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Forums :: Battling Dragons :: Second Mars-O-War Prime.

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Mar 6, 2005 15:33
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   Currently I am not seeing the progress of the battle in this tourney. Is this normal, reason I ask is I can usually check every few hours and see how its going (especially when someone else has heal).
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Mar 6, 2005 19:41
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  Well it was not just your precious tourney; it was all of the elimination fights.
  It seems there haven't been any matches since Wintertime came out, and of course, Wintertime hada ton of bugs. Of course, I fixed them... but I apparently did not put exceptions on every piece of code. Just one escaped, in fact. That one is what is making the latter half of normal Round Robins not fill up entirely.
  They will be starting and ending late, but they should more than finish before the normal time. At least... they should finish. I did not see any potential incompetents or frightening Hydrae joined in anything...
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