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Forums :: Reality's End Classic :: *paces* (D&D rant...)

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Jun 30, 2003 9:31
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  Yup, look who's back. Evenfall, in the flesh. Well, and clothing too, so no one better get any ideas. *chuckles and gazes demurely at MintMan*
  Heh, don't mind me. I just love tormenting everyone's favorite RE master.
  Hmm... anyone remember way back when I was rambling about my most recent D&D character and all the wonders of the Lawful Good alignment? Hope no one minds me going off on a very old rant that has no relevance to RE whatsoever. Well, I never thought I'd become so devoted to, of all creations, a D&D character. But Nereya just turned out so awesomely, just an all-around great character. Didn't really show a lot of Lawful Good tendencies (he was more of an extremely aloof Neutral Good character), but things seemed all right.
  Well, not so recently (okay, 3-29-03, but it still bugs me), my DM decided to kill Nereya off, and even better, while I was stuck at home working on a Mythology project (on, ironically enough, none other than Tyr himself).
  So I come in on Monday with the project I slaved over until 3 AM that morning (having, of course, procrastinated the previous week... and I still kick myself to this day because if I had finished that project earlier, I could have... well, at least... said goodbye... *proceeds to burst into a pitiful heap of tears... or not*). I see my campaign group in their usual spot. Than Dan walks up to me.
  Do I want the good news or the bad news? Well, to this day, I never did find out what the good news was. Figured I'd get the worst of the campaign crap over with. How bad could it be?
  "Kelly, Nereya's dead."
  Even better, I find that this is an "irrevocable" death. Apparently, turns out that the party encountered a group of wyverns (well, with the town named Wyvern Crossing, what can one expect...), and while the little bastards are attacking, one picks up both the mages, flies off for a distance, and drops us both. So while the party is off saving their sorry hind ends, they eventually return to find one mage still dead and the cleric/mage nowhere to be found.
  Turns out Nereya was eaten by a freakin wyvern! Oh, I died with valor. Saving the party. What the hell? For the love of light, the character that I cherished more than I seemingly care about myself became sustenance for some huge flying parasite. Excuse me as I exit, stage left, and proceed to almost lose my beloved mind. I really don't care that it's logical for the unarmored characters to be attacked first. At the very least let me witness or roleplay the death instead of hearing it secondhand!
  Okay, end rant. Yeah, I know it's old, but I couldn't help but notice that abomination in the bestiary. So you'll have to excuse me if the Wyvern makes it as an adoptable creature. Because Fallen will be impaling, trampling, and otherwise mauling any and all of them that we see. *brandishes a longsword, vowing to eradiate the bane of existance from the face of the planet*
  Eek, longsword... quest for vengenace on behalf of a fallen comrade... the holy knight's mount... now I'm beginning to sound like a paladin, sans devotion to deity. Excuse me while I bet my life's savings on a whim... and try to act as chaotic neutral as possible to save my own sorry hide. *sweatdrop*
  (Oh, and by the way, I'm not against wyverns. Well... not entirely. *shrugs* I just needed an excuse to let off some steam about an injustice I guess I never quite fully recovered from. At the time it happened, I was worried everyone wouldn't give a crap, and I just wasn't ready to take that. So that's everything, ignore it if you will)

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Jun 30, 2003 11:33
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  dude..ur dm suckes, i would never kill off a player with out him/her there to try to save themselfs, if something like that happpend ide give them a side quest to try to save there lives...
  I found one time on a website (on my old computer thats dead now i saved it on) on a class for D&D 3rd ed that wasnt in the book, its called Dragon Slayer, oh yeah you can find it at or something like that i dont quite remember and i dont have the specs for the class on this comp... but umm it was a cool class and stuff so look it up and like yeah, if i got into a game i would have been that but i cant find it now, if you do can you give me the link..
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Jun 30, 2003 15:52
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  Your DM is a butt-munch! "Non-revocable?" The Hel? Nothing is un-revocable! Dually so for characters. Cannot a Wish or anything bring you back? If I were your DM, I would make the next freakin' adventure "Quest to Resurrect Your Comrade" after chancefully catching wind of a magic resurrection taco in a bell near by or some hoop-lah like that. I would spring for nothing less than reincarnation with heavy carryover, or perhaps your ghost could come back as a possessing spirit. There are countless things that could have been done; time travel is not even out of the question! Gahhhh! *kills 5700p!d un1337 DM*
  And whaddayamean this has nothing to do with RE? It is an RPG, is it not? Moreover, it is D&D, which this site was dedicated to back at its beginnings (now it only remains a tiny little shell of a campaign my wretched PCs would not finish in the Stuff area).
  And whaddayamean clothes to? Say it all ya want, but I already have the ideare in my twisted little mind, and I likes it!
  ... oh, yeah, welcome back. Want to kill wyverns -- dually noted. *adds to list of creatures people want to kill*

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Jul 2, 2003 19:09
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  Did I miss something? Err...right. I'm back as well. Welcome back.
  To prevent getting clubbed for spamming...
  ...So dishonorable of me for challenging Fallen. I lost.

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