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The Battle Board is a standing of the most active and battle-hungry players. Finding a battle here is just the same as finding a battle using any other method, but much more convenient and quick. Members featured below are also likely to respond more quickly; if a player takes more than a couple of days to respond to a challenge, they're off the list.
Players are also ranked against one another. Climb the ladder by not only winning your matches, but also by defeating players ranked higher than you. There are perks that come with being the board leader!
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MonocerosBoard Leader: Geirrek     Mo31Ni42Hr31Ba24Ga20 Leading Since: November 26, 2018

Bimblesnaff     Pe12Ka26Ta26Mi22Lo2
draggy1234     Ry24Ni29Hy25Lo2
  • Familiar: Jobola, a level 24 Ryu Stormcaller
  • Wins: 57, Losses: 16
  • Currently expecting battle
Foshi     Cw2Ni25Ga22

5 Members in the standings

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