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Feb 21, 2006

"Ah, hell," crooned in Hood. "I don't think you guys even wanna see this, but-" he continued in his typical, loose voice before switching over to a panicked scream, "We got company!" A great gale ripped across the land, carving trenches in the ground as distant specks of light grew nearer and brighter. It was a flock of Lhuix, an army. Pouring down from the heavens, the winged battalion soared over the what remained of the meager chapel, tearing off shingles with each thunderous pass. This was what they did, passed. Each of the immaculate soldiers continued on their way, ignoring the battered group of three. As quickly as they came, the fleet was gone.

"We did it," proclaimed Zerrah, hobbling up to his feet. "We showed them. They thought we couldn't take them, but that taught them a thing or two! They may act tough, but knock one down and the rest go running!"

"Or they just didn't care," suggested Orson. The Ikmalin growled at the remark.

"He's right. We don't even matter to them," asserted Fred. "They spared a single troop to take care of us when there was an army at their disposal, and I'm guessing it wasn't even that good of a soldier by their standards. Nothin' we do even matters to them. They just wanted us to change our minds before we got ourselves killed."

"How can you say such things!" protested Zerrah. "We are warriors! We-"

"We could barely take one on when it was grossly outnumbered," admitted the shadow slayer. "Just a few would be no contest against us, even if fortune smiled upon us." Zerrah violently refused to accept that he, a mighty Ikmalin, was weaker than anyone or anything. In his contained rage, a soft beam of light broke through one of the shattered holes in the temple's roof. The soothing ray did little to ease his frenzy as it reminded him of another ill situation.

"Day already?" he fumed, already agitated. "This is two short nights in a row!" He could go days without rest, but his patience was worn a bit thin at the time to be accepting of any situation.

"No," disagreed Alfredore. Zerrah pulled his clawing hands down from over his face to look at his traveling companion of the past few days who was looking out a large break in the wall.

"No?" the Ikmalin echoed. "No, we haven't missed two nights of sleep?" Hood shook his head, still gazing out the demolished wall.

"No," he repeated, "it's not day." Rising, Zerrah stumbled to the opening to behold the same sight. Off, far in the distance, they could see the heart of the Empire beneath the night sky, only the darkness was not touching it as it was surrounded by an aura of dazzling light.

"I take it that's where the Lhuix were heading," he said.

"It's also where we're heading," added Orson. Loading his crossbow and keeping it drawn, knowing it would be needed soon, he headed for the stairs. Hood shrugged as his fellow fighter departed.

"Gonna die sometime," Alfred stated as he and Zerrah followed in kind. "Might as well choose when.

**** This story is still being written. You, too, can contribute to it by writing the next installment. ****

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