the PS3 and the Wii, we now have a better idea of what they can do.
  So, what console is your personal favorite, and which do you think is going to do the best?
  My personal favorite is the Wii, it's cheap and has innovative gameplay (and I'm a Nintendo fanboy). I also think it will win in the long run for the same reasons.
  I think that the PS3 will be in second because it is so expensive. Even the games are pricier, I remember hearing that they may go as high as $100. And the launch titles sucked.
  The 360 is last. Why? Well, it's got good graphics, but it's more expensive tha the Wii, and the hardwardware is a piece of junk. If you try to move it while a game is playing, it leaves a deep gash in your game disk. And, as everyone knows, the only good franchise on the Xbox is Halo.
  So, what's your opinions on this?
This is what I call an 'Oh s***!' moment.

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Nov 21, 2006 2:31
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  Personally, I want the Wii to win. I've played Nintendo games almost all of my life, so I really want to see them stick around.
  However, my bet on which home console will be most successful, at least as far as US sales are concerned, is on the Xbox 360 at the moment. It's built up a fairly strong fanbase in the time that it's been around. Don't underestimate the effect Xbox Live (and online play in general) has had on sales.
  That said, I don't think Nintendo will have much problem staying afloat even if the Wii doesn't live up to other people's expectations. The DS has been phenomenally successful, possibly even more so than any of the home consoles currently out.

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Nov 21, 2006 8:38
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  The Wii, most definitly. It should by all means Wiin, so that Wii can experience the glory that is Wii!
  All crappy jokes aside, the PS3 may have a more loyal following, but the Wii will ALWAYS beat it in pricing and in quality. All those glitches the PS3 has? I'll bet you anything that Sony will refuse to fix 'em, mainly because of the greedy tycoon they are in the gaming world. They seem unaware that there are two more giants out there: Microsoft and "The Big N" I'd say the Wii will come out on top.
  I heard somewhere that one guy wanted a PS3 so badly (he prolly wet his bed dreaming about it) that he spent a looooooong time (Actual time not known)outside a Toys 'R Us, waiting to pre-order. He got a of the seven orders they had.
  Then he sold it on eBay for...oh, I dunno...$2000? Or something close to that?
  That new Halo game that's coming out in 2007? Auto-Suckyness initiated, cap'n! (I hate Halo, so I don't have to worry about being wow'd by it.) Eventually the people of the gaming world will realize something...
  ...That something is the fact that Sony might as well RAISE the price for the BC3 (Bullcrap Three)as they make better games. The reason? The games are SO good, more people want a BC3 so they can play them. Sony has to raise prices to stay afloat/break even as more BC3 games are made that wow the community.
  So...the Wii...Wiill...Wiin!
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Nov 21, 2006 9:56
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  What? You don't know what I'm gonna say. I could say any of the three, or maybe a fourth one that I just built in my basement. You don't know. ... Yes you do.
  As has been said, they are revolutionizing gaming with innovation. I've been playing video games for, like, twenty years. M' mum has tales in which I shouldn't have even been able to get that Atari working right. It took two of us to manage! Point aside, that's a lot of games. More to the point, especially in recent years, all games are the same. It's like that saying that every story has been told already. Well, with the sheer volume they've pumped out games, I don't see the real difference between one FPS and the next. Wii offers a way to play differently. That's awesome.
  PS3 will probably crash and burn. Without a significant price drop, only the "gaming elite" will bother to purchase on, and only then because they are slaves to the world of "gaming". Plus, I've think we've all seen G4's video comparing the Wii and PS3. And, if you haven't, what's a matter with you?
  X-Box will probably disappear off the face of t he planet. They're only chance was in the year before the other next-gen systems. Hell, they admitted it. Their whole marketing strategy was "be first". Well, they were, and now they will suffer the fate of Sega's Saturn and Dreamcast. People will already be tired of it and move on to the next thing to empty their wallets to.
  My prediction is that Wii will dominate the market. This reason will not be because of gamers. Oh, my no. They'll like, at least I'd think, but some "hard core gamers", ie: losers, will raise their nose at the "you have to do more than press buttons". However, it's the non-gamers that will be its salvation. The DS did phenomenal with women and seniors, an increasing part of the video game market. They aren't going to buy a 360 or chuck over five-hundred buckaroos for an entertainment system. Hells no. They'll just pick up a Wii.
  I, of course, won't be purchasing any of them. Hell, I still have a stack of games never played or beaten for older systems, and I haven't played a game for months that didn't require heavy blowing.
  ... I mean old cartridges by that, by the way Shifty Eyes
"That is the least heterosexual thing I have ever heard."
  -John "Bradshaw" Layfield

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Nov 21, 2006 10:37
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  I dont think its as clear cut outside of nerd circles (like crop circles but with nerds) which consoles are going to do well.
  Outside of the ps3 that is. 600 dollars is pricing itself way out of the market. I know two people getting a ps3, one has every system, the other is going to save for months to get it, for the one or two games it has confirmed. I liked ps2 out of the current consoles the best (we're not counting the dreamcast, ohh dreamcast I'll never let go of you) because it had the few console specific games I wanted. Socom and a couple others are what made me like it best, and then guitar hero being exclusive so I kind of had to love it.
  That being said the ps3 has nothing going for it outside of Blu-Ray which has a questionable future at best, but as for the other two it isn't as clear. Once the hype from wii/ps3 launches dies down it might be easier to pick. At this point though, until the wii shows off some of the big nintendo games better, I like the xbox. First because of the big games I know are guaranteed like Gears of War and Halo, and more importantly than all others guitar hero 2 with downloadable content. Really I got so caught up in guitar hero 2 that I didn't think of a second reason, guess I dont need one. I think they'll split a few important demographics but neither will be much better than the other.
  So, since picking a winner is kind of pointless as it's just companies gaining and losing ground to each other in the industry, Im going to go equally pointless and pick the ps3 as the loser because for the money involved Im going to go to my friends house instead of thinking about getting my own.


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Nov 21, 2006 12:34
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  Yea- votin for the Wii. Infact, already got one (Yaaaay go me lol), and it's waitin for me down in FL. Can't wait to try out the new controls.
  Sure, the Wii is more family oriented... But that's where it's gonna dominate the others. PS3 and Xbox only go for gamers- the Wii actually brings people who AREN'T gamers into the arena and gives them a fighting chance! Sure, PS3 and Xbox have extremely hardcore games... But that's all they're gonna get for an audience- the extreme hardcore gamers. Seriously hurting themselves by all this.
  Sony especially has messed up. Aside from the supply cut due to insufficient materials, they've also had to recal the system because the games weren't loading properly... $600 for a flippin system!? I don't think ANY gaming system has ever gone that high- and if so didn't make it very long. Sure, Sony has all this high tech stuff, but who gives??? Blu-Ray? Game Developers don't even use that technology yet so it's completely a waste of materials. Sony also kindof ripped off the other two systems- losing it's great Rumble feature to try and mimic the Wii's tilting, as well as stealing the Xbox's harddrive and adding one of their own. Still, 20 gigs is nothing when some games require at least 22 (I believe one of the war style games... Call to Arms? forget... but it was said it qould require 22GB to use), so in reality you have to pay for the high end version...
  It's just bad on Sony's behalf, and I hope the Wii floors it. Jeez- even the console... $600 on retail, $3000+ on eBay. WAY too many people gouging the prices, waiting in line just to make a buck than to play...
  Wii is revolutionary. Wii is the future. Cheap price so a majority of the public can acquire it, fantastic games-even those yet seen (Super Smash Bros. Brawl anyone?), UnGODLY unique remote and new wave of the future on game playing, backwards compatibility as well as having online access to a site that allows you to relieve just about all Nintendo games... Yea... Nintendo is gonna dominate and I can't wait Big Smile

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Nov 21, 2006 12:41
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  Wait a minute. We haven't heard from me yet! The nut with the
  While I would personally like to see the X-Box die a bloody and horrible death, the screams of which will haunt all who witness it to the end of their days, I don't see it happening. Microsoft is too good at, somehow, maintaining a stranglehold on, it would seem, everything they do. I could be wrong, I hope I'm wrong, dear god somebody prove me wrong, but I think the Microsoft fanboys (aka wannabe gamers or posers) will keep it going. Oh, it's not going to be anything like the DS (have you seen those Japan sales figures), but it will stay up there.
  The most significant thing to note about the PS3 launch is that a bulk of the people waiting in line were waiting only to sell their hard-won console online. That's right, Sony's amazing launch sales, which are hardly amazing since consoles pretty well always sell out at launch, are even less spectacular as most of the purchasers don't really even give a rat's placenta about the PS3 anyway. It's really quite sad when you think about it. And what do you think the buyers of the Wii are doing with their systems, even at this very moment? Why playing Twilight Princess, of course. Really doesn't this whole thing remind you a bit of something that happened a couple of years ago?
  [Edit- I see AW ninja'd me and I want to address a couple of things. While I'm not denying that Sony's been making some poor choices, they didn't just choose to remove the rumble, that was lost in a legal battle and they tried putting in the motion thingy as an alternative. This isn't a defense for Sony or anything, just laying out the facts. And the hard drive thing isn't exactly a ripoff. Modern consoles are becoming more or less glorified computers without all the wonderful computery benefits, and hard drives are just the next step. Frankly I don't have a problem with it as it's kind of a nice touch. And I'd also like to raise a question about your "some games require more than 20 gB" bit? What? It's not like you're installing the damn game. That's what the bluRay disc is for. It stores all that for you. The HD simply holds your saves and possibly other content. But I hardly doubt 22 gB worth. (Actually I don't have time to look up any of this, so if there's something I've missed, feel free to reference it to me then proceed to call me names until you feel justice has been served. But I'd be surprised if there were anything like that.)]
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Nov 21, 2006 16:25
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  Surprisingly, especially for RE, most of the arguments thus far have been at least moderately logical.
  There's yer problem. This is about gamers; not logic.
  You can't compare now to the good ol' days. Dreamcast was back in the day when videogames were unpopular. Now, they are the thing cool kids do. Nerds are supposed to be the ones that are bad at video games! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!
  People will like XBox because they have some preconceived notion that it is the "best." Likewise, PS3 will maintain a loyal following because it is new and "better." What reasons do they have for believing these? Well, they could use facts or details at least to support the claims, but instead, they use something that's better at controlling idiots: advertising.
  By telling people that XBox and PS3 are cool system, people will believe it. Look at PSP. Should any idiot ever buy one of those things? Who needs to watch video on a tiny screen when they are out and about? Nobody! So why do they? Because they were told it was cool to.
  Regardless of which is best, XBox and PS3 will rely heavily on the image associated with them. Wii is all kiddy and stuff; it's what your little brother and grandma play. Who wants that?
  Luckily, outside of idiotic punk teenagers who get everything bought for them by mommy and daddy, Wii is pulling through on its price advantage. (Good ol' poor college students!) I am worried about XBox's year head-start helpin' it seem comparatively cheaper, tho'. It is hard to tell, right now, how many PS3s actually sold to tell who won: Nintendo or Wii. So many PS3s went straight to eBay. Why? Right back to the hype. That stuff poison, yo.

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Nov 21, 2006 17:34
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  Thank you. I don't know how many idiotic arguments I've dealt with from people who can't give me one good reason why the X-Box isn't the worst console of the previous generation, yet still insist it's so great. Why, because it has shooters? So does the PC and those are so much easier to control anyway.
  The thing about the 360's seeming cheapness is, in order to compete with the PS3, it's only real competition as the Wii is in a class of its own, is by the HD-DVD add-on. I mean, compare the storage capacity of BluRay to that of a conventional DVD. Once the PS3 gets out of the "early-gen" phase and starts putting out games that make use of what's available, there'll be no contest. I'm not sure how much MS will be charging for their drive (which should have been included from the start), but it's gonna help put the 360 back up there in price.
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Nov 21, 2006 18:19
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  I managed to pick up a copy of the Wii on Sunday and I really hope it comes out on top this time. The new Zelda is unbelieveable. The controller provides an amazing gameplay and tons of potential for future titles. I think Nintendo has a bright future in store.
  The PS3 is impressive but it's waaaaaay too expensive. Sony loses $300 per console (costs $900 to make). Probably why the games are so expensive. But still, nothing too impressive on the launch. Especially with all the riots/shootings that have happened as a result.
  The X-box 360 fails to impress me. Other than Halo, there aren't many titles that really look that good to me. However, the fact that it released so much earlier gives it an edge I think.
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Nov 22, 2006 4:16
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  I predict a big shakeup within Sony in the coming months if the PS3 doesn't meet the company's stated goals (which is very likely). What I've read so far suggests that Sony's shareholders are very unhappy with the company's lack of profits on all fronts. Sony has already gone through one boardroom coup, which makes another one very possible.
  I don't see Microsoft leaving the videogame space anytime soon. With their new drive to unite console and PC games, they've just opened up a sizable libary of games to add to their system. Like World of Warcraft. They've also just put out the Zune, which suggests to me that they're plotting to enter the handheld market as well (even if the Zune itself is only really competing against the Ipod).
  Speaking of the Ipod, doesn't the newest version have (minimal) game-playing capabilities? I'd read about Apple doing something along those lines.

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Nov 23, 2006 11:22
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  After playing the Wii, I must say again that I hope the Wii surpasses all, which it probably will. The controls are simply astounding and ANYONE, whether young or old, can play the games on practically the same level playing field instead of gamers always coming out ahead. The mundande Wii Sports game you get free with each Wii system has been an enormous hit here. Jeez, my mother, whom hates video games and cannot play one to save her life, loves the Wii more than anything she's tried in the past. My father and me are now playing Sports daily, as are the rest of my family.
  Biggest thing the Wii will do is lose some of the fat gamers have started collecting around their sides. It's a freakin workout machine just like DDR, and yet it's portable and just as fun! We've been having wonderful night's sleep since we started playing the Wii- just shows what a little exercise can do Tongue rofl.
  PS3 and Microsoft are going to be shattered by this "Revolution" of new gaming style, especially when sales will show that even non-gamers will be going for the Wii. That's where the other two will fall, and I can make a prime example:
  I'm one of the few people on this board that plays World of Warcraft. While most people mock the game and don't bother with it, the game is doing amazing in sales and is the top MMO to this date. Heck, companies actually got p.o'd at Blizz cuz their sales dropped so much due to everyone enjoying WoW so much they didn't want to buy any other games! WoW though has one major thing in it, and that is it is Player Friendly. Games like that sell, as gamers bring their lovers and family into the mix. Father (and mothers) Talk about their quite young children being introduced to the games are play alongside them. Elderly have also been seen inside the WoW universe, because they no longer feel like they're too old to play with the young'uns. This is just like Wii, and was shown before in the Nintendo DS which brought many women and non-elderly into the gaming realm when before they never thought of using a video game other than to appease their (grand)children.
  Also to Batt- I didn't hear it was a legal battle that made them remove the rumble and use the tilt function as the alternate. Infact, I believe I've read in several magazines the same story- that the PS3 tried to incorporate both the rumble feature AND Nintendo's tilt function, but the features together proved to be problematic. The tilt function interfered too much with the rumble feature, so to try and keep themselves looking fresh (though very dumb on their part, as many of the hardcore gamers enjoy having the strong vibration of the control as they blow apart their friends. Makes the battles seem more real) they dropped their Rumble feature, leaving just the Tilt.
  Seriously, I can see the Nintendo holding the title for awhile. If you think about it, this is just cycles. The systems always seem to rotate every couple of consoles on which is the best. First was Nintendo, then Sony came in and dominated, then Microsoft dashed in with a console of their own and took the lead, now it's back to Nintendo.

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Dec 17, 2006 2:42
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  junk the 3rd gen consoles..bring back 64, SNES, gameboy colour and sega....we all know the gameplay is better because they werent all showy...
  On a lesser note, I brought Gameboy Colour and Pokemon back to my heh heh Big Smile
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Dec 17, 2006 8:16
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  By that way of beingness, bring back the NES and 7800. Dems were what it was down with. Best games ever came in low-bit!
  Ballblazer, Tanks, Outlaw, that stuff was where it was at. No flash, no gimmicks, just simple controls and tons of two-player fun. * For prosperities sake, plants a virtual Atari tree *
  But, I digress. You see... Shifty Eyes I forgot. But, the important thing is... I forgot that, too.
  ... Anyhoo, why don't they just make another Nomad? That's my question. A portable that played the regular console games. That stuff was it, yo. That. Was. It.
"That is the least heterosexual thing I have ever heard."
  -John "Bradshaw" Layfield
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