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Apr 24, 2003 19:30
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   So- Mintos, whatís the deal with the stuff here.
  Working on Monsta Killa and / or the RPG version, mini-games, R.E.L., B.D. Ya got V.D.- and what ever happened to your
  comic. BFM- Big Fat Manatee. "I lyke to eat and rest!" And then there was the B.D. Chibi / Super Deformed comic... The problem is not that youíre lazy (but you are lazy), the problem is that youíre a gluttonous bastard and you put to much on your plate.
  You need interns. Youíre on a campus man! Find some co-ed interns! Just donít hire Stan again... thatís how ya got the V.D. to begin with...
   Not saying you wonít ever get these multiple projects done completely... But when? Screw the R.E.L. and even screw Shadora for awhile... We canít get that off the ground. Take a B.D. break. Strictly work on some addictive mini-games and a freakiní comic! Take BFM and mix it with the chibi-B.D. Threat it lyke one of my java scripts and Frankenstein it! Unless you want me to make your comic-
  what? I did a great job on Mad Goblins! Err... or maybe not...
  N-E-Ways- my point is...
  ...actually- I have no idea what my point was. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here today...
"Hey! Only my girlfriend can touch me there!"


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Apr 24, 2003 21:50
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Okay, first off, we all know I do not have VD, especially from someone named Stan... unless it was a chick named Stan... ella? Um, Stanita? Yeah, I'll stick with that one... that sounds kinda hot.
  Second, Chibi-Battling Dragons? When the Hel did I ever talk about that? I just asked Gobbo, and he is as lost as I am. I do not ever recall planning or even mentioning a Chibi-BD comic. The idea sounds kinda stupid to me.
  As for the BD comic, I am still gathering plot for that. I have been writing stuff for it since November of two years ago, but writing nonetheless. Hey, it is not a regular sorta thing -- I just wanted to give it one glorious one shot and put it to rest. Good ideas for a comic take time to gel (although you seem to make an exception). Also, as I have no large amounts of time to actually do work on it, I shall take the odd-minutes of the day stuff just comes to me ("My blood tastes like yummy"). It worked for Vaporeon Babble when I was writing for it all those years ago.
  Big Fat Manatee? When was I ever supposed to add that to my site? Sure, it is a beloved character of mine, but on my site? Most dubious. You seem to forget that I have the smallest character gallery out of the three of us (and even fewer actually useful characters like naked monks and, um, what point was I trying to make?) and am thus unable to create a comic unless, that is, I want to put the same two characters interacting on every page.
  The most I ever expressed to making a Big Fat Manatee comic is about two-pages worth of preliminary sketches in a notebook, and, in all truth, only one counts. That is not exactly something I would call a major work.
  Okay, so let us take a look at everything that is actually going on instead of tales some unemployed pot-head spins of the entire ordeal:
  †I work on the R.E. League less than once a month. I think I am down to bi-monthly, and even then of very limited update.
  †I have not even touched the regular Monsta Killa code in the longest time. It is large and unwieldy. I prefer work on the newer strategy version, and even that I have not worked on since soon after I put it up on this site as I am waiting until we get the pictures for it drawn out.
  †For Battling Dragons, I have been drawing Nidhogg for the last five freakin' months. Well, a good few of those months were just spent trying to salvage the Drake, and that did not work one bit, so I had to redraw it, and I am moving on. I have two more pics for it penciled out; I want to have them inked later tonight. I am working on a script-producing program for the RPG, and by "working on", I mean to say that I have twice coded for it -- once at home and once in the off-hour between classes at a campus computer lab. There is that Bestiary, too, but that does not even consist of real work: I just scan old pictures from the margins of my college notebooks and -- uneditted -- slap them on my web site with what description I have memorized about the creature. The whole ordeal is about two minutes of work.
  Other projects total to a grand.... nothing! Mini-games? Where the Hel did you get that from? I was talking in the forums about doing another game, but that would not be until at least after finals.
  You see, unlike your jobless @$$, some of us actually have preoccupations that concern us more than hobbies. Remember college? It is sorta why I am not home. Yeah, it is the strangest thing. They make you do work here, what with the learning and studying and the tests and all. Who'd a-thunk it?
  So too much on my plate? Let us see...
  I already made the R.E. League and Battling Dragons. Anything I add to them is just that -- added. Each can stand alone as-is although unsatisfactory to me and I am sure several visitors. That is why I made those games; they are capable of growing.
  There is a comic that I have mentioned but never showed much initiative into as there is barely enough plot scraped together for five non-consecutive pages. If I actually did work on it, 'twould be a shame indeed, but I do not work on it, so where is the harm?
  So what have I promised to make: a new Nidhogg and a hopeful Garm started before the third week in May. Hey, that does seem to be far too much promised, doesn't it? I should stop, you know, studying for the semester-ending tests and working on all those end-of-year projects to get more site work done! As you can see, those two things are far too much for me to handle.
  Everything I make is just like the many quests from my past -- ideas and that alone. They come in handy when I actually do get free time away from other projects to swoop down upon and create.
  I mean, most of the ideas mentioned on this page and even those just implied all existed before I even had a web site, back when I was still learning how to program. And even then, my time was consumed with coding and planning for games now inferior due to increase in my technology, although valuable for learning and scheduling for future plans.
  This is how things have worked my entire life. I made Warrior and the Wyrm in the fifth-freakin' grade, and Electric Knights possibly even before that, both as pen-and-paper, yet I don't see you yelling at me for not ever making them. Just because I have the ideas for something does not mean I have to make them now, and by not making them now does not mean I shall not in the future.
  [Editted by MintMan on Apr 25, 2003 3:05]

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Apr 24, 2003 23:05
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Yes, why don't you let Six do your comic He's really good... at being gay! ... like you are! ... with Stan! ... up the butt!
  But he has a point: moderation could do you some good. Take moi for example. I have nice set up for my site that keeps people from ever going to it... er, always going to it. ... Yeah, that's the lie.
  With the regularly schedualed NQH, I just add a page or whatnot to one of my on-going works, one of which is being nicely wrapped up. Of course, I just started the other two, really, and I should get hurrying up on being out a mass clump of them so people can get a quick savor of them so that it sticks to their minds. But, then again, the NQH reserve archive has been run dry and I have finals in two weeks. And no work has really been done on my site for about a month... and the 4th annerversery is coming up and people will be expecting that crazy blowout surprise, but I don't have 'cuz I never took the time to learn Java over school cuz I was swamp with tests and now I'll have to learn it really fast but I need ajobtopayforallthethingsmysiteneedslikeastoretosellmerchinedieseformysiteat
  shallespeciallysincenqhisinneedofmorecomicsitssuchahurngyfeedI just wish it would DIE!!! *pant*pant*
  Hey! A penny! Ooo, shiny...So, what was I saying? Oh yeah, stay in school!
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  [Editted by MadGoblin on Apr 25, 2003 4:07]

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Apr 24, 2003 23:15
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Okay- first off! I am not a pot-head!!! No, wait... that was right- okay then! Donít let it happen again! And Dudge- those "two-pages worth of preliminary sketches in a notebook" were the BFM comic project! You even told me about all the other stuff that would happen that was not on paper yet! I only could assume that it was a project seeing as how it was around the tyme MG was starting NQH and I was putting TGC onlyne. Plus we did that crossover not to long ago and you were going to put that on your site- kicking off your new BFM comic... But you got lazy and did none of it.
  And yes- the BD comic. When you told me once you were going to make it instead of BFM for your site I said "That sounds kinda stoopid" and you said ďNo itís gonna be funny with the little cute forms eating pie and saying retarded thingsĒ and I said- "Oh- thatís kewl" Hence the chibi-BD- dumbass! What the hel did you think I was talking about! Chibi is small and cute. A dew drop saying "my blood tastes lyke yummy" pretty much falls under that category!
  Ummm the mini games we just talked about and MG said you made a real addictive one? And then you made a post entitled Puzzle games. Do you premember nothing you say??? A puzzle game is basically a mini-game.
  And look at you getting all defensive!!! Iím sick of your excuses! Take a rip from the bong MG has and mellow out. And what does work have to do with anything? Youíve never worked a real job in your lyfe!!!
  Dudge- when you were here you were talking about the RPG- programming code- drawing the drake- doing the bestiary- Iíd call that a full plate including school work...
  And I wasnít yelling at you to make anything! Especially not Electric Knights or Warrior because those suck!!!
  I gotta tell ya Bro- itís not supposed to burn when you pee- all that means is VD. And Stanita is just Stan in a wig...
  And Mad boy is right I DO have good ideas! And I should do a comic stip per month for your page!!!
  [Editted by Six_Grey on Apr 25, 2003 4:19]

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Apr 25, 2003 1:02
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Yeah, I could trust you to make my comic. Because, you know, it is not as though you work on yours during only spotty months throughout the year whenever your money runs dry.
  And no one ever said the Dew Drop was the one who had yummy-blood -- in fact, that is an elf that says that. Dew Drops do not even have bloody, as they are comprised of dew.
  Pie? Retarded things? Dudge, that never happened. You are haullucinating again. Perhaps you are premembering, as Gobbo and I think, the fact that I said in the BD comic, all creatures appear in their smallest, chibi forms when not fighting. It is not a chibi comic nor are they actually chibis, but rather they take on the guise of them to fit into buildings and panels and the such.
  And back to the BF Manatee, two pages of a comic? Most of that was just re-drawn stuff from an ancient work that I mostly used leftover Vaporeon Babble humour in. It of course did not work out, so I scrapped it for BD.
  And were you not paying any attention, YFFI? My current work includes: drawing the drake and schoolwork. I specifically said RPG programming was either pre-web site or something I dabbled in twice -- hardly something that is consuming my time -- and that the Bestiary is not even work as anything that takes two minutes to do (prolly less) barely constitutes work.
  And then you bring up that puzzle game, which is another freakin' Q-BASIC game. That is something I made in not even a day just for fun, not as a project -- it has nothing to do with this site and consumed no time.
  And how can you say Warrior and the Wyrm and Electric Knights sucked? You do not even know what the Hel they are! Besides the knowledge that everything I make sucks, you know no specifics as to their suckage!
  And once again I say I no gay. Should I remind you whose site links to some faggy association? I do believe it your main page! That is prolly where you met Stan... or is "Stan" possibly your leather-bar alter ego?

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Apr 25, 2003 8:22
Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Uh, Six...
  If you don't like the stuff here at RE ... why do ya keep coming back?
  MM lazy? I don't think so, even if he is, I dun care, there's enough here to keep me coming back again and again for years!:D
  [Editted by Lugiatrainer on Apr 25, 2003 13:28]

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Apr 25, 2003 11:39
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  So Mint, Lugiatrainer- do you read the posts before you reply to them? I was never attacking and never saying I didnít lyke thys site... And the only tymes Mint gets all defensive and tries to bring out putdowns is when he knows I have a point.
  So- are you trying to say that funny things will NOT happen to the chibi forms or your characters in your BD comic at all??? Because Iím pretty sure you gave me examples- so- what the hel are you trying to argue with me about???
  And Iíve made my comics on a regular basis for a year now- and before I quite my site I worked regularly as well. So what point were you trying to make there?
  And I donít care how much was completed- Iím just saying at one point you were thinking about a BFM comic on your site...
  And that list of stuff that you were working on- as I said- was all stuff I saw you doing here! So do you not read? YFFI! Iíd say you were pretty busy / lazy because you didnít want to do anything else. You just kept complaining how you had to get all thys stuff done. You get all defensive when I just state simple facts. The whole point of thys post was simply me saying- hey, what ever happened to some of those projects you used to talk about? Why do you allways take anything i say out of context!?
  So you made a puzzle game and a post about them but donít plan on making it a site project?
  Wyrm and Electric Knights- you made then in 5th grade- how good can they be? Remember the organs and the old s.s. comics and pops! Old stuff just sux.
  Ewwwww- you wish Stan was me- you nasty incestual boy! Iím a lesbian.

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Apr 26, 2003 3:15
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  I don't mean to intrude on this interesting argument here, but I never actually saw this puzzle game that was made...
  I read the post, replied that it sounded interesting, but it never even appeared on the site I still want to take a look at it though... the only other BASIC prog I've ever seen here is that "Killin'" which doesn't work for me because it uses the ancient STRIG command and I have no real joystick...
  I have another question too: When it says Q-BASIC, is that referring to MS QBASIC 1.1, that free interpreter thing? ; I haven't seen that one since I had an XT computer (8086 processor, anyone? Eight KILO-Hertz at maximum clock speed?). I always used 4.5 back in "the day" of my 386, and nowadays the infrequent QB things I do are in 7.1...
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Apr 26, 2003 15:09
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  The puzzle game was just some little diddy I made on Q-BASIC with no site purposes whatsoever. About half the stuff I program never gets to this site; it is meant to be off-line soley.
  And yes, I made a post about puzzle games with no intent to bring it out to my site. That was in the forum dry-time, and I was simply trying to stir up some conversation. Gaming topics usually work.
  That BFM comic was not for my site, either. I was just trying to make a revised hard-copy of the one I had in a math notebook from, well, countless ages ago. I just hated the fact that the only real place BFM exists is not in my own creations. Being a line-papered work is hardly web-site material so far as I am concerned.
  Not attacking? Calling me a greedy bastard is not attacking me? I tell you this now, boy, most web masters would have banned you five times over for just the insults you made in the openning post of this thread. Hel, I would have banned you on the spot if it were not for the fact you were my brother and I would have to deal with you at home.
  And what right have you to say about reading posts? Your inability to understand what I have been saying about the BD comic shows that you are not exactly paying attention. Did I ever say no funny things ever happened in the comic? No! It is just a comic about Battling Dragons, specifically centered around the RPG with sorcerers and fantastic species. It never had anything to do with a chibi-comic, and would you please stop calling them that? This ain't an anime, and they are not chibi-formed. They are simply young; chibi usually implies super-deforming something when all of them appear in the regular game graphics, while cute, are still in proportion.
  And sucking because they are from the fifth grade? I made my best stuff then! Warrior and the Wyrm is the hands-down greatest idea I ever had, and I have only been hesitant to bring it out because I want my programming ability to do it justice. Yes, you have your occassional Pops and Captain Guacamoles in the mix, but when you have an idea and develop it carefully through the years, it pays off big.

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Apr 27, 2003 18:59
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  3 things-
  1- Chibi defined means small. Small is often cute. It is fully accurate to call the smallest forms of your creatures chibi. Just because itís a Japanese word doesnít mean it has to be related to anime.
  2- Obviously since I didnít put a little ; ) after saying something- you are unable to tell when itís a joke or sarcastic. Do you read much? Because you shouldnít need emoticons to tell the mood of a sentence. Since when is joking around "attacking"
  3- Yeah, I know the BFM comic work you had wasnít final. Most the writing was still in shorthand. So thatís as far as you were ever going to go with it? Why make a draft for something you had no plans of finalizing?
  [Editted by Six_Grey on Apr 27, 2003 24:00]

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Apr 27, 2003 23:05
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Because in making a draft for something, you decide how effective it would be as a final product.
  In relation to this topic, take that puzzle Q-BASIC game I made. Boy howdy was that addictive, but everytime I played it, my score kept going down (I originally lasted fifty rounds, then went to seventy, and now I cannot even clear thirty). It shows that the game depends too heavily on randomization and not so much on skill as originally anticipated. Thus, I shall have to either rework it or give up on the work, depending on how far gone it is.
  In BFM's case, it was way too far gone. I saw the comic you posted (much, much too wrong for the likes of me) and deleted it, but that just shows you how hard it is to make a BFM comic. I mean, what the Hel even happened in it? All it had was BFM getting drunk and saying obscene things. You also had Dork and Crackhead there, who are background characters, the likes of which I would even be unable to use as I lack any.
  And I told you to not make that comic. I must order a cease and desist from you ever making one of those again.

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Apr 27, 2003 23:15
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Anything said or done in that comic could be on prime-time TV! Youíre so much of a panty-waist Republican!!! And youíre one to criticize! You know it was funny- and you know thatís all that character is good at doing- you had him digging through vomit in the crossover!!!! MG can make a post about you and Stan and the butt- and itís my harmless posts that get deleted? Yeah- PG-13 is SOOOOOOO obscene! and Dork and Crackhead were in the first page of TGC back in the day w/ BFM! "Cease and desist"- ummmmm- what the hel is your deal lately??? Youíre acting lyke a prick.

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Apr 28, 2003 12:47
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Shadow Aura Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Acting like?
  Seriously, tho', in truth, Esgy, that's why emoticons were started. To emote for reading someone's emotion/intent behind a sentance is very difficult when you only have a cold, flat screen to relay the message
  And chibi doesn't really mean small, it's traditional meaning is more like a freakishly-shrunk, a la mutation or dwarfism. But, you know how words go. One day, you're getting some "faggots" to kindle your fire, the next they're in a cigarette box, and finally its a guy named Stan who is behi- *gets clunked by Ems pre-emtively* Ow, how'd he do that? He's not even here right now!
  See? Here's an exert from -
  chibi: runt; dwarf;
  And, 'cuz I thought it was funny at the time, another word that come up in my search -
  chibichibi: making something last
  Oh, duplicative words that don't match their non-duplicative being, you crack me up! ... I'm easily amused
Lair of Mad Goblin - Why be sane?


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Apr 28, 2003 13:33
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  Yeah, I did that in the crossover, which you might realize I never posted on this site because of its wrongness.
  I have not been only acting this way recently, either. You just never really went to my site before. You never realized that I run a tight ship here. I do not want my sight associated with such things; I do not allow member's gyms to have them, and I do not want them in my forums And trying to repost your comic after I specifically deleted it, plus all that other stuff you have been up to recently, earned you a good temporary bannin'.
  I have a history of doing stuff like that. Just ask Camo. He has prolly been banned more than anyone else. I think the total is up to three times now.

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May 10, 2003 22:50
Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  4 now aint it? haha, the bum is back
  Can I post again... lets try this s***.
  Anyways, school is back, so I cant come online as often as in the hols, Friday went down to Newy with a busload of local Singonians and we made a pact to create the biggest mosh pit in the univers, didn't work, but ode to the one man mosh pit Last night saw a band called Something with Numbers for the first time, the gig was pretty average, but when SWN came out, it was insane, the leadsinger got me on stage for my quality moshing and green hairness, too bad curity kicked me off the stage, bitch nearly killed me too!
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May 20, 2003 22:42
E-Mail Web Site Master Account Battling Dragons Endless Night's Dream R.E. League Reply w/ Quote Edit Post

  Now why are you criticizing MintMan for something abandoned years before?
  So basically, Six_Grey, first you tell MintMan to forget the games and make a comic? And MintMan is defending the games? Where do the faggots to kindle the flames come in?
  I can't see anything good coming out of this argument. Incidentally, Six, are you a Democrat? Because you did call someone here a Republican as if it were some sort of offensive word. Er, wait...I can't speak of politics in public, I'll be the next flame target.

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  Chef Torte: Ouch! Ouch! Vat are you doing?
  Apprentice: Chef Torte! The cake is moving!
  Chef Torte: Vat? Ist not moving! Back to verk!
  *3 minutes later*
  Apprentice: Poke, poke, poke!
  Chef Torte: Ouch! Ouch!...Now vat?
  Apprentice: Chef Torte! The cake is moving!
  Chef Torte: Talk no more of zees! Zee, ist not moving!
  Apprentice: No, really, truly. Why would I lie to you?
  Chef Torte: Because you are...IDIOT!
  *cake swerves*
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