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Forums :: Reality's End Classic :: Anime -- Just for the Hell of it.

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Jul 28, 2005 21:42
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  I would respectfully have to disagree about censoring. It should be the parent's job to say what a kid can an can't watch. They shouldn't take a show and censor it out just so that little kiddies can watch it. It just doesn't make sense. It probably wasn't meant for them in the first place and there is plenty of other stuff for them to watch.
  Oh, and Power Rangers is very dangerous. Not everyone is as smart as you'd think and when young most kids don't have a good sense of how things work differently in the real world. Once upon a time when I was playing Power Rangers with a neighbor I ended up getting the wind knocked out of me with a vortex football. Since I couldn't breath I got light headed and collapsed thinking I was going to die while my "friend" ran away scared. That's definately not one of my best memories. Yeah, I know it wasn't the Power Rangers fault, but little boys are stupid.

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Jul 28, 2005 22:25
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  The problem is America is full of stupid people, parents dont usualy take care of their kids like they should, and sence kids are left to them selfs or day care they dont think about what their doing and cant tell the difference between reality and fantasy half the time.
  If at least one parent stayed home and one worked then that one that stayed home actualy cared to teach their children reality then we wouldnt have a problem and we wouldnt have to worry about what kids watch on tv as long as we can get them to understand....
  * plants a virtual parentalcare tree *
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Jul 28, 2005 22:38
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  Correction: little American boys are stupid. We rear our kids so badly that it is amazing any of them live! Prolly 'cause we shelter them so badly... which just adds to the problem Boggle
  Do you think Japan has a problem with kids immitating Power Rangers and getting decapicated by renegade footballs? Well... they do, but that is only because they made a cyborg football that hovers around with whizzing blades designed for the sole intent on decapitating children.
  ... you really gotta wonder what they were thinking with that one. I doubt it will be imported.
  But they don't immitate other stuff they see on TV and get harmed, that's fer sure... except maybe some rude stuff, but that's another story Shifty Eyes Violence isn't a problem for their youth. I mean, Tokyo is the safest city in the world, ain't it?... isn't it? I think I remember reading that somewhere.
  (Despite the far-apart posting times, I started writing this before SM's post, got distracted, and then finished Tongue )
  [Editted by MintMan on Jul 28, 2005 23:37]
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