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Nov 5, 2004 18:26
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  Guns hurting rather than protecting families come about from sheer idiocy, such as a child seeing the gun and thinking "Duh, fun!" or other user incompetence. Do I think everyone who has a gun should? Hel no. I think there should be some standard of IQ needed, but standards vary from state to state. In Alabama, you can buy all the guns you want requiring only a driver's license. Now that is F'd in the A.
  Then again, I think breeding should require an IQ test Slanted Mouth so what are you going to do?
  For an amendment to the Constitution, you do need a hella lotta state's approving it. Just 'cause they voted for him doesn't mean they would put it in the books. I mean, we had to add an amendment to keep presidents from keeping more than two terms. Once again, 'twas the pimpin' George Washington who invoked upon himself the two-term limit, a standard that remained unbroken for a good ol' time.
  Avoid the spirit of the party was what he said, too... that is about as much as I remember. You really do not need an old, dead guy to tell you what is stupid or not. You just gotta take a look and say "Hmm, that's f***ed up."
  And finally, with concerns to religion, America is not religious. Bush is not religious. We give lip service to God, and that is about it. Pretty much, it is the typical idiot Bible-beater's belief that if they uphold a few of the rules that are not even rules, then they are a good Christian and can overlook minor ones like killing. I mean, look at freakin' Kerry. He said he was a religious person, but he was pro-choice (or more accurately, pro-baby-killing) because of his party.
  ... hmmm.... Hell, Democrats, Hell, Democrats, Hell.... I can see how he made that choice.
  Furthermore, any issue that the idiot media loves to categorize as religious can always be supported in a way that is not religious. Religion doesn't make rules just so that it can laugh at us; there are reasons for it. Too bad the idiot Bible-belt is too stupid to know why; they just read and follow, the stupid sheep.
  I mean, we have laws against murder and theft, but no one says we cannot have those because they are also in the Ten Commandments. We have a law against killing because it is frickin' killing. I don't think we needed Moses to fill us in on that'un.

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Nov 5, 2004 21:22
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  Vinny you don't count, your actually an illegal imigrant.
  As for guns to kill for food... now who here goes "Hmm.. getting close to dinner time, me go get animal and make dead!"or even KNOWS someone like that, who actually grabs there weapon every arvo around 5 and heads off to go get dinner. If your talking about people who go shooting animals for the thrill of it, which I believe you are as its probobly cheaper to go down to the local shop and buy some packaged meat then it is to buy amunition for your weapon, then they are a bunch of f***wits and need to have the Predator to come down and toy with them, or something.
  I myself thought America was cool, before I really knew anything about it, really the more I discover America, the s***er and less respect I feel towards it.
  and heres another thing... Bin f***en Laden, I mean, I tip my hat to the ol bastard, he might want me and you dead, I dunno, but to survive this long against the great terrorist nation known as America is incredible, Really, can you think of anyone else who could actually survive this long against such evil?
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Nov 5, 2004 21:38
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  Yo! I've got my cousin and uncle go hunting up in the woods of east texas and they DO eat what they shoot, provided they don't hit a tree or something. Ever had deer? Tha's good eatin'! Boggle

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Nov 5, 2004 21:48
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  On Nov 5, 2004 21:22, Camo said:
Vinny you don't count, your actually an illegal imigrant.

  Yeah, but you can count on the fact that 'illegal immigrants' or intelligent people, will be watching the state of things in the U.S. Everyone refers to 'the button' when joking about Bush, but it's another concept of his power gone too far. There isn't a button in the White House to begin nuclear winter, but you can be sure that smart people are still keeping their eyes on the president protecting the world from him as much as him from people. Despite having the dumbest president in how many years, people are stopping things from spiraling out of control.
  And in response to Minty, not everyone defines abortion between conception and the cutoff time murder. A one celled organism doesn't constitue murder to me. Sure, by the time of abortion it may be millions of cells, but it doesn't feel pain, it has never lived, all that it has is potential for life. Hell, I had potential to get a football scholarship but that won't happen. You seem to be simpathetic to the zygote, but when it comes to the mother, you seem harsh. Yeah, it probably is her fault, but if she's so determined to have an abortion she's going to despite any laws against it. It's happened before, and you know it. The issue depends on your defenition of consciousness, and thats just my opinion on it. I know that you and Gobbo are going to come out swinging for this one, but it's all where you stand.
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Nov 5, 2004 22:16
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  So you are an illegal imigrant? I was just joking....
  I know an Illegal Immigrant living in America on a forum.
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Nov 5, 2004 22:26
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  * uses Focus to a zenlike state *
  So, true, but we have gone down this road before. Even if the thing is alive I don't think its human.
  I'm not for guns either, but it goes the same way for both. If you make it illegal, only the bad people or rich people will have guns and the abortions will just have a greater chance of killing the mother. Just like drugs, the drinking age, and prostitutes. Less STD's if legalized. Less binge drinking....well then there is Camo after all...hmmmm....what is the drinking age over there?
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Nov 5, 2004 23:55
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  18 in Australia, although I've been drinking since I was about 12/13, just drinking more and more often as the days went by.
  21 in America I believe.... F***ing disgusting really.
  16 in Germany Big Smile Germany f***en rocks, we had a German exchange student stay at our house once, she was awesome!
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Nov 6, 2004 13:21
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  Good crap you people are morons! Legalized prostitution would not cut down on STD, but only increase it and violence. Besides, you could never get it legalized since no health carrier in the world would insure a whore-house. Well, not logically, anyway.
  Legalized drugs is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. That doesn't solve the problem; it only magnifies it one million times! Yeah, drugs are legal... but to teenagers? They are the ones that want 'em the most, and I can tell you as sure as Hel they would not hand 'em out to those under the drinking age.
  You have to remember that one of the government's duties is to protect the public, even if they do not want that protection. That is why there are seatbelt laws. You cannot say if someone wants to burn themselves out, they should be allowed; the gov'ment doesn't want to have to deal with all those vegatables and other crises coming from these issues.
  And yes, I know lots of people that hunt for food, idiot Camo. Stupid modern-day city folk have the same stupid logic that you just used, Camo, and if you are thinking like Camo, you know somethings gotta be wrong.
  Why go out and kill something? Go to the supermarket for pre-killed food. Now, not only are there still several states that do not have the over-convenience of a supermarket on every block (or blocks in most areas, for that matter), but I would think Australia is much the same for the desertfolk.
  People kill things. That is how much of us eat. It is not their fault that millions think that going out and shootin' your eatin's is wrong just because they never had to fend for themselves. My family comes from Kentucky. They did not even have electricity or running water until my father hooked 'em up.
  Just 'cause you have grown up in a posh environment, don't hold your ideals against the rest of the world.
  As for abortion, let me see here.... forty-two chromosomes, metabolism, reproduction... yep, that is the scientific definition for life.
  Doesn't feel pain? A nervous system would argue otherwise. Just like hunting for food, you thoughts are altered by the fact that you don't see them, but the children are very real. So is getting their brain's vacuumed up and being shred to pieces. As a matter of fact, dem little guys also have lungs and a little set of pipes. If it were not for the fluid they were surrounded in, you could hear them scream.
  And yes, they do scream.
  Ever see a baby kangaroo? Less than an ounce. Two centimeters long. Blind. Furless. Legless. Scientifically, it would still be a fetus (which, by the who, is just Latin for "small child") other than the fact that it is outside of the womb. It crawls out with the two little nubs it has for arms, up the mother's pouch, down into it, and develops for eight more months.
  Do you blokes consider that alive? Why? Because it crawls around? Because you can see it? It is far less developed than the age at which most abortions can even be performed. The small children that are so viciously murdered, millions a year, can move just as freely. Of course, you never see that. Most people also do not get to see how the children run -- oh how they run -- when that little mechanical arm comes in after them.
  Not alive? No pain? Swimming away from the big, hurty thing really says otherwise.

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Nov 6, 2004 14:38
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  hmm that was ....(creepy)(info filled)interesting.
  *kicks a can no longer really having a side to the matter*
  * gives Camo a can *
My side is dead, my beliefs have been forgotten, my youth has left me and my innocence was slaughtered infront my eyes. Why should I care when it is only my life on the line?
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Nov 6, 2004 19:27
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  I wish I got to this matter before Ems did. Which, I did, but I just couldn't bring myself to respond. No, wait, it was my computer that wouldn't let me respond. I was fully eager.
  Yeah, legalize drugs. Okay, are you aware that tobacco and alcohol would given a different name and attempted to be gotten through the FDA for consumption and sales in the US that they would look at you like a the world's biggest idiot?
  "So, it has thousands of damaging properties? Okay, just one is too much. No pass! ... wait, what'd you say? Tobacco? Aw, crap!"
  I have to really try that some day. It'd be worth the fifty bucks!
  Anyhoo, back on point, we shouldn't even have tobacco and alcohol has legalized goods due to their entirely bad stuff, so why would the government say, "Hey, this crap messes you the hell up more! It's perfectly fine to give this to our citizens even though we're trying to fade out those other two drugs from society!"
  Not murder if one cell? Boy, howdee, you just gave me a field day. Evil Grin Schoolin' time!
  • Whether or not something is alive has a very clear cut scientific definition. So, let us look at the seven scientific requirements for a living organism, found in any grade school biology book: 1) Consist of one or more cells. 2) Metabolizes. 3) Wait, we don't need anymore than that. It's a cell, it metabolizes, it's alive. All the other ones pretty much just make distinguishments from rocks and virii.
      Conclusion: Alive
  • You don't think it's human? Well, let me check a few things. Has a human ever given birth to a cow? No? Hmm, okay, what about a dog? No? Hm, okay... has anyone been a dog but magically transformed in the womb to a human a few weeks before it was born? No. Humans give birth only to other humans, from start to finish, it can only be a human.
      Conclusion: Human
  • An organism is diffined as a collection of cells with the same genetic information that functions as a whole. So, an ant is an organism, even though it functions within a colony like one mind. The colony is not the organism, but each ant is. Some organisms can attach themselves to others, like parasites. They feed off of the host to sustain themselves. Despite being entirely attached to this host, it is a separate life form for it entered the host thru some means, it did not sprout out from the organisms flesh, bound to some wall, and does not share the same genetic information. At conception, two gametes, separated from anything, collide to form a cell with new genetic information. It then attaches to a host to sustain itself. So, while they may be parasitic, a growing embryo is an entirely separate organism.
      Conclusion: Different
  • Necrosis is when a cell ceases to function. Once all of the cells in an organism experience necrosis, or the cells necessary to maintain proper functions in the organism, the organism is dead. This is the scientific definition of death. To kill something is to cause this "death" thing unto an organism. Every day, millions upon millions of organisms die, if not every minute or second. That's just how things go. Things die. Circle of life.
      Conclusion: Killing Arrow dead
  • Now then, murder would be the taking of a human life, right? So, to kill a human would be murder? Of course, that's just what murder is. Plain and simple there. We only care about when a human dies because, well, they are the only thing with a soul (unless you consider hinduism or ... you know, that cow religion).
      Conclusion: Murder is killing. Duh
  • Abortion is the termination of a fetal growth. That is to say:
      Termination is killing the fetus.
      The fetus is a separate, living, human organism.
      Killing a fetus is murder.
      Argue that, bi-yachez!
    If you really believe in something, with all your heart, you're prolly just really wasted.
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