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Here is a list of every monster that is currently reserved and who has it reserved. If you would like to draw a monster for Battling Dragons, first make sure that someone else does not already have it reserved, and then reserve it for yourself to make. You will find the form to reserve at the bottom of the page.
Reservations will expire after four months, at which time any member may take a reservation by clicking on the arrow next to the entry. The old reservation will disappear and be replaced by a new one.

Bahamut NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Cthulu
  • Since November 11, 2009
Hippocampus NidhoggArrow (Expired) Asipatra NidhoggArrow (Expired) Delgeth NidhoggArrow (Expired) Ushi-Oni NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By West
  • Since January 27, 2007
Bai Hu NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By renas
  • Since December 28, 2006
Bebelith NidhoggArrow (Expired) Garuda NidhoggArrow (Expired) Midgard Serpent NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Candar
  • Since April 26, 2006
Phoenix NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Kimm
  • Since January 1, 2006
Ogopogo NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By dracon
  • Since February 1, 2005
Hippogriff NidhoggArrow (Expired) Tatsu NidhoggArrow (Expired) Kitsune NidhoggArrow (Expired) Alicanto NidhoggArrow (Expired)
Leviathan NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Afiag
  • Since July 19, 2009
Peryton NidhoggArrow (Expired) Kraken NidhoggArrow (Expired) Cerberus NidhoggArrow (Expired) Loch Ness Monster NidhoggArrow (Expired) Cancer NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Valaga
  • Since October 18, 2006
Manticore NidhoggArrow (Expired) Sleipnir NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By vattu
  • Since June 22, 2006
Pakawjak NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Corey
  • Since January 28, 2006
Gryphon NidhoggArrow (Expired) Ziz NidhoggArrow (Expired) Cockatrice NidhoggArrow (Expired) Shishi NidhoggArrow (Expired) Skolopendra NidhoggArrow (Expired) Coatl NidhoggArrow (Expired)
  • By Ash10
  • Since September 19, 2003

Number of Monsters Reserved: 30
Reserve a Monster to Make for BD
If you would like to draw a monster for Battling Dragons, reserve it so that no one else will. That way, you can take your time making it.
Monster To Reserve:
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