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Forums :: Battling Dragons :: Overslotting Techs

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Nov 20, 2004 6:16
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  Interesting question... I read about overslotting techs in the FAQ. It mentioned that you can place a tech in a higher leveled EL than it's SL. However, when I try to do this, I get a loverly error:
  "The highest leveled tech in every bar must be a spell; otherwise, you may only have a Lvl 1 tech slotted to that bar."
  Now, right now I only know Lvl 1 techs because for whatever reason I can't seem to learn my second spell or any other SL 2 tech. However, right now it appears as though I can still only have a total of 4 moves slotted, since I can't get any other spells (and I use pounce enough that I don't want to stick that in a EL3/4).
  Am I just not understanding how the system works? Or... what?
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Nov 20, 2004 13:12
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  First off, thank you for starting yet another topic with the scroll icon. I still see a few original graphics in this forum's topic list.
  Second, thank you for being able to frickin' read.
  Gee, you can slot techs in energy levels higher than their spell level? Why not! The restriction is only that you cannot slot a tech in any EL lower than its SL.
  This you had right.
  Gee, it keeps giving me an error that the highest leveled tech in any bar has to be a spell, but I do not want to slot my spell at EL 3, so I am going to assume this is an error!
  No you frickin' idiot! It just means you have to slot your spells higher than all of your techs!
  Thus, Pounce would have to be in EL three or even four in order for you to get any more techs in your grid. Does that suck? For you... yes, but then again, you are still mad-weak at level three, so who cares? You do not even have any other SL 2 techs yet to slot there, and using more weak techs won't help.
  This is really simple logic. If you could slot -- as you suggest -- piddle SL 1 techs above your spells, a player would be able to attain incredibly high energy levels with absolutely no consequence; the strong techs the player would actually use would be located low on the grid, consuming fractions of the total energy granted by the little techs overhead.
  No, I don't play like that.
  And why do you not have any SL 2 techs yet? Because you do not even have your SL 2 spell mastered yet! What kind of sense would it make for your to learn SL 2 techniques when your current strongest tech -- your spell Pounce -- is not even operating at full SL 2 strength because it still has a ways to go 'til 100% training?
  Screw getting spells! You could just get techs that are stronger and require no training if this were the case!
  No! That would be a stupid, stupid thing to do.
  I would not even worry about getting those SL 2 techs, either; you still got another spell to learn, and that'd open up lots of possibilities to you, more than an tech would, at least.
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